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15 Best Press Release Distribution Services 2022 (Free and Paid)

When you are thinking of starting a business or launching a product, you will have a lot of creative ideas on how it reaches the market. But you may have a question like is these ideas are enough to pass your achievements on the right path? Do you think that the idea of the best press release distribution will lead you to success? Of course, a press release is one of the old marketing tools and also considered the most effective way of promoting your business or service. The press release will be the best option that creates awareness of your brand as well as reaches a larger audience. Thus there are Best Press Release Distribution Services 2022 that will effectively help you. 

It is not that all the press releases are the same and, there is the benefit of choosing the right press release service. To make distribution effectively you have to give story and that will boost up your business. On choosing the press release distribution you will have lots of questions and doubts on it. To make it easy, here is the list of 15  Best Press Release Services.

Best Press Release Distribution Services

#1. E-release:

E-release distribution service is a small business leader in press release distribution service and has more PR value for the dollar. The main highlights of this service are there is a custom US national PR Newswire distribution service, and it has major media outlets. It consist of  an exclusive database of subscribing journalists. There are certain proven records reaching journalists, reports, bloggers, radio, and TV. There will be full-exposure, national partner for PR Newswire, the oldest authentication press release newswire.

The staff is real editors without commissions or any kind of sales pressure. It has a true PR pitch with a 94% delivery rate to hand-selected journalists who covers a wide range of industry niches. In e-release Press Release Distribution you can know about your editor. The distribution of e-release is nationwide so that you will get maximum exposure.

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#2. Linking News:

This Linking News press release distribution service is the strongest PR network. They help you to release on Top Tire News and media sites. You get the best features on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and more. It is trusted by thousands of startups, businesses, and digital marketing agencies. They will appear under your standalone brands and started today by having your press release published. The industry has the strongest network with lots of connections to over 330,000 publications. All around the world there are  900,000 journalists and 90 million social media influencers.

There is a guaranteed Placement that comes working with Linking News. You will have the guarantee that your press release can be seen in many top tire news and other media publications. They offer complete white label Press Release Distribution Services. The means of white label states that you can include our name and any of the brands. The press release will be viewed under your name. There will be great brand awareness by increased credibility and visibility. There will new and potential clients to cover your brands to the next level. You can get backlinks from top tires.

#3. 24-7 press release:

This platform helps you to distribute your news to traditional and digital media outlets in a user-friendly manner. It is a proprietary cloud-based platform. You can also look for press release news that dynamically enhance your website, blog, or even social media page. This will enrich your website by providing the audience with fresh real-time press release news content. There are more than 300 industry channels and ten thousand clients who are sure about press release news content for the industry.

There will be enhancing the visitor experience in various websites that includes a digital journal, frankly media, financial contents, and others. You will be able to access multiple feed options that you can host solutions such as custom news, widgets or RSS feeds. There is also an advanced option to host the content on the server, FTP/XML data feed, and lots. 

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#4. Pressat:

At Pressat you can distribute your release anywhere most from the targeted journalist to the influencer, with just one fixed price. The service provided new distributions that target journalists, key influencers, and stakeholders effortlessly through the distribution platforms. You have a leverage of additional distribution by the press association and NASDAQ omx circuits. There is an available press release professionally translated for a specific demographic or the country. You will be able to use the fast and secure regulatory disclosure service in UK and EU companies that are listed. You can utilize the experience of the UK copywriters that can bring your news ideas to life. It can be done quickly with one fixed price. You find the perfect people with the help of a to date media database by engaging with the specific audience. 

#5. PR underground:

The press release in PR underground is often in Google news, Twitter, and other publishers of 80+ online News. That will be owned by the newsrooms, with respective links to release, images, video, and your profiles on social media platforms. By upgrading PRuMax you can get other 100+ news sites. The minutes after getting to your press release, it has appeared on Google news. It is mostly found on the keyword combinations from your headlines. There is no any kind of contract it can easily afford. It is rated as the top 3 in satisfaction for press release distribution by G2Crowd. It picks up PDF reports with the available links for every press release.

#6. PR fire:

This is a UK press release distribution that helps you to connect your press release with a wide range of consumers, media, and bloggers. It is a Press Release Services Free that is one of the leading online public relations. It also acts as a marketing service that helps in connecting with consumers. When you launch a product or service you can simply raise your profile of the company or organization. You can work alongside vastly by having experienced tea with a range of national and regional clients. It includes many different sectors, such as business, travel, fashion, sport, technology, and others. You can get simple and great PR coverage with maximum results. The main thing included in writing a press release is to look for its net worth, though it may sound stupid, it is most actually good news and a new one. 

#7. PR sync:

This Press Release Service discovers what other companies are officially saying. It provides you up to date by simply subscribing to the company’s press releases. The features include things such as follows. It is a new online and local personal development coaching program. It is mostly aimed at the people who need to unlock the full potential that enhances both the personal and professional lives. It is affordable and easy to submit a press release. By simply joining it, you will be able to discover what other companies are officially saying. You can also stay to date by subscribing to various companies doing a press release. 

#8. Intrado:

This is a press release Newswire Services will help you to share your news with media, investors, influencers, and other consumers across the world. It is a globe Newswire Online Press Release Services that can reach globally. There will be a certain ability to reach your target by message to the audience and that matters a lot. The distribution of your news will be helpful to increase the exposure of the company. GlobeNewswire provides a wide range of options for companies and agencies with communications that suit all your needs.


They give you proper responses according to the needs of the consumers. It can be sent domestically or abroad with expansive capabilities and abilities to distribute the content at the time you need it. Not these add up additional to regional, national, and international press release distribution. You will be able to get the assistance of public companies via meeting regulatory filing and disclosure requirements. It includes EDGAR, SEDAR, XBRL, and other European transparency Directives. You can add visual elements that release photos, videos, infographics, and other multimedia.

You will be able to distribute to AP photo Express, the CP photo, Network, Newscom Archive, and yahoo. The photo and video can be hosted on YouTube. The media will be uploaded and can be stored in the library, which makes it easy to access. In the future, the press release will be customized into email distribution.

#9. Business wire:

You can easily reach the press release and disclosure targets with Business wire. You can know more by the Press Release Distribution Services Reviews provided by this platform. You track easily by the results and refine your message. There will be news that can be talked about by everyone on it. The service is for almost 60 years of connecting the audience with the organization.

There are millions of releases that reach countless readers. No partner will help in providing the local, individual service on the business. You can equip your press release by knowing your needs and everything by telling your stories. It consists of tools that you need to deliver your content to the right audience. It will be delivered at the right time and give a perfect kind of response. You can complete the suite of IR products and solutions. There will be a complete suite to cover every step in a better way. 

#10. Express press release distribution:

This is an EPR network that is a part of the Express –press-release. Net is the largest press release distribution network. It is an EPR network that helps in gaining working with little innovation of the PR projects that consolidated press release distribution, social press release, and early-bird press release. The social media sites will help in reaching out to thousands of individuals, companies, on the web PR specialist, media professionals, bloggers, and journalists every day. They provide you with Press Release Writing Services for thousands of clients around the world including 500 brands globally. It is operated by EPR network LLC. Since 2014 and, it is part of Europe Wire and a leading newswire service.


#11. Online PR media: 

This is a digital press release distribution that gives you a cost and effective business exposure. There are various packages, and it includes. Social media press release here is where you can optimize title and Meta tag for the image options. You can instantly share on social media that is also an add-free press release. Search engine visibility press release this is a 40 full-page syndication that can be embedded with images. It also has all the benefits of a social media package. News anchor press release coverage is a live press release with the help of the OPM newsroom. It also has videos published over channels with customer full copyrights copy with the benefit of search engine visibility package. There will be maximum media visibility with a full page of up to 5,300 websites. The press releases newswire distribution will trade with journals, prints, and broadcast media. 

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#12. Click press:

This platform is a news index that includes all the live headlines. It has been there for more than 15 years of archived business news. There is the ability of both free as well as paid service for the distribution on the Click press. You can get a broader network by connecting the marketing sites. CRS and charity submission has no fees and good causes where the content sites are available free for PR professionals. It is for posting charity and corporate social responsibility and news. Standard submission is for classic, standard submission of the service.

It has been used to meet professional content as marketing since 2005. Enhanced submission will help in maximizing your exposure. Choosing the right service and designed to maximize your content to have better exposure across the network of trust. The enterprise solution will be better for the content partner that is a tailor or has planned to meet the needs. It can be accessed bulk over the sites to bring the price bit down.

#13. Cision:

This a perfect source of every story by connecting journalists who seek to be included in the content with the source expertise solution. There are certain rules for journalists followed namely includes. Accreditation and story sharing is a kind of thing that must properly credit anyone. It works with pitch via HARO, and it can be accepted. You will be accessible to share the final story link to the source. There is anonymity for the users for submitting the source request to be included with the name. It may also include the editorial team or the name of the reporter with details. With the help of backlinks where you can do an agreement outside of the jurisdiction. It also gives access to the guest authors for the book and product reviews. 


#14. Open PR:

This portal is a free press release for submission where you will be able to submit a press release for your company. You can find certainly, composed of the press release and offer better service for it. There will be a place for at least 20 press releases within the first part of the text. It can hold up to 30 and more headlines. The remaining releases are replaced with the newer 50 releases. There is also the availability of a database based on your wish. 

#15. Thomas net:

You can put here the products, services of the company news press release with the help of Thomas and their vast audience. The sourcing is mostly given to the engineering professionals with the powers of the growth of North American manufacturing. You will be able to create a solution that will help you to inform support by empowering the industry. It connects buyers, engineers, and MRO professionals with over 500, 000 North American daily. You can also get the best service with dedicated teams of the specialist. 

What is the press release distribution service?

When you choose a press release distribution service, the service should help in sending your brand message through a press release. So that will reach to the targeted audience of various locations. The journalists it will be searched and found for releases when the press release is sent. These will be linked to the organization and business. 

The bottom lines:   

Thus these are the Best Press Release Distribution Services 2020. You will be releasing the distribution to send the press release to a large, targeted audience. The audience includes journalists, social networks, bloggers, influencers, and traditional or digital media outlets. You can choose the right Press Release Distribution Sites based on price, breadth of features, and outlets. You can evaluate the press release based on the distribution service that allows every small business affordably. Once the press release is distributed, it is based on the price, the number of outlets, guidance features such as professional press release on writing service, targeting, and reporting. 


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