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How Much Does Youtube Pay for 1 Million Views?

Today we live in the era of the image. That means people, especially the younger generations, don’t like to read. Instead of reading a newspaper as the older dudes did, they like to take all the information from videos. That’s why YouTube has been the first platform to give them the freedom to watch images and listen to sound. It’s so easy and combines the two senses that are most capable of giving you the right conception and understanding of what you see and listen to.

How Much Does Youtube Pay for 1 Million Views?

In this short article, we have the intention to check what is the way to monetize your videos on YouTube. When you broadcast yourself for free on the famous social media platform, there is a chance you can generate income for yourself and your family. Even when the income is mediocre in the beginning, it can start getting bigger and bigger as your audience expands. Let’s see which are the most frequently asked questions online for this trend and try to decipher the way you can get rich simply by uploading videos on your YouTube channel.

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Why YouTube Pays You?

That is a big question. YouTube is a social media platform that has free and paid versions. Some people have already passed to YouTube Plus, which is a paid version with various membership plans. However, the vast majority of users stick to the free version that has a lot of ads running close to the videos. That means YouTube uses your videos broadcast to other people to promote goods and services.


For that reason, you deserve to have an initial payment for your clicks and views in your videos. Most people see the ads that are uploaded when entering your videos. That’s something making you earn money or just a fraction of what the marketers pay to be active on YouTube. YouTube has decided to pay all video owners for the ads according to the number of views. The payments are automatic as long as you have declared a linked bank account and are periodic, meaning they enter your account once per trimester.

Is There A Limit For Paying the Views?

There is absolutely no limit to paying for the views. You can have your videos monetized and the same time have the calculator working for you. You see the ads coming, and as new viewers come and watch your videos, you can easily earn money from nothing. That means you have, of course, spent some time and money to capture a great video with a crisp image and smooth sound. Those efforts can be easily remunerated every time you enter your account and see the sums that have been added there from YouTube.

Since you have no limits on the views, you can have people watching your videos all day long, and you earn large sums. The more views, the better the chances you will get a good monthly fee for your efforts. That’s how some people have decided to leave their jobs and become YouTubers, making videos all the time and uploading them to give others the impression they are working for real.

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What is The Exact Amount You Get for 1 Million Views?

According to international estimates, the exact amount you can earn when your video reaches 1 million views would be close to $3,000. However, this is a rough estimate since you need to know the exact pay-per-click cost that YouTube constantly changes according to the country and the significance of the watchers. If you have monetized your videos using the Adsense function, then you are more likely to have gathered more earnings in the end.


YouTubers have a goal to get all their videos close to the 1 million views threshold. That will give them enough income to create even more videos, and this is a vicious cycle that never ends, giving them even more income in the future. People who shoot videos for living on YouTube have special tools for metrics to know exactly how their videos perform online.

Do Your Videos Need to Be Monetized?

Your videos need to be monetized with Adsense to ensure that you will get a proper payment by the end of the trimester. You can always check your payment status and ensure you know how to ask for a payment when the clicks are done right. Some people are not aware of Adsense and cannot make money from their videos. However, it’s great to add some ads in your videos and have other people watch your daily endeavors and, at the same time, earn some money that will help you plot the next video.

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Can You Actively Promote Your Youtube Videos on Other Sites?

The short answer is yes. You can always create backlinks with the URL of your videos on YouTube. That is the best way to promote your videos online. Another way would be to engage in more social media and promote your video there. The better and more attractive the initial video picture, the greatest the clicks you are going to have for your videos. It’s important to know that you must engage in social media and content writing with SEO rules to get a bigger audience for your videos. Remember that success cannot come right away, and you need to be patient and give all your efforts.

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What Is The Average Pay for 100 Million Views?

Finally, some videos (only a few of them) have reached the range of 100 million views. Those videos usually belong to celebrities and famous singers who broadcast their live songs to the public. You can earn as much as $30 million for a video that has received 100 million clicks. That gives you a dominant position in the market and shows you can influence a large part of the global society. That’s why you deserve to have higher pay, and people being there will see your constant efforts for better videos and increased payments.

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