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10 Best Way Online Money Earning Without Investment: Get the Perfect Job in 2023

If you had asked your employer to work from home before the Covid-19 pandemic, then your request would have been rejected. However, things have changed now. Now, every company is giving work from home. However, what we are talking about is not a fixed job in a company. We are talking about those jobs in which you choose a time.

Most of the jobs on the list are freelancing, where you can choose the time and space. We have kept in mind the low or almost no investment while preparing the list for you. As per the data, approximately 70% of people work from home.

If you, too, are looking for jobs that can be done from home, then here we have a list of those jobs which can be performed with your comfort. Your PC has become your workstation, and your internet is communication for you to contact your peers.

Somebody rightly said, “The Internet is going to change your world.” This has become possible quite early due to pandemics.

So, without wasting time, let me take you to the list of work from home job opportunities:


Remember that these jobs do not require any specific training, so anyone can do these jobs, including students. Housewives and those who do not want to come out of their home, like me. You Can also Read 15 Genuine Data Entry Jobs in India Without Investment in 2022.

Top 10 Online Jobs Without Investment

1.   Transcription

In this job, you get an audio file, and you need to convert the audio conversation into a text file. Generally, audios are recorded by somebody in the US or the UK as a record-keeping activity, and to get them as text, and they send these files to you so that you convert them into a text file.

This job requires accuracy because conversations are related to the financial market or a doctor-patient conversation. So, no error is acceptable in this job.

Generally, it takes 1 hour to convert audio to a text file, but it’s worth giving time. A transcriber gets Rs 150/ hour.

Good websites for transcriber jobs:


2. Blogging

If you love writing and sharing your ideas, then blogging is the best option to work from home without investment. The internet has made the world so smaller that now you can share your ideas just a click away.

Blogging is a good career for those who have something helpful to tell the world. You just need to choose the niche that you want to work in and start writing on that.

You can start your blog on blogger or WordPress and write. Buy a domain and connect your audience. Once your audience starts to develop, you can earn money in various ways. Like, you can monetize your blog, do affiliate marketing and even sell online courses.

The wait is just until your blog becomes famous, and the money will shower like anything.

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3.  Online Surveys

A lot of companies are looking for your opinion for the business to grow. By collecting survey data, companies are able to develop themselves because they understand you better.


These companies assign work to some vendors, and in turn, these vendors conduct surveys for which they are ready to pay a good amount. You can earn up to $5 doing each survey. The pay rate depends on the intensity of the survey and the company.

There are many websites where you can visit and complete your surveys and make part-time income. This is the online Survey job without investment and is the trending these days. People have started searching for more online jobs after the pandemic.

Online Survey Options

4.  Online Tutor

If you love teaching, then you can go for teaching online to students within your country and even overseas students without any investment. You just need to pick one subject that you are good at and start teaching it.

You can use any platform to teach students online no matter where they are; you can still connect with them through zoom, google meet, Zoho meetings, etc. You Can Also Read 15+ Best Webinar Software Platforms 2022 [Free Guide].

Let’s suppose you teach English; you can set up your classes over the above-given platforms, join the related pages on Facebook and Instagram and start interacting with students by answering their questions.


Once students are good with your brand, then you can invite them to your classes. You can accept payment via PayPal. 

It costs nothing as compared to offline teaching and is a good way to make money online.

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5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is common among online marketers these days. Companies pay you for promoting their brand. You just need to share the links of their products, and if somebody buys, you get a commission. This is the best way for online money earning without investment.

Amazon Affiliates is one of the best options but not the only one. There are many other affiliate marketing options that you can opt-in to.


& many more…..

Where can you share your affiliate links?

You can share it to your blog, your YouTube channel, Instagram page, and you can simply share via WhatsApp or SMS.

People earn up to Rs 100,000 per month through affiliate marketing.

6. Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is an employee in modern times where he/she words remotely without being physically available. A VA does various tasks for the companies. A VA manages social media pages, edits video content, research, graphic designing, coding, etc.

The number of tasks you get actually depends on your company. The bigger the company is, the less will be the tasks. And yes you can earn money online without investment.


A VA earns approximately $20-$100 per hour. This job can be done from home. I just need an internet connection and a PC.

7. Online Micro-Jobs

Micro-Jobs are those tiny tasks that you complete to make the businesses meaningful. These jobs are searching keywords, sharing links or pages, completing sentences, writing a short article, etc.

These jobs can be done through micro-jobs providers such as MicroWorkers, ClickWorkers, Amazon Turk, etc.

People earn approximately Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000 in India.

8. YouTube Channel

YouTube has brought a revolution in online jobs, especially those that can be done from home. Millions of YouTubers are earning amazing income from their YouTube Channel.


You just need to choose your interest and start making videos. Don’t worry about views, likes, and subscribers. Just keep making videos and keep giving better quality. One day or the other, you will have your subscribers. That’s the simple formula of the huge success of YouTubers.

YouTube channels can give you money through various ways, like monetizing your channel, affiliate marketing, selling online courses, etc. And to earn through YouTube you need not to invest.

9.  Instagram influencer

An Instagram influencer is a regular user of Instagram with consistent posts that uniquely attract its users and are able to influence potential buyers.

When they have a huge fan following, they are able to spread the message effectively. Businesses contact them for their brands. When these influencers say something about that particular product, millions of users listen to him/her.

When these products are sold through that link, influencers earn money.


If you talk about the average earning of an Instagram influencer, then there are three categories: On average, an Instagram influencer earns up to $3000 monthly, a micro-influencer earns up to $1500 monthly, and a mega-influencer earns up to $15000 monthly.

Isn’t it so lucrative? Gone are the days when people wanted to become doctors or engineers only; this is the time for social media influencers. And you get the huge opportunity to earn online from home without investment. Also read 15 Ways How Do People Make Money on Instagram: Foolproof Strategies.

10. Content Writer

If you like writing content, then the content writer is a good choice for you. Although a blogger also writes content, there is a difference between a blogger and a content writer. A content writer need not worry about how people will find the website, and there is no need to buy tools to promote the website.

A content writer has to ensure that his/her content is appealing and solves peoples’ problems or gives valuable information. This job is in trend after the pandemic. A content writer can work as a freelancer.

A content writer earns $50,000 per month. But, if you like writing then only choose this job.


Final Verdict

We have tried to list those jobs which are worth your time and efforts that too without investment. If you have a PC with an internet connection, you can start them today. Just a warning that beware of the scammers who get their jobs done and disappear.

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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