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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa in 2023

Globalization and technological advancements are inevitable and bound to happen. Technology has gifted us AI, VR, and many other advancements. If you keep stuck in your old-school skills, you will be out of demand very soon.

It would help if you were upgraded with the jobs in demand and be ready to contest when they are out for you. Keeping the same in mind, we will talk about the top 10 highest-paying jobs in South Africa in 2023. also Read 20 Best Highest Paying Jobs in California in 2023.

Although more technology is cutting jobs down, certain career options will never be replaced by technology due to certain limitations. Our career listing is based on this fact.

As South Africa develops, good education and training can be a game-changer. Although there is huge unemployment in some parts of South Africa, the government ensures that only South Africans prioritize all the jobs being rolled out within South Africa. However, there are some skills that you can penetrate due to high demand and not being fulfilled by South Africans.

How to Get a Job or Career in South Africa?

There is a law in South Africa that all new job postings should be available publicly and be filled by local South Africans first, and if the job is not fulfilled by a local, it will be available to a migrant. So, how would you start?


You can start searching some job portals like, MyJobMag, or That would be a better idea to begin your job search. Apart from that, you can also read some classified ads in South African newspapers like Times Live or Mail Guardian Online.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa

1)  IT Managers

In our list of highest-paying jobs, the career of IT Manager hit the first space. As South Africa is growing, technology has become bigger in it. With the expenditure of IT-related advancements, IT Managers are in huge demand.

The world of an IT Manager is to build a cost-effective IT efficient system and provide IT-based solutions. Day by day, the demand for IT-based solutions is increasing and the demand of IT Managers too. More the development, the more demand for this career option.

Although the job is not as easy as it looks, it attracts good financial gains with more than R 600,000 per annum. This is not just this amount; it will grow with its growth, which is bound to happen.


2)  Pilot

The aviation sector is flying-high in South Africa. When a country grows, the aviation sector is bound to grow naturally. This sector is paying well.

This is not a skill that is open to all. There is specific training required to get into a pilot’s job along with certain hours of flying experience before getting into the professional pilot job.

Ace pilots get approximately R 700,000 per annum for this job.

3)  Chartered Accountant

It is one of the prominent jobs in South Africa. It needs rigorous training after a 4-years degree from one of South Africa’s colleges and three years of practice to become a fully trained CA.

Although it is difficult to get into the job of a Chartered Accountant in South Africa, this career is highly rewarding. A Chartered Accountant gets approximately $434,000 per annum, which comes out to be more than R 36,000 monthly.


4)  Actuary

An actuary is a business analyst who studies the financial impact of uncertainty and risk.

Every business has risk involved; however, if the risk is controlled and calculated, it is better for businesses. Hence, an actuary has become an important part of today’s businesses. An actuary is high in demand not just in South Africa but also worldwide.

To become an actuary professional, you have to have a degree in Mathematics. Actuaries study possible disasters that may impact businesses. You must have a strong background in asset management, liability management, business, and analytical skills, along with an expert in human behavior study.

If you are an experienced actuary, you can easily make about R 6 Lac per annum.

5)  Doctors

Doctors are considered prominent everywhere, no matter where you practice. As healthcare infrastructure improves, the healthcare sector improves, taking specialist doctors along.


To be a doctor, you need to have an advanced degree in medical science and good practice. The salary entirely depends on the field in which you are specialized. Although all the doctors are paid well, Neurosurgeons and Neuro physicians are paid well.

What a doctor makes is between R 500,000 to R 600,000 per annum.

6)  Software Architects

As the digital era expands, companies build more infrastructure to support digital ecosystems. Hence, there is a need for professionals in this field. Almost every new start-up needs a software professional even before launching its brand.

Maybe that’s why software engineers are paid the highest in South Africa. Various tasks are performed by a software engineer, like designing, developing, and maintaining the software.

Although this job came from the new era of the computer field, it is appreciated worldwide.


To become a software engineer, you must have a degree in computer application. If you have experience, then it is an added advantage. A professional software engineer earns more than 1 million rands.

7)  Petroleum Engineers

As the country grows, more domains grow side-by-side and will increase even in the coming future.

The engineers in the petroleum field are ace in innovation and exploration skills. Well, it needs intensive training and intelligence. The degree of petroleum engineering can be taken from any university, but it needs strictly disciplined years of learning. Since you are going to deal with the most expensive natural resources of a country, before you touch them, you need to feed your brain at the expert level.

It pays well in South Africa. A petroleum engineer earns approximately R 5.70 Lac per annum.

8)  Management Consultant

“Data is the new oil.” You must have heard it. Data is as precious as oil these days as businesses run on data. This is the raw material for a lot of businesses these days.


Management Consultants analyze data and recommend a plan of action to their clients to bring results.

Analysis of data and trends brings recommendations, and companies can make decisions based on consumer behavior. This is done so that market trends can be understood.

Salary entirely depends on your expert level and experience.

9)  Lawyers

The growth of businesses will attract legal issues all around. For this, doors are always open for legal experts to deal with legal aspects. Legal experts who can defend the companies in court are in high demand in South Africa.

Salaries begin from R 6.3 Lacs to R 6.5 Lacs per annum, completely based on your expert and experience level. The more you are experienced, the more you get.


10) Air Traffic Controllers

In our list of top 10 highest paying jobs in South Africa 2022, Air Traffic Controller’s job is the last but not the least. With the growth of the aviation sector, it is natural that the demand for air traffic controllers will also rise.

Although it is one of the most stressful jobs on our list, it pays awesome as per your skills. The hard work and knowledge you put into this career are worthwhile. An air traffic controller has to be vigilant through the hours of work.

An air traffic controller gets approximately R 583,000 per annum.

Final Verdict

These are the top 10 highest-paying jobs in South Africa. Even after providing jobs to the local South Africans first, these jobs are still available to many due to no competition. So, keep getting trained and upgrade yourself.

Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa

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