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15 Ways to Get Free Crypto Currency for Signing Up

Cryptocurrency is a virtual reality today. Although it’s digital, its values make no difference in buying stuff worldwide, as we have heard many success stories of those who purchased cryptocurrencies and turned out to be millionaires.

Cryptocurrency has done wonders throughout the world through its volatility. Inspired by these stories, you want to get into this and earn some money for yourself.

With its volatility, it has become a prime attraction for investors worldwide. People forgot about their conventional investment methods and finally invested in cryptocurrency.

If you want to understand the power of cryptocurrency, then let’s see the price history of Bitcoin (BTC). BTC was valued at $0.0008 at its inception in 2010. The price started rising and reached $64,863 in April 2021 and hit its all-time high of $68,950 in November 2021. That’s the power of cryptocurrency investment.

Are you dreaming of some cryptocurrencies in your wallet? You can still get some cryptocurrencies even though their prices are touching sky-high.


Cryptocurrency investment has proven to be the best investment for people of all walks. Although we have seen a significant crash in the crypto market, it will recover. It’s nothing new; those familiar with the stock market are habitual of this kind of price crash. It’s an opportunity to increase your investment.

In this article, we are presenting 23 ways to get free crypto in your wallet.

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Cryptocurrency Working Mechanism

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency system which means that there is no central regulatory body that regulates cryptocurrency as other physical currencies have. Reserve Bank of India governs the Indian rupee, and the Federal Reserve System controls the USD.

Rather than a govt ledger, there is a public ledger called blockchain, which is an authentic way to mine crypto and earn it. It means that those who mine a cryptocurrency make it for this job.


15 Ways to Get Free Crypto Currency for Signing Up

1. Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is considered the best way to earn crypto for free, and it is legitimate. For this, you must be tech-savvy and well-versed in understanding how crypto mining works.

Although this way is a little bit tricky, you can do it. Whenever a crypto transaction takes place, miners record that into the system by solving complex mathematical equations on a computer—this way; they earn crypto.

2. DeFi Yield Farming

The features of mining and DeFi yield farming are pretty similar. Although these are decentralized finance projects, they need someone to work. It’s also known as liquidity mining, where funds are locked, and liquidity is granted to a particular DeFi token.

Those who do this job are rewarded with a digital token.

3. Cashbacks

Many online sellers promote cryptocurrencies, and for that, they give bitcoins of fractions of the value of your purchase to their store as cashback. That amount of BTC can go up to 30% of the total purchase value at some stores.


4. Airdrop

You can earn crypto through Airdrop as well, and it’s safe. When you have your account in crypto trading platforms, these providers airdrop some crypto into your account, and they are credited directly to your wallet.

Why would somebody do that?

Those who promote new crypto airdrop those coins to your account, but for that, you must have some cash in your account previously, which means you must not be an inactive account holder.

5. Job Gets You Crypto

As the cryptocurrency market is increasing worldwide, it needs more workforce to market its product and get more revenue. These companies offer a lucrative package and, what you are looking for, cryptocurrency. That’s how you can earn crypto for free.

6. Dividends

As you get dividends in the stock market for holding a stock for some time, you get to earn dividends in cryptocurrency for the same reason. Dividends are always considered the safest way to make money on your investment.

However, in cryptocurrencies, you earn dividends in the form of crypto only. So, this is another way to earn crypto.


7. Credit Cards

You must have earned cash backs on your credit card purchase, but here you earn crypto as a reward for your purchase. There are credit cards that reward your investment with cryptos. You can go with Gemini or some other exchanges for this fantastic reward.

8. Bitcoin Faucets

Imagine that you are playing games on a website, doing quick tasks, watching ads, and in return, earning crypto as a reward. Surprised? It’s true. Some websites pay you crypto when you do these tasks.

9. BTC Games

Having fun with friends in games gets you crypto in your wallet. It’s not a dream. There are many games where you can play and earn crypto when you win. You can easily win the stages of these games and earn what you want.

Rollercoin is such a game that gives out crypto when passing a level of that game, and it’s not that too hard. When you pass a group of that game, you get a hash rate (a power in-game) by which you do crypto mining.

10. Refer and Earn

Many crypto trading platforms pay you for referring your friends to them. These are either sign-up bonuses or referral bonuses. Like, you could earn $5 at coinbase by referring to your friends. Sometimes, you and your friend both make $5 each.


But, remember to read their terms and condition before referring to them because at some platforms, they have a situation where the person whom you had referred has to make a transaction of a minimum of $100, then you will get the reward.

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11. Free Stocks to Crypto

Some stock trading platforms give out free stocks as a sign-up bonus, but how is it related to crypto?

You can exchange your free stocks with crypto. Can I do that? Yes, some platforms allow you to trade your free stocks with crypto. I have given a list of those platforms.

  • SoFi
  • Webull
  • robinhood

12. Enjoy Free Pi

I think getting Pi is the easiest of all the ways of getting free crypto. All it takes is a click to get your Pi daily.

Pi is a new cryptocurrency. Ph.D. holders of Stanford University develop it. Every day you have to tap your mobile screen and get your day’s coins in your wallet. No investment is needed in this process.


You get a sign-up bonus, too, for creating a new account.

13. Car and Dimo Coin

What can be easier than getting crypto just for driving your car? It’s fantastic. Nothing can be better than this.

There is crypto named Dimo, where you have to register yourself, and when you are done, you drive your car and get that cryptocurrency.

14. Presearch Your Crypto

Research is a search engine that is powered by blockchain where you can search whatever you want and get your Presearch tokens (PRE).

The current value of PRE is just $0.20, which is not so impressive, but we generally search for something daily for various purposes. Getting PRE crypto for free is an added advantage to your search because it gets your money in your pocket.


15. Read Articles on Publish OX

It is a platform where they publish articles related to cryptocurrency. The purpose of this website is to spread awareness. But, what is good for us is that we get paid for reading articles on this website.

People get approximately $0.02-$0.05 for reading an article.

Final Verdict

This article is to educate you on getting free currency. However, above that, we have a goal in mind that your education about cryptocurrency must be vital to get to know a cryptocurrency and how it works.

If you read the introduction part of this article, you find out that Bitcoin (BTC) began with a mere $0.0008 in 2010 and became so huge that everyone is running after that.

You must understand that cryptos are the future of currency systems around the world, and those who want to get rid of exchange rate issues will switch to cryptos.


Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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