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How to Make Money as an Attractive Female In 2022?

How to Make Money as an Attractive Female: All the pretty girls deserve princess-like treatment which is a dream of a lot of girls out there. To get the money, there are many ways that a woman can follow and make a side hustle for them so that they can treat themselves with perks.

If we go by statistics, there are 45% of working-class Americans that agree that they have some kind of side income to feed their needs. The absolute number comes out to be 70 million Americans.

The fact becomes more remarkable that 50% of Americans have a side hustle. When the Federal Reserve Board surveyed working Americans, it was revealed that 50% of the U.S. adults don’t have $400 cash in hand to handle any minor emergency.

If we dig deep into the statistics of this survey, we find out that people don’t even have enough savings to cover their full month’s expenses. That’s a point to worry about.

Today’s era of the internet doesn’t leave you with any excuse because there are endless opportunities to earn enough money to feed your family.


In this article, we are going to talk about the 21 ways by which females can earn a good amount to feed their needs and perks.

Why should Pretty Girls Make Extra income?

In the time of style, every girl wants to be treated with perks in her life and for that, she is required to do a part-time job so that she can fulfil her wishes. Although some women choose two jobs but going by the stress of two jobs, part-time work is far better.

We have observed that most women work as a side income to feed their investments and pay for their treats daily and it is a common finding that most women love their regular job approximately 76% of women consider their side hustle better.

Average Income that Girls make from their Side Hustle

The average income that girls make from their side hustle is about $200, however, which is not something that can make you rich overnight or in a month, this income supports you in your bills so that they don’t bother you in your regular budget.

Another notable fact is that the average income from side hustle also depends on the type of job you do.


Are Side Hustle Hobbies?

As per Vistaprint, 27% of people make a side hustle out of their hobby and 55% of people want to grow their hobby so that they can make it into a profitable activity.

15 High Paying side hustle for pretty girls in 2022

1. Photography

Photography is an amazing side hustle that can give some extra cash and on top of that, it comes out of your habit.

You can easily start with a camera that varies from a smartphone to an advanced DSLR but above all the major thing that separates an outstanding photographer from ordinary photographers is your choice of theme, light, art, and creativity.

What you want to reflect on from your photography is the most important aspect of photography.


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2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is in huge demand because this is the era of the gig economy where companies like to get work done through a freelance writer instead of a full-time writer.

It’s very simple, whichever topic you like the most, start writing on it. You are paid per word that you write. Although it requires proper research on the topic before you start writing.

The more experience you have in writing, the more your value is. You can learn a lot in this industry because you keep researching multiple topics.

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3. Cover letter/ resume service:

There is always a huge demand for jobs and in increasing competition, people want to look unique in their presentation and here a cover letter or resume plays an important role.

You can not only earn good money by rendering cover letter/resume service but also help a lot of people around you and increase your connections.

4. House sitting

House sitting is the easiest and most loved job that pretty girls can do. Since it doesn’t require any skill, anyone can start this job without any prior training.

Your job will be to look after the house of the client who hires you in their absence and you just have to sit in their home to make sure that everything is good. Sometimes you have to take care of their pets also for which you will get extra wages.

You can also go for night shifts as sometimes your services will be required at night only.


5. Painting Services

Painting service is another way to earn some extra cash where you just turn your hobby into a side hustle. You can paint the walls with amazing art which is completely based on your creativity.

Once you start your painting career, it will increase over time.

6. Makeup

Giving makeup services to those who need it is a great way to earn money. There is a demand for professional makeup artists in show businesses. If you have a passion for makeup then you must try this as a career.

This career is in demand when there is a wedding season.

7. Food Delivery

You can deliver food on DoorDash and get good money for your expenses. DoorDash is a great company that pays well for your food delivery job.


You can start this career just by registering yourself on DoorDash, you will receive orders from restaurants from where you can pick up food and deliver it to the right customer.

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8. Tutoring

The girls who are good in subjects like Chemistry, Math, Biology, Physics or any language, can make good money just by teaching kids of different grades.

No investment is required to start a coaching business as your knowledge is your investment.

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9. Review Apps and Websites

There is a trend in the market where companies need people who can review apps and websites for genuine feedback.

Girls can simply review certain apps and websites and in turn get paid for their job.

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10. Babysitting

Babysitting is another easy side hustle that girls can do that requires no prior training or no special skills are required.

You can simply take care of the babies of your clients, however, sometimes you might need certification in babysitting before you go for hands-on experience.


11. Translator

To become a translator, you need to be well-versed in any one foreign language. There is a huge demand for translators because of globalization as there are many people who work with people of another language, the job of a translator is the need of the hour.

This type of work is available at Upwork, Gengo, and Translatorscafe.

12. Pool Cleaning Service

You can make good money through pool cleaning and there are several jobs available out there.

You can easily find this job by going through the classified ads where you will find existing pool cleaners and you can help complete their projects.

13. Interior Decorator

The job of an interior decorator is full of fun and creativity. It depends if you like decorating your room with the available tools and decoratives then this is the job for you.


As an interior decorator, your job will be to paint the walls, paste wallpapers, choose and place suitable pictures, etc to make life.

14. DJ

Becoming a DJ is an amazing career where you can convert your music-playing hobby into a money-making formula. You need to be good at mixing songs that suit the mood at a party and you must have the ability to make people dance on the floor.

Every event needs a DJ to fill the color of the music to make it lively.

15. Laundry Service

Due to the busy schedule of people, they tend to assign this task to somebody else so that they can focus on their job or business.

You, by providing laundry service, earn good money and there is hardly any technical skill required to do this job.


Final Words

We have listed out 15 jobs that can earn you well along with your regular job and here you don’t need any extra skills. These are the jobs that you can start immediately without any training.

So, go ahead and grab these jobs to fulfill your dreams.

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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