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Why is Perkbox crucial for employees?

Perkbox is a free platform that helps companies care for and connect with their employees. With Perkbox, companies can deliver benefits that suit their team members’ needs and budgets in areas like health, food & drink, and lifestyle. The platform also helps teams build relationships and keep in touch by providing recognition tools. 

From health and well-being to social activities, you can let your team choose their own perk, then get them together with a personalized recognition program featuring points, badges, and praise. You can also showcase your company culture and attract new talent with our digital employee experience platform.

Perkbox also helps you find, hire and keep the best people. Ensuring that companies with a complex workforce can still have a harmonized Employee-Employer rapport. It is an incentive for each employee to spur them towards more productivity while maintaining healthy competition and cordial relationships. The Perkbox app is very accessible to all employees to be used as easily and as frequently as possible.

The Workings of the Perkbox Platform

Perkbox is a delight to use. With its clear format, user-friendly design, and incredible perks, it helps us boost employee engagement and reduce attrition. Perks for all your people can motivate and engage them, making them less likely to leave – which is great news for your retention rates and saves you money. Providing perks through Perkbox makes it easy to give the right perks to all your people, 

At any level, whatever their interests and lifestyles. With an ever-growing selection of benefits that help employees save money on a huge range of products and services – plus the option to add your own company benefits outside our selection – you can provide something for everyone with Perkbox.


Perkbox integrates with your HR system and fires automated engagement, reward processes, and recognition. With Perkbox, your employees have access to discounts and cashback from over 30,000 national retail partners as well as unique in-house rewards. The recognition tool encourages employers to celebrate good work while incentivizing high performance through in-app posts and challenges. 

Also, it offers employees help with their health via our Medical products available through both the NHS public healthcare system and private insurers. Employees can access 24/7 online GP support, order prescriptions online, and book medical appointments within the system. Perkbox also facilitates wellness assistance with programs for online fitness, discounted gym memberships, and more. Finally, you can leverage the platform’s powerful analytics features to measure engagement levels and gain actionable insights that drive effective change.

How Is Perkbox is beneficial for employees?

Perkbox is a corporate benefit scheme that helps you reward your employees. With perks including free breakfast and lunch, access to private medical insurance, gift incentives, discounts on well-known brands, and cinema tickets, Perkbox ensures your employees feel valued.

  1. Membership of Perkbox is designed to increase employee satisfaction and retention. Offering discounts, benefits, and rewards, as well as tailored wellness services to keep employees healthy and happy, this service aims to improve morale in the workplace.
  1. The Perkbox Employee Rewards Hub takes employee engagement to a whole new level. The rewards platform enables you to instantly recognize team members for great work, customize award titles and “trophy” prizes, visualize active badges with private leaderboards, and more.
  1. Perkbox organizes challenges with rewards for top performers. Use challenges to endorse specific contributions and align with organizational goals. Create points-based programs that empower employees and motivate participation in company initiatives—like giving back to the community or Green Teams.
  1. With Perkbox’s insight module gives you the metrics and information to help you make strategic decisions, drive team productivity and build a happier organization.
  1. With the number of employees taking time off due to illness increasing year on year, employers must ensure that their employees are healthy and attending work. With Perkbox’s medical benefits, it is easier for your employees to stay healthy and gives them quick access to healthcare services like online doctor appointments.

Creating Perkbox account-Procedure, log in

You’re just a few clicks away from getting started. Book a demo with an expert and an online call will be set up for you in order to access your profile, your type of business, and its daily demands. Also, a demo will be tailored to show you how Perkbox can help. Once you are done and ready to move on, you can simply sign up and create a launch plan right there on the call. In order to verify that Perkbox is very beneficial and effective for your business needs, you will be given all marketing materials needed to promote Perkbox. 

How To Login To Perkbox Co Uk Portal

If you are interested in signing in to the Perkbox site, then you’re in luck, the instructions labeled below will guide you through the Perkbox Co Uk Portal login URL to enable you to sign in and access Perkbox Co Uk Portal. Simply follow these easy steps:

  • Visit Perkbox Co Uk Portal login website at
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on sign-in or login
  • You should be logged in successfully to Perkbox Co Uk Portal

Note: For you to log in successfully to Perkbox Co Uk Portal, you ought to have created an account on Perkbox Co Uk Portal and have received the login username as well as the password.

Friendly conclusion

There are many perks to being a Perkbox member. Access to the world’s best health, wellbeing, and lifestyle brands at discounted prices. Free coffee on your commute to work. Savings on your grocery bill at the weekend. 


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