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What Is the Best Database Software Now?

What Is the Best Database Software Now? After all the hard work and sacrifice, you would have finally reached a point in your business where you can grow your customer base to various platforms but, before that, you need to update your obsolete way of storing data and details to a more efficient and smooth-running way that will assist you to manage your marketing drive and sales operations.

What is A Customer Database Software?

Customer Database software, which is sometimes known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, is software that helps businesses supervise their customer relationships. It provides a platform to arrange tons of customer data, create unmanned business processions, and supervise the workflow for managers and salespersons.

10 Best Customer Database Software for Small Business
Best Customer Database Software for Small Business

In a world full of hundreds of Database Software, choosing the most reliable and data-efficient Customer Database Management Software can be a means of provocation. Different SMBs have different lists of requirements so how do you choose the CRM with all the features matching those requirements under one roof? Don’t worry! In this article, we’ve listed the 10 most striking Customer Database Software that’ll accompany you in the best data management scenarios of your company. You Can Also Read 10 Best Rated SaaS Help Desk Softwares of 2021.

10 Fantastic Customer Database Software. Here’s the list:

1. Net hunt

NetHunt CRM tool resides in Gmail. This tool helps in sales and automation. It goes hand in hand with your emails, other Google Workspace apps, Intercom, and many others. It is based on Algorithms that manage leads along sales routes influenced by their conduct or methods.

Customer Database Software NetHunt

Some of the most notable features of NetHunt CRM are:

  • It is already communicating with your Gmail inbox. You don’t have to manually program it.
  • Reminders of email
  • Response control of the email
  • Mail notes
  • Product Inventory
  • Supervising records
  • Alterable folders

You Can Also Join NetHunt Free Trail and Prices for usage in business are $48/user or /month.  

2. Netsuite

This software is specially curated for small and medium-sized businesses. It has all the features of CRM, ERP, PSA, inventory/warehouse administration, and e-commerce. It helps increase productivity and optimizes your sales and marketing.


It lays out cloud infrastructure to make sure businesses use their management software with complete trust. It’s a in-one business management suite that encloses ERP, CRM, and e-commerce. Some notable features are:

  • It makes financial processes well-organized.
  • It gives you better control over your product catalog and gives you satisfaction
  • Unmanned technical services.

Pricing varies depending on the curated needs of a customer.

3. Mailshake

This software creates leads and builds relationships to build content. It is very easy to use the software. It helps you convert cold and harsh customers into warm and satisfied ones. You can manage all of it at one go, on one dashboard. It has pre-approved templates that allow you to maximize delivery and unmanned replies.


Some remarkable features are:

  • Simplifies your advancements and allows you to make personalized connections with the in-built phone dialer.
  • Allows you to stay ahead and at the center of engagement everywhere with multi-touch outreach.
  • You can easily split tests and analyze what is working best for you by incorporating numerous versions of outreach emails.
  • It catches the areas and aspects where you’ve received the most engagements so you can concentrate on those ideals.

Pricing: $99/month on the Sales Engagement plans.

4. Insightly

This amazing CRM software allows you to build relationships with customers. From the first greet to delivering the services, you can just give the customer exactly what they desire. It helps you grow your business much faster. It is suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Unsightly’s marketing tools are powerful yet they are user-friendly and its testing tools will bring your ideas to life. It enables you to model and automate your business processes which helps you and your team stay on top of each chore. 


Insightly also allows you to take a free demo without any credit card details so that you can decide whether this software is made for you or not.

Some remarkable features are:

  • Making your market unmanned is way simpler.
  • Provides catchy email templates.
  • All in one Platform
  • No costly communications

Pricing: $99/user/month

5. Thanx:

This CRM software is a customer engagement platform specially made for offline businesses. It helps small businesses like brick-and-mortar retailers, malls, etc. take up digital purchasing, gather more customer data, and act on that data to personalize every interaction with their customers.

It enables the customers to order food and win rewards. 


Some amazing feature is:

  • flexible for multi-purpose use
  • data of purchases stored with little effort
  • built-in reward plan
  • digital ordering

Pricing: $399/month

6. Salesflare:

This is a quick and user-friendly software that lives in Outlook and Gmail. It is automated and gathers all the information like name, phone number, etc. from emails without involving any human activities.


Other notable features are:

  • Reduces 70% of your time managing data.
  • Organizes the documents exchanged between you and the customers.
  • Reminders are automatically set in the calendar.

Pricing: $30/user/month

7. Simple Systems:

The Powerful Small Business CRM System with simple CRM pricing to manage your Sales, Marketing, and Service – all in one.

It enables B2B to work with simple tools thus saving most of your time. It assists you to keep track of your interactions. You can navigate between the customer details easily and quickly. 

Really Simple Systems

More amazing features include:

  • east to install
  • lead and employee tracking
  • It has a free customer service and support system

Pricing: $46/user 

8. EQMS Lite:

It is a user-friendly and free CRM tool. It enables you to clarify and automate your business sales and keep track of consumers. More Features:

Eqms lite
  •  specially made for micro and small businesses
  • can track follow-ups, leads, and closures.
  • generation of report
  • data analysis
  • information capturing

9. CRM Express Free Edition

It allows you to do marketing through emails, and manage customer data.

Some more features are: 

  • Program manager for emails
  • notes
  • address book
  • task manager

 10. SprinxCRM Free Edition:

This is also free software. It clarifies the decision-making process for you thus clearing the path for you to manage your business well. It helps you understand Customer needs which will help you increase your engagement with customers. 

Some more features:

  • managing reports
  • marketing programs
  • business opportunities
  • customer data handling

How do you know which Database Software is best for you? Working and Benefits

1. Analysis and Reporting

A Customer Database Software can make educated predictions about customer feedback and behavior. It allows you to analyze which strategies are most efficacious.

2. Customer Satisfaction

Database Management Software provides customer service features that keep the customer happy with the engagement thus satisfying the service.

3. Progress mechanization

Automating minor and some major tasks is a major attraction of Database Management Software. It reduces the number of employees and increases productivity.  

5. Availability of real-time data

Data is available in real time without making things fussy. It enables you to extract data stored anywhere. The stored data can be accessed in the Database software without going all over the place.

6. Outward Communications

Make sure to choose Database software that can integrate with other software platforms as well. It will make business operations less tiring and will involve less confusion.

7. Customizable aspects

The data entered can be modified easily. It is compatible with input devices and extensions. 


8. Data Cleansing

You need to begin with clean data to ensure the analytics are constructive. This is a crucial step to making the most out of any platform.  

Hope you like the blog, for any queries and questions, make your comments in the comments box section.

Have a great day ahead!!

Database Software: Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What Is the Best Database Software Now?

There are many best database software. Here’s a look at 5 of the best systems available for business professionals: Like Net hunt, Netsuite, Mailshake, Insightly and Thanx.

Is Excel a database software?

Excel is not the equivalent of a database. Excel is simply an application for spreadsheets that can’t be considered a database due to its lack of integrity of data as well as proper structure, table relationships, and keys for databases that are found in databases. It is, however, a spreadsheet that Excel could be utilized as a replacement for smaller amounts of data storage.


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