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Buzzfeed Business Model: How Much Money Does Buzzfeed Make?

Do you know about Buzzfeed? Are you curious to know how does Buzzfeed makes money? Do you want to know the business model of BuzzFeed? Then, in this blog, we are going to discuss the same. So, let’s start with the short info about Buzzfeed?

How Much Money Does Buzzfeed Make

What Is Buzzfeed?

Buzzfeed is an American company that publishes shareable content on its platform to make the post viral. This publishing company covers many topics like politics, cooking, fashion, and much more. It shares written video and audio content.

The business model of Buzzfeed covers a variety of earning aspects such as affiliate marketing, advertising, podcasts ads, and many other sources from where it generates revenue. In this blog, we will share each piece of information in detail.

How Does Buzzfeed Make Money?

Buzzfeed follows a variety of business model to make money and run its platform in this section we will discuss how doe Buzzfeed make money with its platform in detail. So, let’s start.

  • Display advertising

Display advertising is the main source to generate income for Buzzfeed. You may have seen the banner ads while using or searching for something on the internet. It offers the various option of display ads such as CPC, CPS, and a fixed price for the advertisement.

  • Video Ads

Video Ads are also one of the major parts of its revenue as it has over 20M subscribers on YouTube and 12M followers on Instagram. Besides this, it also has accounts on many other social channels where it holds a huge fan following. Buzzfeed also produces the video content for its subscriber where it monetizes its video content through pre-roll up or mid-roll up ads. In short, Buzzfeed also earns money with the video content where it gets paid for the ads that appear on its video content.  Buzzfeed also announced to launch its video content on Netflix.

  • Affiliate marketing

This a great business model where the person gets paid for each sold item with their referred link. In simple language, BuzzFeed also generates revenue by promoting other products on its content.  Buzzfeed uses Amazon, Shopify, and many other affiliate partners to promote their listed products and earn commission on each sale.

  • The subscription revenue

Buzzfeed also offers a subscription plan that supports $5 per month and a $100 yearly package. For Buzzfeed over 250 reporters are working together and cover almost everything that happens in a day. Whether it is related to politics, business, or sports. If the person has subscribed to the plan then they will be able to get the latest updates with the biggest stories in their emails.

  • Native Ads

This is a form, of advertising that appears when the user scrolls the content it works as the natural extension of the existing feed.  In Buzzfeed also the author describes the product with complete details and provides a positive point of the product.  You may see the native ads of BuzzFeed partnered companies such as Volkswagen, KFC, and many other companies.

  • Virtual and real products

You should know that BuzzFeed also offers its own products. It has physical as well as virtual products that you can buy from it. To produce its product is has partnered with other companies like Walmart, Wilton, and many other companies that fall in the same industry.

  • Podcast Ads

You can see the podcast ads on Buzzfeed this another way that helps Buzzfeed to make money.  It has great collaboration with iHeartmedia. On the podcast, the company charges their fixed fee and also monetizes it by other running ads.

How Much Is Buzzfeed Worth?

After reading all the revenue sources of Buzzfeed you may think of its valuation or worth. Here we have identified some details on it which we will share up with you in this section.

As per Crunchbase, the average worth that Buzzfeed has raised is $496 million in its 8 ventures and it was valued at $1.5 billion in 2016. but in the fiscal year, the revenue of the company became $320 million but in 2020 it was expected that it will get profitable again.


So, we hope you have now sound information about Buzzfeed’s net worth and its revenue sources. 

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