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Best Places for Sell Hair for Cash Locally and Online

Do you ever think of where your hair goes to finally from a hair salon after a haircut? They are also one of the partners for sell hair near me. Apart from a beauty parlor, there are temples, and hospitals dispose of their waste hair frequently. Yet, human head hair has intrinsic value as it grows naturally. It will help to cash out with your hair by finding the right marketplace for hair buyers. Here, we have given the places to buy and sell hair, online market, and hair-related businesses. You

Top 20 Places where Sell Hair

  1. HairSellon
  5. Buy and Sell Hair
  6. Gumtree
  7. Facebook Marketplace
  9. Craigslist
  10. eBay
  11. Instagram
  12. OfferUp
  13. Carousell
  14. LetGo
  15. 5Miles
  16. Local Hair saloon
  17. Wig Makers
  18. Locanto
  19. Oodle
  20. World of Wigs

Can you sell your hair legally? Will be a question when you wish to cash out with your own hair?. Yes, the above said online and retail hair marketplace converts your hair into wigs, hair extensions, hair treatment testing purposes, and training in hair styling on the dummies.

Sell your Heads Hair Locally

1. Hair Salon

Sell hair for cash locally with a nearby hair salon. It will help if you inquire about the price first before showing the hair bundle or a pack. A hair salon might pay you from $ 5 to $ 150 as per hair quality and quantity. If you do self-haircut from your home, they are the right place to sell your own hair.

2. Beauty Parlor

Where I can sell my hair locally will be a question for any woman who does self-hair grooming and hair cutting. They can approach a nearby beauty salon and inquire if they buy human hair. They will say yes as they do sell their customer’s fallen hair while cutting to hair wholesalers. They might pay you from $ 100 to $ 300.

3. Local Hair Vendors

Sell hair for cash locally with any hair buyer servicing locally. They might frequently visit your area and buys hair from regular hair disposers with them. It will help you if you can inquire with your neighbors, who are homemakers. They usually earn easy money by self-cutting their excess grown hair and sell them to a local human hair buyer.

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Hair-related Business

How to sell your hair is as simple as find with hair-related business people. Human hair is not a waste, or disposable thing when they are shed or cut off from the human head. After cutting them, the hair salon, beauty parlors, and Spas mint easy money out of their customer’s hair.

4. Wig Makers

Sell hair for wigs is the best option when you seek a higher price. Yet, your cut hair must meet their standards to receive a higher price at your end. It will help you to approach a nearby wig shop and inquire. Yet, a wig maker will definitely buy your hair for a good price.

Online Marketplace and Apps

Online is one of the places that buy hair at competitive prices. Here, you have the option to compare the human hair price and bid with the highest payer or buyer. They might be a wig manufacturer, individual, hair cutting professional, and hair cosmetics manufacturers.  

You can sell hair online 24/7 from anywhere and anytime. It is the benefit of online marketplace and apps. It will help you check the hair price calculator in your region and with other countries. It will help sell my hair today by checking online buyers for human hair.

 5. Dummies

Hair dummies are essential for hair groomer trainees, beauticians, and hair care cosmetic procedures. They buy human hair wave them on desired dummies, and train them to cut hair, groom hair, and a test them with herbal and chemical-based cosmetics. Thus, can I sell my hair question is answered here?


Tips for Extra Cash by Selling your Head Hair

6. Buy Hair Cutting Kit

The moment you know how to sell hair and make extra cash, buying a haircutting kit for home is advisable. There are haircutting kits for kids, men, and women separately. They cost you less when you can order online. Thus, you save money on haircutting, and your cut hair gives value in terms of money by selling them.

7. Head Tonsure

Many of us tonsure our heads as per religious belief, as a custom, and in the summer season. If you do this for your entire family thrice a year, you can make extra cash by collecting them and post ads for human hair for sale in online and local classifieds.

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Sell Hair for Cash FAQ’s

How much money can you make selling hair?

You can earn from a minimum of $ 5 to $ 5000 by selling hair. The price depends on hair weight, length, color, hair type, quality, and thickness. The higher the hair bundles, the higher are the pay you will get.

Can Anyone Sell Their Hair?

It will help you to check for the legality of selling hair in your country. It is considered human waste in some regions, not an item to sell as per customs or religious beliefs and export to other countries that buy human hair.

How Do I Start Selling My Hair?

Check locally with a nearby hair salon, local classified, wig weavers, and online classifieds. It will help if you post your hair for sale advertisement on these offline and online.  

How to Sell Hair Bundles?

Check with the marketplace for hair buyers online and offline. Bid your hair bundle rate and close the deal with the highest payer.

Where can I sell my hair locally?

A nearby beauty parlor, hair salon, and wig makers will buy your hair. They might pay you as per hair weight, length, and bundles.

How much can I sell my hair for?

If you seek $ 150 for 1 bundle of hair, you can check the hair marketplace online and offline and quote with the highest price buyer.


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