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Invest $100 Make $1000 A Day | 15 Best Investments In 2022

What can a $100 bill do for you? This is a common question that everyone has in their mind while the $100 bill is still laying in your hand, idle. Knowing what to do with your $100 bill is far more important than having $100 in your hand.

$100 might shrink to $10 or enlarge to $1000. It all depends on what you know about the use of money. In this article, we will explore the ways to make your $100 to $1000 in a day.

Earlier, when I didn’t know how to make it possible, I was always stressed about not having enough money in my pocket. But, the financial picture has changed completely. Now, I know how it works for me and how it may work for you as well. Also Read 30 Best Online Business Ideas in 2022 with Low Investment.

So, be ready to explore the ways of making your money 10x.

15 Perfect Strategies Invest $100 Make $1000 A Day in 2022

Although investment is not as difficult as you think, it’s not a cakewalk that everyone can walkthrough. Incomplete information and bad strategy can put you in a financial crisis too.


If you know where to invest $100, the rest of the journey is easy. Again, knowledge is more important than money.

#1. Keep in Savings Account

You might be shocked with a savings account to invest in, but this is the safest option to multiply your hard-earned money.

You can invest your $100 in the CIT banks. Although I know it’s not a high-interest paying option, they are still better to multiply your money.

You can start with $100 as capital, put the money in your savings, and once it becomes $1000, you will have more opportunities open for better investments for you.

By putting your money into the bank, you will take a step in the world of wealth creation. Remember, no money is smaller if you decide to invest.


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#2. Robo Investment Advisors

Investing $100 and paying high-brokerage to your broker is not a good financial decision. That’s why we have Robo Investment for you as a good suggestion for investing your money.

Robo Investment is a kind of automated portfolio management. This investment strategy has little or no human involvement in the entire investment process.

It is just software that runs on algorithms. To begin with, it asks certain questions which will reveal your risk-taking capacity and goal of an investment. Once it knows your better, it invests money according to your financial goal keeping your risk category in mind.

Many investors choose Robo Advisors to keep their funds safe and growing.


#3. Invest Through Stash

Investing through Stash is one of the easiest ways to invest your money. You can start here with as low as $5. You can join through their app, giving you a $5 joining bonus. However, it will charge you $1 monthly maintenance of the account and a 0.25% if you keep less than $5000 in a month.

So, if you are planning to invest through Stash and are serious about exploring more about it, you must go and find its reviews and then invest.

Surely, it is a good app through which you can start investing with just $5.

#4. Lending Club

A friend in need is a friend indeed. In the real sense lending club is a group of people where you lend your money to someone else who needs it.

You must have heard about people lending money to the borrowers. However, the lending club is the world’s largest group in which lending and borrowing take place authentically.


By investing just $25 in the lending club for lending purposes, you can make a good profit. That’s most the people prefer lending club for making quick money.

You must remember that you need to invest at least $1000 to start with the club.

#5. Yourself

What is your biggest investment? Is it the stock market? Bitcoin? Real Estate? No, no one multiplies your money as good as yourself. It is proven that money invested in yourself gives out the best returns in the world.

Whatever you learn always gives a better ROI than any other investment. You can visit Udemy or Upgrade and find a suitable course for you. You can improve yourself in certain areas.

Nothing can increase your return as multiple times as you can. Sometimes you need a solution to the issue you have. Just fill that part and win in life.


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#6. 401 (K) Plan

It is considered one of the greatest ways to invest your $100. The money is directly deducted from your salary and deposited into the 401 (K) plan.

It is underestimated so many people don’t invest in this. Check if you are eligible for the 401 (K), you must go for it.

Remember before investing where you are going. Don’t consider the terminology of a mutual fund like target date, etc.

#7. Book

It is a part of self-development. The focus is on you. Reading a book doesn’t just improve our knowledge but also full confidence in you. A person influenced by books can do wonders. They bring out better results compared to those who don’t read.


There is no comparison with the person who reads a lot. It automatically makes more money for you when you have more to give out.

We have heard that books are the best friends in life. When the knowledge from books is with us, we have a whole new attitude towards our life.

I recommend a book, You. Inc. This will tell you how to work as a company and make huge money.

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#8. Build Your Business

There is nothing better than starting your own business. The feel of being your boss is unmatchable. There are a lot of business options spread in the market and society.


Just survey your surroundings and find a problem that no one is talking about. Layout a plan for making it possible and present it.

There are ideas like selling products at Amazon, real estate, becoming a YouTuber or an Instagram influencer, etc. Doing something for yourself is far better than doing the same job for somebody else. The word ‘job’ is attached to it and changes the whole picture of your hard work.

#9. Find Paid Surveys

Getting paid for your opinions on various topics is unbeatable. This way of making money is in trend these days. Several websites pay for you to complete surveys.

It’s not just limited to doing surveys, but you are paid for sharing your thoughts and many more tasks that you can do.

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#10. Sales

It is rightly said that sales jobs can write your paycheck by working at your conditions. Sales are the easiest job in the world, yes, you heard it right. If you follow certain techniques, then sales are easy.

Salespersons usually don’t work for their salary, but they earn sales incentives. Sales will be a cakewalk for you once you know how to talk to a customer.

You can opt for being a salesperson.

#11. Stock Market

Although it has a negative face because many people lose money in it, those who want to make very quick money often lose money. But, if your trades are backed with proper technical analysis, then nobody will be at a loss.

This is guaranteed! There are a lot of courses that you can take and train yourself in the stock market. There are two ways to make money. One is long-term, and another is short-term.


When a stock moves up and down and reaches a higher price, and if you have that stock for 2-5 years, it is a long-term investment, although the term is relative. However, it is a short-term investment if you have a stock for 1-3 months.

Many people have become billionaires through investing in the stock market only.

#12. Invest in ETF

Although investing in the stock market is lucrative, there is risk involved in it. If you don’t want to take the risk, you can still reap its benefits by investing in ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), which balances your risk.

It gives you a better ROI (Return on Investment) than your bank deposit. You need to pick the right ETF and keep investing money monthly so that you can build your wealth by the time you need it.

#13. Clear Your Debt

Paying your debt is as important as building a world of wealth. Without clearing debt, there is no financial freedom for you.


Paying interest on debt is wasting money, and that keeps you under its clutches. So, before you start building your wealth, pay off your debt first.

#14. Blogging

Blogging is a hot career for you if you like writing. Yes, it’s a business, and people make millions every month. You need to select your niche (topic) and start your blogging career.

To better reach, buy a good domain and write SEO-Friendly articles that rank on search engines. You can find out more about the blogging business and make your mind whether to enter the field or not.

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15. Become a Social Media Manager

All you need is just internet access and a PC or a smartphone, and you are all set to be a social media manager. You can handle the social media pages of many businesses by updating their daily updates and engaging their customers. These businesses pay you a good amount for your job.


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Starting a business with just $100 is not as difficult as you think. It is correctly said that a big business doesn’t require huge money but a good idea and your persistence to survive.

We have tried to list out 15 different ways to invest your money to generate better. If you have any questions, you can write to us. We hope you choose any one of the given ideas and succeed in your life journey.

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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