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How Much Does Youtube Pay for 1 Million Subscribers?

How Much Does Youtube Pay for 1 Million Subscribers: For the last decade and a half, YouTube has been our mainstream media. YouTube is used in many countries and it has constantly connected many people on many different levels. YouTube is home to a variety of audio-visual content.

Its technology is based on modern on-cloud media platforms. YouTube is a place that allows its users to put content online in the form of audio-visuals. A worldwide platform like YouTube requires many people to be able to put content on it, so the content on YouTube is always engaging and never-ending.

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YouTube is a huge platform and is the main source of income for many people across the globe. And, who puts content on YouTube, which is viewed by many and is paid by the application? Now, it is a huge platform, supporting the livelihoods of many. In a recent publication of, YouTube got more than 30 million daily visitors. Not only this, they have 500 hours of videos uploaded on this application every passing minute.

How Much Does Youtube Pay for 1 Million Subscribers
The number of monthly active users on popular social platforms. Source: Statista

In 2016, Google purchased YouTube, which is now ranked as the second most popular website according to web traffic ratings of Alexa. Currently, more than 2,400 channels are listed on YouTube, with more than a million subscribers. Hence, this is the largest platform worldwide and the main source of income for many.

Many people have recently turned into full-time YouTubers, which means that their only source of income is from producing and uploading videos to YouTube.These people invest their time in generating, scripting, acting, recording, and editing engaging and worthwhile content for their viewers. YouTube also doesn’t look over people’s hard work. It pays them handsomely. Many people make YouTube their full-time profession only due to the good pay.


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If you also wish to be a YouTuber, you can become one. However, making a YouTube channel and keeping the audience engaged and not losing the viewership is a hard task. Many run in this race, but they see victory only for a few minutes.

If you want to make money on YouTube, you must first amass a certain level of viewership and subscriber base. There are certain criteria, rules, and regulations for YouTubers to even start receiving money from YouTube,

How Much Does Youtube Pay for 1 Million Subscribers?

If you reach 1 million subscribers, you will be paid very handsomely. A YouTuber with 1 million subscribers receives more than $60K per year. If you have traffic on your channel or videos, money will flow in your direction. The YouTube mantra is to pay handsomely to those who bring traffic. Hence, if you achieve 1 million subscribers, your YouTube income per month will depend on the strategies you employ on your channel.

YouTube pays handsomely. But many may wonder, why? Well, if YouTube gets 1 million views on one of his videos, that would mean that YouTube is successful in showing its products and services to that one million people. Now that they know what YouTube is, they know what YouTube is, and they also know how it works. Basically, YouTube uses your videos to attract others. Hence, the change in their product being sold is more than 70%. And we know how addicting social media is.


How much does YouTube pay YouTubers for reaching 1 million views on their channel or video?

Well, to answer that question. On average YouTube pays 1.50 dollars to 3 dollars to viewers for having 100 views on their videos. Now, if you do the mathematics, a YouTuber with 1 million views on his or her video will make anywhere from $3K to $7K dollars.

All in all, traffic and the amount of time your viewers spend viewing your video will affect your one million subscribers’ YouTube income per month. There is no constant salary pattern on YouTube; the more views you have, the more you will be paid. Hence, the amount of pay you will be receiving from YouTube will solely depend on the number of views and subscribers you have on your channel.

YouTube earns money on every ad placed on the content a YouTuber uploads. And 55% of that money that comes from each advertisement played on your video will directly go to you.

How to calculate one’s earnings on YouTube, made through ads?

On YouTube, on average, an advertiser pays about $7.60 per CPM. And a YouTuber will earn about 55% of the 7.60 CPM (cost per minute). This will equal 4.18 dollars per advertisement.

Note: You will be paid only if the viewer either watches it in its entirety or for more than 30 seconds. There are many terms and conditions that apply when it comes to getting monetary gains from ads put on your videos. And it is highly advisable to carefully read all of that.


Is there any software help That will put your YouTube views into money?

Yes, as YouTube is infamous. There is software that will take your YouTube views and turn them into money, following all the rules and conditions of YouTube. The name of this app is YouTube Views to Money Converters. The right calculation of a YouTuber’s monthly salary can be rightly calculated using this converter.

To calculate your YouTube earnings, you can either use the app provided by YouTube or use the Estimate YouTube Money Calculator by Social Blade.


YouTube has many terms, conditions, rules and claws. But the money you will be earning through this modern, cloud-based platform will only be based on the number of views or subscribers you have on your channel or on your videos. As YouTube sells video-based content, getting views is more important for it. You can now not only earn money by the number of views on your videos, but you can also learn by putting advertisements on them. For every ad that you place, you get 55% of the payment made to

The basic mantra a YouTuber needs to know for earning views is that views bring views, and you will earn. The greater the number of views, the greater your income will be. More views sums up to more money on YouTube.


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