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Tigerfish Transaction Jobs – Things You Need To Know While Before Join!

Are you interested in working in the language services firm? Then, becoming a transcriptionist is best choice for you. Transcription is the process of converting live or recorded audio files into readable text. Of course, it seems to be quite easy, but the hard thing is that you have to produce an exact transcript regularly that contains good grammar.

Tigerfish is one of the transcribing companies that offer professional transcription and editing services. Over the years, tigerfish have been doing transcription services in healthcare, legal, video production, marketing, and consulting areas. There are several numbers of transcription jobs available including focus groups, law enforcement, interviews, and documentaries. Are you a quick typist with a good ear for language and good in written English? Tigerfish transcription is a perfect choice for you to earn money.

Who Can Work in Tigerfish Transcription?

This tigerfish transcribing company is for the people who need transcription services. The company is also designed for people who are looking for the best ways to earn money online at their home. For entrepreneurs, they deliver excellent quality transcriptions for their audio and video files.

To get quality transcripts, they have a lot of transcribers and editors who follow certain rules and guidelines. They offer a lot of packages like rush jobs where they can deliver a task that’s edited within 2 hours. You can earn more money as a transcriber even if you don’t have any experience in transcribing. So, if you have an interest in transcribing, you can apply for this position.

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Skills You Must Have to be a Transcriptionist at Tigerfish transcription

  • Exact in phrasing with correct spelling and punctuation
  • Good in English
  • Good English understanding skill to listen and write
  • Excellent sense of hearing
  • Fast typing speed
  • Should clear the application process

Hiring process Of Tigerfish Transcription

Want to get hired by the company? Then, you have to pass a test. The tests are not as easy as you think. Each one should take you about 20 minutes. You have to transcribe a 2.5-minute focus group audio in 15 to 20 minutes. A Focus group involves multiple people and people may be talking at the same time. If you do well on your test, they will call you when they are hiring.

After that, you will receive a few audio files in your mail. Then, download and start converting them into a word or any other written format. The workload depends on the peak season. During peak season, you will receive more traffic in the work.

Most people try this transcription job as a part-time job. This job is ideal for the one who wants to earn income in their free time like students, retired people, housewives and so on.

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How Much You Can Earn With Tigerfish?

The pay for Tigerfish jobs completely depends on the type and complexity of the file. They don’t pay you on an hourly basis instead of paying per line. The speed and work schedule determines the average pay rate.

The company pays $0.005 per word transcribed, so the faster you work, the more that you get. According to the Tigerfish reviews, you can earn around $7 to $15 per hour. Of course, that’s good pay for beginners.


Benefits of Working with Tigerfish

The best thing about the Tigerfish transcribing job is that it doesn’t need any experience. It is just perfect for you to begin a transcription career. The application process for the Tigerfish Transcriptionist job is very easy. You just have to provide your name, address, email, and a short note about yourself.

The things you need to be a transcriber at Tigerfish are a computer, headphone, high-speed internet, mobile phone to contact you and Express Scribe Software to test and evaluate.

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Reviews About Tigerfish

Coming to Tigerfish Transcription reviews, this is a trustworthy online platform that offers good jobs for transcriptionists. They have no complaints and issues about this site. After you pass the application process, they follow a clear payment mode without any issues. 

The important tip to getting hired is that you should follow their test guidelines and produce exact transcripts. An accurate transcript is a more important thing than your speed to clear the tests.


The jobs are usually good for the ones who want to use their time in improving their knowledge about language and typing skills along with good hearing skills. The Tigerfish transcription firm always encourages its employees to utilize their knowledge of hearing and typing.

Final Words

Yes, Tigerfish is a legitimate transcription company since it working for more reputed companies. They offer you a great opportunity with no fee to join and no experience required. All you need is that you just listen to an audio stream and then write what you hear exactly as it is. Let get start your career with Tigerfish. All the best!

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