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How Do Churches Make Money? 13 High Paying Ways

How Do Churches Make Money: Many churches around the world are growing in popularity and they do not just attract millions of followers but also countless money as their profits. So, after knowing all this, you might have questions like how churches make huge money to fund their mega-events.

There are many sources of making money for churches that we are going to discuss today in this article. So, earning doesn’t just come from daily offerings but there are other spheres to make money.

Income sources of Churches

Although there are various sources of income for churches, the major chunk comes from offerings, donations, pledges, contributions, etc.

Although offerings top the chart when it comes to income sources for churches, however, as a second income source, donations, investments, and trust funds hold an important position for protestant churches.

On the other hand, some Catholic churches make money by renting out their parish facilities and getting some amount of money in exchange which ultimately becomes a major source of income for them.


In the bottom line, most churches make money through donations, however, there are some more ways to make money like fundraising including selling goods made in church, bible videos, etc.

Do churches pay taxes?

If we talk about the U.S., churches are considered non-profit organizations hence they are exempted from a few taxes.

 It also means that the owners of the churches do not get any salary just because they are owners, however, they can get some salary from the church if they do any work for the church. So, in other words, the owners cannot just make money from a church just because of their position.

Since churches get money in the form of donations, the people who pay donations get a receipt for it and with this, they can save on taxes because the amount of donation will be deducted from the total taxable income.

How do churches make money?

Churches have been a prime institution in the religious affairs of people. Most people donate to church as a part of their religion. There are various types of sources of income in this list that we are going to talk about.


1. Tithe and Offerings

Tithe and offerings are the most common ways to make money for the church. If we go by Bible, the tithe is one-tenth of the total monthly income that a Christian pays to the church while the offerings are voluntary.

There are some other ways to income generated by national, state, or local groups associated with the church, however, the church doesn’t keep anything from it.

2. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is one of the best ways by which a Church makes the most money. There are the following methods by which money can be raised in crowdfunding.

3. Mission trips

Missionary trips are great ways to raise funds where a missionary goes for a visit and spreads the word about it and wherever they go, people raise money and huge money is generated through this way.

4. Construction or renovation

Sometimes churches, mosques, etc. often require construction or renovation of their building, where they can invite volunteers to raise the money for the work.


5. Community support

Many communities raise funds to support families or any individual in the locality with the help of the church.

Involving people in crowdfunding programs is the easiest way to raise funds for those who are in need, this way you can unite communities for a noble cause.

6. Online giving for churches

Receiving donations online is an amazing way to receive funds from donors for the churches.

Donations through online facilities will help your communities to donate their funds so that they can go towards the needy. It’s a tool that you can use to set up an easy-to-use payment option so that people can easily donate money.

These are beneficial not just for regular fundraisers but also for the weekly tithes and offerings resulting in increased offerings and donations to the church as people can donate through their mobiles also.


7. Text-to-Give Campaign

Text-to-give is an effective idea for increasing donations that work for churches and other religious bodies.

People give their presentations in the church to explain how this idea works. You can also give a proper presentation to showcase your ideas.

Text-to-give is software that helps people to donate even when they do not have cash with them at that time. It works for the churches that are scattered in wider locations so that people can donate from far away places.

8. T-shirt fundraising

Selling t-shirts is a conventional way to make money for the churches and it works for any age group because of online t-shirt fundraisers, it becomes easier.

There is a trend of wearing t-shirts with slogans and if it is designed with a verse from the bible, it is a great match. The church can get a t-shirt designed with a picture related to the church along with a verse from the bible.


This way you can aim for two goals; you can raise huge money for the church and another is you can motivate people to start conversations with others about the church.

9. Host a sing-a-thon

If you have people with talent in singing, then you have an opportunity to host a sing-a-thon and raise funds for any particular project that you want to support and showcase the singing talent of many of your members.

Sing-a-thon is a musical event by which the church can raise good money by charging entries to the singing event and selling discounts for the people.

This event can go another way to make money for the church in which you can sing a requested hymn for the donations, so, it becomes a good way to make money for the church.

10. Church Newsletter

Newsletters are important for churches to raise money as people can donate tithes directly from their ward letter or bulletin, so, it becomes important for you to raise money.


Ìf you are sending an online newsletter, then you can insert a payment link that diverts members to the payment gateway and if you are sharing a paper newsletter then you can include a QR code so that people can make the payment immediately.

11. Set up a swap shop

With a swap shop, you can raise money for the church by cleaning the garbage of the shop, basement, and closets.

You can make your classroom or office your center of business and have people donate their used clothes, kitchen items, books, sports tools, etc. You can sell it off and whatever you cannot sell, can donate to the homeless kids.

12. Have a family fun day

You can also raise money by organizing a family fun day on any holiday. You can make it a fun activity, have food and drinks in it and along with that, set up a donation table where you can inspire people to donate.

You can also run awareness campaigns to let people know of the family fun day where you can receive donations.


13. Charity auctions

Charity auctions are great ways to raise money for the churches where you can invite and meet people personally and build everlasting relationships.

You can take items that you can auction to charity and try to donate as many items as you can at a very low price. That’s how you can create a great atmosphere around you.


Churches always try to expand their ways of making money. In this way, they can be well prepared for any critical conditions in their economy in the future. That is the reason why we have listed all the important methods of generating more money and we hope that this article will be very helpful for you in understanding the ways to generate income for the church.

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