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10 Best Typing Jobs Online in 2023 (Make Money Online Typing)

Writing this article aims to make people aware of the genuine online jobs available to get the best for you without any hassle. So, in this article, we will examine the ten best online typing jobs in 2022.

Best Typing Jobs Online in 2023: Suppose you go about two years back when things were quite different for all of us.

However, things have drastically changed after the lockdown due to Covid-19 and frequent lockdowns after that.

Whichever field people used to work in earlier started shifting to online work leveraging digital interface. A lot of people lost their jobs which were mostly offline jobs.

Now people have started looking for some online work. To enable them to find legitimate jobs, it is important that they get a genuine job and not become prey to any online scam. That’sThat’s why we are going to unveil the best typing jobs online

Since people have now moved to an online working culture, they must be aware of online good and genuine jobs.


If you are looking for a job online, there are possibilities that you encounter a scammer most of the time who charges you a fee in the name of giving you an online job and disappears. These cases have spoiled the perception of online jobs of any kind.

Writing this article aims to make people aware of the genuine online jobs available to get the best for you without any hassle. So, in this article, we will examine the ten best online typing jobs in 2022.

10 Best Typing Jobs Online in 2023

Let’s begin:

The ten best online jobs are high in demand. So, we are going to tell you the best of those which are most demanded these days:

1)  Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is one of the most demanded jobs available online. It is a blend of many tasks that you can do. The tasks which a virtual assistant performs are as follows:

  • Email support
  • Editing of content
  • Proofreading
  • Writing
  • Graphic designing
  • Transcription

A Virtual Assistant need not excel in all these tasks; they can pick a few of them and give support. These days getting a certificate in VA will help you grab prominent jobs. Some business managers specifically look for certification before assigning work.

If you need VA certification, you can visit FullyBookedVA and get yourself certified for less. There are some platforms where you can look for work, and they are 99 Dollar Social, Fancy Hands, Zirtual, etc.

You can make as good as $10-$20/hour with just a good internet connection and a PC.

Isn’tIsn’t it good?

2)  Micro Jobs

In our search for freelance typing jobs, this is the next type of job that we will talk about.

As the name suggests, you get to do micro-jobs in the micro-jobs category. You get to do tiny tasks which are out of the expertise of automation and take a wink of an eye to finish it. Sometimes, micro jobs can be monotonous, like composing a small paragraph, transcribing an audio file, or doing some excel sheet jobs. However, nothing is boring when it makes money per hour.


These micro jobs can be found on these famous platforms:

Although micro jobs cannot replace a full-time income, when it comes to earning a little cash while working for your regular employer is always interesting, and this makes it one of the best online jobs of 2022.

3)  Capturing Captcha

You must have entered a captcha when you last tried to enter a website. So, you must have been familiar with how it works. Captchas are made to secure a website from en masse (huge entry on a website). A system cannot solve captcha; a human mind is required. Here the companies need you to intervene.

Captcha entry has an important space in our list of typing jobs online. It does not require any specific skill. Companies pay you for entering captcha information, and they pay approximately $500 per month. Users can get paid via Paypal or Payza.

4)  Online Customer Chat Support

You can work as an online customer chat support executive. You will be responsible for answering calls for overseas customers. A few employers require you to be a US, Canadian, or Mexican citizen. You have to go through an interview or an entrance test to get some work there.

Having prior experience in handling customer calls is an added advantage. The shift timing will be rotational to fulfill the needs of the clients.


Being in online customer support, you can pick your hours of work. You can work part-time as well as full time and get paid accordingly. It is an added advantage if you are bilingual and fluent in English and Spanish. $10-$11 can be earned per hour in this job.

5)  Blogging

If you have a passion for writing and like to share what you know, then blogging is the career for you. Many bloggers make far better than a full-time income from an ordinary job.

What does it take? Live your passion. Keep writing good articles and attract more readers. Once you have good strength as your readers, you can put your blog for monetization. Once you have many readers who like your blog, you can attract money from all directions.

If you are a successful blogger, you can earn money from monetization services like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, endorsements, selling online courses, hosting services, selling a domain, etc. Some bloggers are earning more than $10,000/ month.

Learn How To Start A Money Making Online Bussines Through Affiliate Marketing in 2022


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6)  Website Testing

Those who develop websites have an immense focus on testing their websites to optimize them so that visitors can easily access them. This is done to ensure a smooth user experience so that visitors visit your site repeatedly. Sites that are not lightning fast are less visited.

To calibrate a website, companies need website testers. A website tester visits a website and calibrates a website on whether it passes the test to be a good one for the visitors or not. For this job, companies pay these testers well.

It does not require a good coding experience. Even a website user can do this because companies need users to share valuable feedback about the website. A website tester earns approximately $3 to $60 evaluating per website.

7)  Transcriber

Transcription jobs have been in demand even before lockdown. Since we are talking about legitimate online typing jobs, transcription is important.

A transcriptionist listens to an audio file and types the conversation of the audio file into a written document. This field requires no error, so you have to have a good listener and must be good in grammar.


Since this field offers medical data and other legal work, you might be asked for certain certifications.

You can visit one of these websites for transcription jobs:

  • Casting Words
  • TranscribeMe

8)  Data Entry

Since work is online, you can do it from anywhere and anytime. Typist work from home jobs list offers you several works. Data entry is another great way to make money online. No formal training is required to get into this field.

You have to be good in typing skills, need to have a PC and an internet connection to start the work. Good platforms that offer data entry work are Amazon Mechanical Turk, Virtual Locations, Axion Data Services, etc.

A data entry operator can make as good as $15 per hour doing data entry work.

9)  Freelancer Writer

Here is another best online typing job for 2022 that can earn you good bucks. This is the gig economy era where companies need people on pay per work basis. They don’t want to hire a full-time employee for such small work that occurs twice or thrice a month. If you are a passionate writer, you can make good money by just writing content.


Content can be written for any purpose like marketing campaigns, newsletters, ghostwriting, etc. Freelancing writing jobs can be found on Freelancer, Upwork, FlexJobs, etc. A freelance writer can earn upto $5000 per month.

10)  Online Paid Surveys

Online Surveys are in demand. Many companies need specific data to make a good decision for their business. They conduct surveys and people who answer questions based on the survey.

A person who shares their ideas on these surveys gets paid. Branded Surveys, Survey Junkie, LifePoints, etc., are companies that pay their users to complete surveys.

Each survey pays between $5-$20, which takes just 10-20 minutes.

Final Verdict

Many online jobs are available these days. And among those online jobs, the online typing jobs are the popular ones. Anyone with a PC and internet connection can get into these jobs. If required, get your certification in any of these most demanded courses.


Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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