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8 Promising Ways to Sell Study Notes Online in 2022

Notes are considered an important part of academic success in school and college. It can help you focus on and understand the main concepts in a better way. Besides, good notes also provide a great resource for creating outlines and studying. But, do you know some students do not have the time or skills to create their own set of notes and thus the only way for them is to outsource notes. So, if you are a good and precise note maker you can sell your notes to students who are ready to buy through the internet. Today there’s a huge demand for helpful study materials, so you can earn a decent amount by selling them online. If you have never taught of this before, read out these promising ways to sell notes for cash. 

What are the advantages of effective note study notes?

  • Good study notes are essential for reviewing and studying class material so that you can understand it and prepare well for the exams. 
  • Besides, efficient concise notes can sort your confusion, save time and energy. 
  • Equally, it can save you from the hassle of rewinding, pausing, and rewatching large chunks of a lecture. 

How to write good notes to sell online?

1. Begin with an idea

If you want to create and sell college notes for students make sure it is presented well in an easy-to-understand, systematic manner. Whatever, idea you have regarding the subject materials, jot it down. This could prove helpful for students in understanding the basic concepts. 

2. Create a compelling content

  • The whole point of having study notes is presenting a book’s information precisely in smaller chunks. So, remember you get rid of those content which is not essential. 
  • Keep the notes interactive by planning checklists, worksheets, assignments, and other methods to reach out to you in times of confusion. 
  • Try highlighting the texts, create bullet points, and use short paragraphs. Also, try inserting some videos and images to make the content more interesting and easier to learn.
  • Summarize the lessons by repeating the key learning points. 

3. Research your competition

Once you figure out the subject, the next step is to look for portals where someone is already selling class notes. You can hang out on the forums where your target learners are. Try figuring out their desires, likes, and gripes. This will create value for your profession. 

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Where to Sell Notes Online?

Nowadays, there are hundreds of platforms available to sell notes online. However, the suitability of each platform varies with your objectives and goals. 

1. Docmerit

Docmerit is one of the best sell my notes platforms to sell academic notes, exam solutions, textbook summaries, and theses. This reliable website can be accessed around the globe and provides 24 x 7 technical support to the note’s sellers. Here, within seconds you can create your personal study store within the Docmerit platform. Equally, another important feature of this note selling medium is you can set the price by yourself and can earn around 85% per sale. Overall, Docmerit offers the highest payout ratio and sends the payment through PayPal, which makes it unique from other similar platforms. 

2. Oxbridge Notes

OxbridgeNotes is another good portal for selling notes online with a buyer base of 250,000 people. It covers students in several countries including Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They need notes, essays, mind maps, typed up notes from the outstanding students who got good grades in their academics. You can sell here a variety of materials in addition to notes like sample test questions and answers, PDF, and much more. So, if you have good pieces of notes, you can upload here and receive cash monthly. Also, they won’t reveal your name to the buyers, and you may leave the site whenever you wish. But you can’t just register for a free account and get started directly. Instead, you need to fill a form, and if they like your details, they will invite you to join as a note seller.


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3. Notesgen

Notesgen is another online educational marketplace created in the year 2015. They are quite popular among the students for the quality materials they provide. If you are an Indian student, you can make use of this notes selling platform and earn money from your valuable tutorials. The most satisfying part of Notesgen is that it doesn’t let the buyers download the notes directly. Instead, it lets you view the notes in their mobile app or file viewer software. All you need to upload the prepared academic notes in Notesgen set a price for others to purchase and get paid for every sale that happens. 

4. StudySoup

StudySoup is one of the most hopeful notes selling websites begun in the year 2014. Currently, it is open for US students only. When you visit this site, you will find hundreds of testimonials of students making a thousand dollars per month. However, getting started with StudySoup is easy. You just need to create a free account and there you are ready to go. 

5. Student VIP

If you are a student from Australia, who would like to trade his/her study materials, then StudentVIP is the best place to sell your study notes online. This is one of the biggest websites for students and is popular for providing high-quality services for the students. You can easily set up a profile here and start selling PDF files to your colleagues. Apart from education, you can sell here other kinds of notes like health notes, business notes, creative notes, and much more. So, if you have meticulously crafted, in-depth notes, you can just upload them and earn cash with student VIP. But remember, all your study materials will be moderated before publishing. 

6. NoteSale

NoteSale is a renowned UK based website for students to sell their college notes through the internet. The website is user-friendly which acts as a good intermediary between the note’s sellers and the buyers. Here, you can build a free account and get started. Besides, uploading a note just takes 2 minutes only. So, once your notes are downloaded, the payment will be made instantly. Awesome isn’t it?


7. OmegaNotes

Here, you can sell any useful notes like study guides, diagrams, cheat sheets, etc. Equally, this is a user-friendly website with which you could make more money with the better notes that you have. You need to create a free account in this college notes marketplace and upload the academic summaries in the form of PDF or picture format. If your notes are purchased instantly, you will get paid immediately. 

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8. NexusNotes

NexusNotes is a good study note selling platform online. This is available for students from the United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, etc. Here, every note published there is manually approved by their team. The price for every note set is fixed in the range of $35 – out of which NexusNotes keeps 50% and the rest is paid to you. 

Final thoughts

The students who miss the class or want to improve their academic performance always look for good quality notes on the internet. The above mentioned are some of the best note selling websites of the current time. You can choose any of them according to your preference. 


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