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Webflow Review: Templates, Pricing, Hosting, Blog, Themes, and CMS

A website builder is an online platform that allows users to create their website without knowing how to code. And Webflow website builder is one of the best website builders that attract modern designers and developers.

A few years back, WordPress and Drupal were the most popular or most commonly web builders used by the developers to create websites for clients. But now the time has changed, everything has been updated and new website builders like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc. introduced themselves to the modern market.

And when we talk about modernity, Webflow is the one that marks its point. It helps the developers (website users too) to create a website using visual editing. And the best part is, it generates codes for your website while you are working on it. So that you can use those codes later as per your requirements. This feature is very unique because it helps in website SEO. Whenever you optimize your website for mobile devices or add complex custom features not provided in the site builder, this code development feature helps you in carrying your work at a faster pace.

There is much more about Webflow that is still behind the curtain. I want you to take a look at it and uncover this modern Webflow website builder. So, let’s get started.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a website builder platform that helps entrepreneurs to create powerful and dynamic websites for their businesses. Webflow website builder offers extensive customization capabilities too without having to learn how to code. You will get pre-made templates that are adjustable as per your business requirements, and help you to add multiple elements to your websites and enchanting features that are required by your business.


Webflow seeks to fill in the gaps between DIY software such as Wix and Squarespace, the previously used or we can say traditional Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, and modern front-end web development.

Webflow is designed to surpass all the web builders in terms of flexibility, ease of use, performance, features, elements, etc, and that is why it is largely successful.

Webflow Website Builder Features

Just like other website builders, Webflow also started with a base of templates. You will find thousands of professionally designed templates you can choose from. You can customize your template as per your needs and your brand’s goals.

Webflow divides its features into Five categories

  • Website Designer
  • Website CMS
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Editor
  • Webflow Templates

Let’s know about each category in detail.

1. Webflow Website Designer

Let’s say you are a website designer and you have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS, you might feel very intuitive. But if you have never experienced coding or have never gone through any line of coding, then also you don’t have to worry, it takes some time to familiarize yourself to gain the technical concepts such as box model to use webflow.


Sometimes when you have to learn some new things that come with webflow website design, it might turn you off. But once you understand the concepts, believe me, Webflow designer will be a game-changer for your website. With webflow, you can offer both design and development to your customers and can make good profits. It also facilitates the design of objects by providing you with a pre-built, customizable component library.

Webflow is an amazing tool that not only helps you to design your and your client’s website but it also reduces your website development time due to its self-coding property. So with webflow, you can create more profitable work in less time.

2. Webflow Website CMS

If you want to add dynamic content to your website you need a good Content Management System (CMS). Dynamic content like Blog posts, Articles, etc boost the website traffic, and it should be there to increase the website reach. And if you have a good CMS then it allows you to edit and add new content without making any code.

Here comes the Webflow CMS. It is a unique CMS that helps to edit the content on your website too without having to navigate a complex Webflow designer. This CMS is controlled by an interface called Webflow Editor. In that case, if you have a Pro account, your editor will be white-labeled and thus you can do your branding.

The Webflow CMS architecture depends on the object and collections. Objects are the separate content pieces that you can put into your collection. Whereas Collections include custom content types. Like Blog posts, articles, events, and team members. Blog posts are composed of text, images, infographics, and videos.


Whenever you want to add CMS to your website, you just need to go into Webflow designer and need to make a template for each of your collections. You can design a single blog post template that applies to all the items in your blog collection. It also allows you to add and edit posts in the webflow editor without changing the layout

3. Website Hosting

Together with the code export functionality, Webflow also offers its customers a website hosting facility. Hosting with Webflow is a breeze and you must consider its web hosting for several reasons.

One of the best reasons to go for webflow website hosting is its offering of Amazon web services with its hosting and support. According to Webflow, their hosting is “lightning-fast” and “ultra-reliable” which results in lightning-fast page loading with no worries of server maintenance or PHP updation.

Webflow website hosting is not very expensive for most small business websites. But sometimes it might confuse you. To get the webflow website hosting you need to purchase a site plan that is separate from your account plan. And that site plan costs you around $12-36 USD per month.

4. Webflow Website Editor

Webflow website editor is one of the flexible tools that can help in adding content to your website just like filling a form. And whenever you are ready to publish your content or want to make changes in your content you can do so with just one click with the webflow website editor. Even it offers you a live preview of your content so that you will not be surprised with the changes you need to make after publishing.


Webflow always take care of its CMS as it separates the content function from its built-in support features

Since Webflow separates content from its built-in support features, you can easily edit content without having to worry about breaking any part of your site.

You can also collaborate with your colleagues on what you have created and you will get the details if anybody makes changes in that piece of content.

5. Webflow Templates

Webflow offers 30+ free templates together with three wireframes. If you want to build your E-Commerce website, blogging website, or a basic portfolio website for your personal use you can choose the best fit as per your requirements. Even every template comes with the proper information so that you can choose as per your website.

With webflow templates, you need not create a mobile responsive website because all templates come with a flexible and responsive design so it makes your website mobile responsive already.


You will get three wireframe options with webflow templates i.e. Startup, Portfolio, and Business. Wireframe boosts up the customization options and offers a simple and flexible framework for your website. If you are a person of designs then you will be delighted to use webflow templates that too come with a tag of “zero coding knowledge required”.

Webflow Ecommerce Features

Webflow not only offers website building options but is also packed with Ecommerce business-enhancement functionalities. It offers Payment management, tax calculations, Inventory management, Order management, shipping rate calculations, and offers coupons to its users.

Let’s have a look at its Ecommerce features.

Inventory Management

Webflow helps Ecommerce owners to add digital products and services to their e-commerce store, and also allows them to track their inventory. The inventory management system offered by webflow is much more simple and flexible as compared to other inventory management solutions out there in the market.

You just need to select the product type, enter its name, price, and SKU number to add the product to your eCommerce store.


You can also do the following things to your product:

  • Write a description
  • Include weight and dimensions
  • Categorize your products
  • Edit product URL slug
  • Add product variations

Order Management

With Webflow’s order management function, you can view your completed, incompleted, refunded, and conflicting orders. But webflow’s order management feature is not up to the pat when compared to its competitors.

In Order Management, webflow displays the order number, customer name, purchase date, price, and fulfillment status. Besides, webflow provides a search bar with the help of which you can search for specific topics. But keep in mind it doesn’t provide a filter to search for specific groups of orders.

Tax Calculations

Webflow allows you to calculate taxes automatically. And webflow provides this functionality for different countries, but not for the specific areas in those countries. Those countries include the US, Canada, EU, and Australia. If you want to input taxes manually you must calculate them separately and add them to your product price.


You can create specific coupons for your specific products with the help of Webflow. And then you can promote your products with discount coupon offers to increase your product’s sales.

Webflow allows you to choose whether to redeem your coupon percentage, fixed dollar amount, or free shipping. Together with this, you can:

  • Name your coupon
  • Limit your coupons to apply to specific products only
  • Limit the number of times a coupon can be used
  • Select an expiration date of coupon or offer
  • A total minimum order is required to use the coupon

Shipping Rates

Shipping rates are the most confusing part of the Ecommerce business. Here webflow helps the e-commerce business owners to calculate a flat rate, price-based rates, percentage-based, weight-based, and quantity-based rates. But unfortunately, you will not get the option of the automatic shipping rate calculation. So you have to calculate shipping rates manually which takes time and effort.

Webflow Pricing

When it comes to the pricing, you can use the webflow for free as long as you want, but keep in mind that your account will remain in trial mode. In the subdomain, you get the full design control and ability to publish your website very easily, but you are limited to working on two projects only.

And when you opt for the paid membership, you have the option to choose between different plans. Either you can choose a monthly plan or you can pay in advance for one year of service. In the advance payment option, you will receive a discount which is less than a monthly payment if you choose a monthly plan.

Webflow Plans for individuals

If you need a plan for personal use, or you just have one website, in that case, you can opt for these plans. In these individual plans, you only need to pay for hosting.

Three different plans come under an individual plan, they are different from each other based on the number of form submissions you receive and based on visitors allowed per month. However, keep in mind that most basic, entry-level plans do not have CMS or editor features.

Webflow Plans for Designers and Freelancers

If you are a freelancer or a web designer who creates a lot of websites, this plan is for you.


The basic package that comes with this plan allows you to create a website using webflow tools. And if you go with the expensive package you will get the facility of exporting codes that can be used in other environments or programs.

In both packages, you will get all the features of Webflow and support for unlimited projects.

Here is the pricing of all plans:


  • Basic: $15 per month
  • CMS: $20 per month
  • Business: $45 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact Webflow


  • Standard: $42 per month
  • Plus: $84 per month
  • Advanced: $235 per month

Webflow Account

  • Starter: Free
  • Lite: $24 per month
  • Pro: $42 per month
  • Team: $42 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact Webflow

Webflow Customer Support

Customer Support Channels  

Chatbot,, 1 415-964-0555

Customer Support Availability        

Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM

Other Support Resources      

Forum, FAQs, Video tutorials



So, here it is..!!

Overall Webflow is an advanced website building platform that comes with simplicity, flexibility, and lets you have maximum control over your website design. You will get tons of templates, themes, and designs with webflow that can make your website attractive and enchanting. The one thing that I must say, webflow is not a highly user-friendly platform. So before you opt for webflow I suggest you watch their videos and tutorial first so that you might find it easier to handle. 

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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