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Get The YouTube TV Student Discount: Everything You Must Know in 2022

Youtube TV Student Discount: Student life is such a stage of life filled with fun, and if there is a flavour of YouTube, then it’s a great combination. YouTube offers a great discount on YouTube subscriptions so that they can watch their favourite YouTube videos by paying less.

This article is about how a student can get a YouTube tv student discount. This article will also explain how you can share your membership cost by creating a family membership.

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What’s YouTube Television?

YouTube television is a streaming service with Live television from 70+ broadcast channels, original Sports networks, and original web series.

After subscribing to YouTube tv, a user gets live sports and shows that are very important. Users can also get unlimited Sports scholarships if they love sports.


Users also get a digital videotape archivist (DVR) that gives them unlimited storage with just one subscription, and they can keep six accounts on the same.

You can watch YouTube TV on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, TV, web on your computer.

If you have subscribed to YouTube TV, you can also watch YouTube Originals and trending videos on YouTube.

Since its service is based on internet streaming, users can watch all live programs and enjoy DVR (digital video recording) from many TV Networks.

Earlier YouTube TV was available to 25 major cities in the US New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.


However, in 2019 it extended its services to the rest of the US viewers.

This platform now offers most TV Networks, including BBC, ABC, NBC, Disney Channel, CBS, Viacom CBS channels, etc.

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YouTube TV Student Discount

YouTube TV student discount is limited to either YouTube premium or YouTube music premium, so YouTube television is no longer available.

However, you can still get a good discount after your free trial of YouTube premium ends; you can also get unlimited access to YouTube music.


YouTube TV is one step ahead of other streaming services because of its pall grounded DVR.

With this, you can record unlimited programs for over nine months. with the pall grounded model, you are not limited by space, and you can save as much as you want.

YouTube TV aims to replace all the traditional wired cable services or satellite TV services so that users can use these services without any hassle. As time passes on, it keeps adding services to its bucket so that you enjoy more under one subscription.

YouTube TV is versatile because it is compatible with most Smart TVs, streaming media players like Chromecast, Xbox gaming consoles, smartphones, etc.

Pros of YouTube TV

  • YouTube TV is full of pros, and the first of them is that you have all the services under one single account at no extra charge.
  • YouTube TV is so handy because you can watch it on your Smart TV, tablet, your PC, or even if you are going out, you still have the smartphone that will always keep you connected to your YouTube TV.
  • Google Backed- One of the best things about YouTube TV is that it is backed by Google services which have covered almost every part of the internet.
  • The biggest benefit of using YouTube TV is its 85+ channels, including originals, sports, music, drama, etc.
  • Six different people can use the same subscription at 6 different locations.
  • You can control the entire YouTube TV with the voice control option without even touching the keypad on your remote.
  • The unique thing about YouTube TV is its DVR (digital video recording) function so that you can store unlimited serials of your choice.
  • You get all the functions of the YouTube app that Android users enjoy, like pictures in picture function, which you can enjoy on your Android phone.

Each family member can create a library for their favourite content with the family group option.

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Steps to set up a family group to get YouTube TV user reduction

By following these steps, you can create your family group and get a discount on your subscription.

  • To opt for a subscription, visit and hit on Try Family.
  • Subscribe to YouTube TV.
  • Go to your profile, and settings and click on family sharing.
  • Click on set up.
  • Now, click to produce a Google family group.
  • Now read and click on the terms and agree to complete the process.
  • You can choose to cancel or next.
  • Once you create the family, you will allow family members to join in.


Limitations on using YouTube TV as a family group like the members must be 18 or above, must be a citizen of the USA, and cannot subscribe using a G-Suite account.

Final Words

This article has thrown light on the benefits of the YouTube TV student discount and what I recommend is that before you go for a subscription, enjoy their 14-day free trial with a Google account.

Once your free trial expires, you can get your family group on YouTube, and that’s how you can lower the subscription cost by joining more and more family members on it.


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