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How Does the Robinhood App Make Money? the Robinhood Business Model

Robinhood is free software that allows you to trade in securities, ETFs, futures, and cryptocurrencies. Robinhood makes money by providing the following services: Customers’ cash and securities gain interest, and market makers and trading venues pay rebates to Robinhood Gold, a margin trading program that begins at $6 per month.

Wondering How Does the Robinhood App Make Money? This article will help you get some basic knowledge about the Robinhood App and its Business model. 

How Does Robinhood Make Money?

Robinhood’s business model is based on “cash for order flow,” which means they don’t charge customers to position trades or make any sort of commission. Payments for order flow are payments that Robinhood charges for conducting orders by market-makers, who are high-frequency trading companies that keep a large inventory of securities and function as a kind of middle man between investment applications and the real market. These companies pay public-facing broker sites for the ability to sell.

Robinhood also offers a $5 per month subscription package called Robinhood Gold, which allows customers access to a $1,000 trading margin. However, the firm hasn’t said if the fee is refundable.

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Robinhood Business Model through which it earns money

How does the investing software make money with its commission-free model and free account setup? 


Robinhood costs $35 to $50 per exchange for services like live broker dealing over the internet and certain international market trades. The app makes money by charging interest on unused cash held by investors. Robinhood is said to benefit from transactions in a variety of areas, including through the sale of orders. According to the Wall Street Journal, Robinhood earns up to $5.20 per share exchanged for forwarding a $20,000 order to Citadel Securities LLC. In comparison, Schwab would charge 9 cents for the order, and TD Ameritrade would charge 16 cents.

Marginal Interest and Margin Lending

Robinhood Gold is a program that allows you to trade on margin. A $2,000 minimum portfolio valuation is needed. You’ll be charged a 5% margin fee if you pay $200 per month for the Gold tier. Customers who borrow more than $50,000 would pay a 5% annual percentage fee (APR). Users would have to pay $75 to move their Robinhood accounts to another broker.


Although the payoff is said to be small, Robinhood does profit from rebates. In a statement released in 2018, co-founder and co-CEO Vlad Tenev said, “Per dollar traded, Robinhood receives $0.00026 in rebates. That means that if you spend $100 on a stock, Robinhood will receive 2.6 cents from the market maker.” “[Robinhood] report[s] our rebate structure on a per-dollar basis and this effectively represents the relationship we share with market makers,” according to the company’s website, which is an unprecedented recent development for comparable activities.

Some speculate that the company’s dependence on rebates could be to its detriment in the future, given the company’s boundary-pushing sales sources.


Premium accounts

The company’s premium account, Robinhood Gold, encourages investors to sell for up to $1,000 in the margin, enabling them to trade for more than their cash balance on the app. Margin lending is used to do this.

Order Flow and High-Frequency Trading

The app has been chastised for its reliance on high-frequency trading sales and reimbursement for order movement. According to Bloomberg, high-speed trading accounts for almost half of Robinhood’s sales (more than 40%). Rather than handling orders on a stock market, firms like Robinhood will profit by managing (or directing) transactions by third parties. Citadel Securities, Two Sigma, Wolverine, and Virtu are among the market makers used by Robinhood.

Making Money with Robinhood

Are you interested in trading using this Robinhood app? It is not so easy to Make Money on Robinhood. Not everyone are can gain profit here. You need to know some trading strategies before stepping into this app. Here are few golden tips from which you can earn money.

  1. Stick to your trading strategy. Never let your feelings get in the way of your trading strategy.
  2. Be patient with the market. The financial exchange, according to Warren Buffet, is a system for moving money from the impatient to the patient.
  3. Concentrate on the amount of money you might lose in a deal. In investing, it’s best to plan for the worst but aim for the best. We never invest funds that we cannot afford to risk.
  4. You will risk money in some trades. To avoid big losses wiping out our winning trades, we aim to cut our losing trades as soon as possible.
  5. It’s also crucial to keep your winning trades going in the direction of your benefit target. It would be much more difficult to make profits if you market them for a little profit.

Do not forget to learn some trading strategies as they are the very important ones to start your earnings.

Trading Options available in Robinhood

There are no base costs, workout or assignment fees, or per-contract commissions, according to the firm. You don’t even need a paid membership to exchange options; the Instant account trading platforms options without paying a commission. However, before you can purchase or sell the first put or call option, you must have trading experience, much like every other marketplace that offers options trading.

Cryptocurrency on Robinhood

Notably, Robinhood recently began selling cryptocurrency as a trading alternative, which has reportedly increased to users. Presently, the app allows users to trade specific cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. Robinhood cryptocurrency is already distributed in 37 nations, and more on the way, according to reports.


Is it really safe to use Robinhood?

While a talk comes up with the trading apps, the very first query would be- Is it safe?

Yes, Robinhood is truly risk-free. Since Robinhood is a component of the SIPC, the assets are covered up to $500,000 for shares and $250,000 for cash claims. Furthermore, since Robinhood is a stock brokerage, the Securities and Exchange Commission regulates stock brokerages (SEC).

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If you open and finance your Robinhood account by the end of the month, you will get a FREE share. Furthermore, if you refer your friends, Robinhood will give you another $500 in free stock.


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