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Why Italian Investor Visa Is Ideal Choice For Affluent Graduates

Fresh graduates have career aspirations or entrepreneurial goals as they step out of college. Some are even more enterprises as they plan to move overseas to explore bigger and better opportunities. Italy makes an excellent destination because it offers opportunities galore. Even better, the investor visa sets you up for easy immigration. You only need significant investment to get in without long eligibility requirements and complex processes. Experts at Bersani Law Firm recommend this immigration route for affluent graduates looking to move to Italy for a great start. Let us explain why it makes an ideal choice for wealthy young people.

Different investment options

With the Italian investor visa, you have different investment options ranging from thousands to millions. You will probably want to start with a minimal amount as an aspiring professional, even if you are wealthy enough to invest in Italy. The good thing is that the minimum amount you can start with is €250,000, which you have to contribute to an innovative startup. So you need not worry about having to bring millions.

Low-risk alternative

While you have to bring a hefty sum as an investment, the investor visa is a low-risk alternative. The best part is that the funding does not have to come until you land in Italy and obtain your residence permit. You only have to provide a bank statement as proof of funds during the application process. Even when you get your residence visa, you have a three-month deadline to deposit the money.

Fast and easy application process

Fresh graduates looking for fast and hassle-free immigration can rely on the Italian investor visa. The two-step application process takes only a few months to complete, so you can realize your dream sooner than later. You need not even travel to Italy to close the formalities. The nulla osta application goes online, while you can apply for the investor visa at your local consulate.

Growth opportunities

The Italian investor visa brings immense growth opportunities for immigrants. It makes you eligible for a two-year residence permit right after landing in Italy. You can live and work here, and even bring your family without extra investment. The best part is that aspiring entrepreneurs can expand their business across the EU with the visa-free travel facility that comes with a residence permit. There couldn’t be a better way to launch your career overseas.


Long-term prospects

If you have Italian citizenship in mind, the investor visa gives you a good start. It opens you to the residence benefits immediately and makes you eligible for citizenship by naturalization eventually. You only have to fulfill the immigration formalities down the line until you qualify for naturalization after a decade in the country. An immigration expert can show the way with paperwork and legal processes. Additionally, you must keep the original investment intact during this period.

The Italian investor visa makes a great immigration alternative for graduates who can afford it. You must go for it sooner than later to give your career a great start and drive its growth down the line.

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