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Top 11 Best Online Youtube to Mp4, Mp3 Converter Tools

Today most people who watch videos on Youtube would need to keep them on their device for some reason. Converting Youtube to MP4, or MP3 is a necessary process and gives you the chance to do it completely for free. Youtube MP4 is the right choice to ensure that you will have the best image and sound quality for less money invested.

Top 11 Best Online Youtube to Mp4, Mp3 Converter Tools

Let’s see the major applications for Yt to MP4 transfusion to give you an insight into their reliability and how easy they are to work and operate.

1. iTubeGo – Best Video Downloader, Converter

It’s one of the newest apps to download and is reliable for converting youtube to mp4. However, it has a paid version that goes close to $35 per year you need to pay if you like to perform the conversion in bulk. There is an integration in the app browser to give you direct access to the videos. Then the merging can take place in the background and give you all you need to ensure you get the videos you like in the right MP3 or MP4 form.

Visit the Official Site.

2. Video Proc

It’s the number one Youtube converter at a full CPU speed to ensure the best clarity for all files. There is no need to pay anything for the free version, but if you want to go pro, there is a charge of nearly $40 every year. You can also cut, split, and merge videos into the converter mp4 to ensure you get only the right content downloaded on your smartphone.


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3. YMP4 – Download the Youtube video. Convert to mp4 & mp3 format

If you are looking for an Mp4 Converter that works on all devices and is extremely low priced, you need to see YMP4. It supports MP4 and MP3 formats with the same ease. There are no time limits to use its services. With YMP4, you can save and cut larger files into new and smaller ones. There is also no yearly fee to pay; you only need to see the ads from the application to allow the providers to have an income. Finally, the Youtube MP4 Converter is at its best.

Visit the Official Site.

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4. Snap Downloader – Best Video Downloader for Windows and macOS

You can have a free trial and download the app to any smartphone you may have. The Snap Downloader has a free and a paid version. Users have access to a proxy setup to bypass any geographical restrictions and ensure they are free to download any file. There is the chance to schedule your downloads to make sure you will not miss any live online. Also, you can create playlists and channels, which is the best!

Visit the Official Site.

5. Flvto

This application works on any smartphone and is good for iOS and Android. It requires the smallest space in your memory stick and can give you the conversion of youtube to Mp4, Mp3, or AVI files with the same ease. There is also no time limit to using this app, and you start paying only when you use it for bulk conversions and for over a year. As a user, you have the chance to play the files from any site and download them easily on your smartphone.

Visit official site.

6. – Youtube MP4 & MP3 converter

It’s a free and extremely fast tool for file conversions. You get all the available video formats supported. You also have the chance to support various languages to ensure that you are always on top of things. Users may also simultaneously select the format, and the quality of the MP4 is quite impressive.


Visit the Official site.

7. YoutubetoMp3

Here you have another free converter that works perfectly on all smartphones and tablets. It supports all the formats and has no time limits for its use.

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8. Notube

The app is like a website. You don’t even have to download anything since you can search the Youtube files from there and convert them to MP4 and then download them at your ease. It costs nothing and is popular on social media.

Visit the official site.


9. Y2Mate

The Y2Mate is good for people who want simple conversions and need no app to download. It comes free for all users, without a time limit, giving them the chance to convert all files to MP4 or MP3 at their will.

10. WinX Converter Deluxe

It’s a professional tool that you got to pay for the upgraded versions. You can process the streaming and downloading at higher speeds and give you bulk file options. There is also the chance to cut and merge files at your disposal and that is something making it so unique. The membership fee can reach the price range of $30 per year.

11. Leawo Video Downloader

Here is another professional application for downloading and converting youtube files to MP4. It gives you extreme speeds and comes at a yearly price of almost $40 to have these services. It supports more than 180 formats of videos, so you can do virtually anything!

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions for your ease.

How Much Memory Does An Application for YouTube to MP4 need?

There are no specific memory requirements for most applications. Some of them don’t need any memory space since you don’t have to download them; they run directly from the HTML site. However, most of them require minimal space on your drive and ensure that you get the most storage dedicated to the MP4 files you convert from YouTube.

Is it Legal to Convert YouTube Videos to MP4?

YouTube videos are for free online, and it’s legal to make them MP4 and keep them on your smartphone. What is not legal would be to reproduce these MP4 files without explicit permission from the author. That’s why you need to be very careful about the way of storing MP4 and what is going to happen with them after you download them.

Do These Videos Converted to MP4 have a good Analysis?

All videos converted to MP4 have the analysis you give them at the time of conversion. It depends on the app you use to have either a 720p or a 4K analysis. Either way you are the one to decide how much you want to spend for a great video analysis!

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