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Quick Tate Review: Is This Transcription Jobs Legit or Worth it?

Work from home is familiar everywhere where the employees can do their regular activities comfortably. However, not all the fields are apt for this phrase. In that case, one of the best among them is transcription service which is done for clients all over the world.

Quicktate Review

There are a range of companies that have proceeding this service effectively but Quicktate is highly chasing. They are the top-notch and reliable company who provides an open space to their workers and let them do their activities at the place they are living. In this field, we need to listen to the audio script and convert them as words or text without making any errors that requires good communication and listening skills. Lets see the quicktate review and it has been running.

What Type Of Work Need To Handle?

The transcription works at Quicktate are expected to convert the range of audio documents into text. The files may be in any format that depends upon the thing they assigned to you which may be letters, medical files, phone calls, conference calls, recordings, voices mails and messages, and more.

Probably, there are good reviews for this transcription work at Quicktate especially for providing remote work from home opportunity. In this pandemic, it would be helpful for the people to earn some amount of money at their places.

Also, the document length can be greatly different from one another which can either be 2 – 3 minutes as well extended to 2 – 3 hours of conversation. So, think on your own how much you need to be efficient at grammar and punctuation. The big thing to be intimated here is that the company hasn’t entertained the people with moderate skill and to give professional training on their own.


They are expected to hire the employees who are already good & excellent at listening and communication.

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Qualifications Required For This Job

If you are the one who is willing to proceed your career as transcriber in Quicktate, then ensure that you have below-mentioned qualities and skills.

  • Expert in English grammar and punctuation to get a good result
  • Capability to convert the audio into text without any errors
  • Free from criminal records on your name
  • Need to be efficient and honest to the work given to you
  • Should listen the words and guidelines properly
  • Prefer the people with following languages as: English, Spanish, French, and some others)

How The Cost Will Be Calculated?

When it comes to this transcription work, the pay will be different based on the type of work given to you. For general or legit type of transcription work, you will be paid with quarter of a cent per word which means you will pay $1 for every 400 words. If you are doing your work under medical related transcription, you will be paid as half a cent per word in other cases $1 for every 200 words.

Your eligibility will be calculated at first to decide you are fit for generic transcription or medical related transcription. Your every month payment will be processed via PayPal.

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Work Hours of Quicktate

Alike other fields, the transcribers do not come under the employees category instead they are said to be individual workers. It means, they don’t have specific work timing and schedules to follow regularly. One of the biggest advantages in this category is flexible working hours perfectly suitable for anyone. You are allowed to do your work for 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week in accordance with your convenience.

How To Apply For This Job?

If you are willing to join your hands with Quicktate, then make use of the following tips and guidelines:

1.  First of all, get into their official website of Quicktate and create a typist account for you. Here, you need to provide some basic info about you as well as need to include two or three non-family references from your end. After that, give a read to the listed guidelines and agreements to step up carefully.

2.  After filling out your personal info, you need to take a typing test to check your speed rate. Once you finish your typing, your score will be calculated and let you know whether you are eligible for the next level of test named iDictate to confirm your job.

3.  If you complete that test successfully, finally you need to pay an amount of $20 using Paypal to verify your background.


4.  If everything is submitted, your assignments will be provided.

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Final Thoughts

Hope so, you get all the required details and work nature of transcription at Quicktate. If you have an interest to avail work from home opportunity with a medium salary package, then this Quicktate review will help you.

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