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Is EDP Services a Good Career Path? Best Paying Jobs in Edp Services

Electronic Data Processing (EDP) is one of the most promising domains to get a career and have a prosperous life. The EDP careers have become a hot spot lately for all computer science graduates.

That, of course, doesn’t mean you cannot pursue such an EDP career when you are a tech college graduate, but you will need more years of on-site experience to get the same positions and benefits as the others.

Today we will check all the good paid EDP jobs that are now available online. You will know more details about what they do and what is the average salary.

This information would be extremely useful to younger people who need to find a career path and follow it for many years to come. 

Computer Operator

The operator is one of the lowest-paid jobs in the EDP sector. They can make close to $28,000 per year, and it’s usually an entry-level job to ensure that they know how to operate a computer successfully.


You don’t have to get any upgraded software knowledge to get the position. There is only the need to know the operating system and some requirements from the software you use all the time.

Machine Learning Scientist

On the contrary, a machine learning analyst is the one that will give you more money than anything else in the EDP career path.

They can make more than $100,000 per year since they may easily plot all the actions for the software they make.

Additionally, they can also ensure that the machines they operate and know more about the programming and understand how to update their software.

Data Science Analyst

Here you have a senior officer career that deals with data analysis and gives you more information about databases. Such an analyst may also have a salary close to $55,000 per year plus other benefits.


They perform an analysis to the data according to the new programs they run. That’s why all CEO’s like to have such analysts to ensure that they realize what is going on in the real world and have ready-to-adopt solutions to make things better and more viable for their companies.

Data Architect

A data architect is a new kind of programming job that offers more exclusive knowledge about the style of a data centre.

These officials can have a salary that exceeds $65,000 per year since they are responsible for the structure of their data centre and its behaviour against other employees who come to work in the company.

A data architect always creates a blueprint of all the data centres he wants to have under his control. Then he can appoint other jobs to certain people and make sure they follow the orders to keep the data centre viable and operating.

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer is part of the EDP team that works closely with others to develop new programs.


In fact, he may receive a salary that is about $65,000 per year to produce software from scratch or improve the existing programs.

Such analysts can create a new code line and ensure that the software runs smoothly, no matter the number of users and the complexity of each function.

That’s why having multiple programmers within a company is necessary since each one can get assigned a special part of the code and be responsible for it when asked.

Information Systems Security Officer

There is virtually no EDP system working without the aid of the Information Systems security officer. Such a career path may lead to the adoption of a salary close to $50,000 per year.

These people are responsible for identifying threats and leaks on their operating systems and database. They perform virtual tests to get an insight into the most vulnerable and flawed parts of their code and identify any external or internal threats.


Then they can intervene by writing new code and replacing the existing one at night and ensure that they register the attackers and find a way to intercept them and report them to the police authorities.

Data Center Technician

A data centre technician can only make about $35,000 per year and be there all day long to check the hardware of every company.

Such a technician should also have many spare parts available to replace them when something suddenly stops operating.

If you are such a technician, you may have an easy adoption of the new work since most systems use the same computer components to operate.

The data center technicians are usually working in rotating shifts to ensure that at least one will be on-site if something happens.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we found online about EDP careers.

What is the Real Meaning of EDP?

It’s electronic data processing, meaning what you understand. People who follow a career in EDP are college graduates and hold computer science degrees.

They are dedicated to the EDP, meaning constantly trying to find solutions to issues having to do with data centres and hardware.

Is there an EDP coordinator in modern companies?

An EDP coordinator is a new career path that has recently been available in many companies. That person is liable for the coordination of the various persons of the IT team.

He is accountable for the most impressive effects on the data centers. That’s why a coordinator knows when an analyst should work more to find the best possible solutions and ensures the smooth operation of companies.


What is EDP recruitment?

An EDP recruitment is nothing more than a special person that handles all the interviews for people who have a talent in data science and hardware technology. Without the EDP recruitment agents, administration and HR departments would never know anything about the various positions needed in their organization.

The recruitment finds the right jobs and creates the necessary job descriptions for each one. Then they are also accountable for the training of new colleagues and EDP persons coming there to form a team.

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