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20 Sign-Up Bonuses to Earn Free Money

Are you looking for ways to earn cash from home, without putting in a lot of effort? It may seem impossible to find jobs or ways to earn money. However, the reality is that you could earn an impressive amount of cash without much effort by using the internet. There are numerous companies that offer a sign-up reward when you sign up for an account on their website or application. It will surprise you to find out that a large number of these businesses offer a signing-up bonus of at least $100. In this post, we’ll review sign-up bonuses that you can take advantage of today.

20 Sign-Up Offers to earn free money

Sign-up bonuses are among the most effective methods to earn money. All you have to do is join the company’s application or website and then create an account. They will then pay you an incentive to sign up. The companies offer welcome bonuses to draw more customers in and a cash incentive is exactly what they do. Customers can get money for free, while companies gain more users registered It’s an ideal win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win. Let’s begin by completing our list.

1. Fundrise

It is known as a real estate platform that gives you a $10 bonus after you make a $10 investment through them. It is among the very first apps to create a simple and cost-effective method for anyone interested in investing in the business to earn a decent return.

The greatest benefit is that it works on Android, iOS, and desktops too. Additionally, they allow users to invest as little as 10 dollars into the real estate sector; you are able to decide on your risk tolerance and whether you want cash flow or growth. Overall, it’s an excellent application that is simple to use and comes with you a welcome bonus of $10.

2. SoFi

It’s a banking application that allows customers to benefit from the benefits of both checking and savings accounts. We’ll talk about business. This is the bonus that it gives to new customers. If you simply make an account with them you will receive the amount of $10 and when you open a checking or savings bank account, you’ll get $300 within 2 weeks of being qualified that’s pretty.


In addition, they offer $100 to trade crypto, refinance student loans, or when signing up for an account line of credit. If you’re seeking to create a savings or check account, choose SoFi to receive $300 on your new account to be a welcomed gift.

3. Aspiration

To receive a welcome bonus when you sign up for the Aspiration Spend and save, customers will be able to get cashback rewards. They give you $150 as a welcome reward to anyone who opens an account with them. What you need to do is to invest a minimum amount of $1000 for food and utilities within 60 days of opening the account. In exchange, you’ll receive $150 in your account.

You can also receive $200 If you choose to get an Aspiration Plus. However, the great thing is that your spending is the same. There are, however, distinct differences between accounts, like the cashback rate, interest rate which is 5 percent, unlimited ATM withdrawals, and more.

4. TradeStation

The platform is compatible with cryptocurrencies, so, you can purchase bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrency coins through this platform. The platform offers new customers a $10 sign-up bonus when their account is accepted.

Another fantastic bonus they provide to their customers is that when you make a $5000 deposit into your TradeStation accounts, they receive an additional $200 from the company. This is a scheme that works for $10000 you receive $500, and for $100000, you receive $1000, and it goes on. Therefore, if you often make use of crypto trading, then choosing this option could be beneficial for you.


5. Fetch

It’s a mobile-based savings and gift card earning application that pays you when purchases you’d planned to purchase anyway. Therefore, all you have to do is to capture the receipts for the purchases you make to earn cash rewards. This app is user-friendly. Once you snap a photo of your receipt, it will scan it and determine whether it is in line with any offers.

If the product you bought doesn’t have any special offer, you’ll be rewarded with bonus points for scanning the receipt. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Thus, you do not require coupons or discount codes simply shop at the checkout, scan your receipt and save. You can earn an extra $2 when you scan your first receipt.

The points you earn differ between brands for certain items, but you could earn $5-$15 cashback. Additionally, there are a handful of products from which you can get 100 percent cashback. They also offer a referral program, where you can earn $4 if you sign-up for your buddies through their referral links.

6. Acorns

The app is awe-inspiring and pays customers $5 as a welcome bonus. It’s one of the most well-known micro-savings apps that allows you to automatically make money from your spare to investment funds. For instance, if you purchase $2.75 at Barista It will put $.25 in reserve for investment. The money is invested once it gets to $5.

It is so simple to use and has many advantages, which is the reason it is rated with thousands of positive reviews on the store. But, there’s an opportunity to receive a welcome bonus of $50. Do you want to know more?


What you have to do is sign-up using the popular app Swagbucks. Then, in the search bar, you can type Acorns. You will see an offer in which you can earn $50 when you sign up via Swagbucks. If you believe it is not useful for you, make sure to remove the account since they offer a monthly subscription that starts at $1.

7. Robinhood

It’s a trading application with no transaction costs; you are able to trade in real time and pay absolutely no transaction fee. All you have to do is sign-up and they’ll provide customers with free stocks that are worth around $200. You’ll also get that in free stocks when your friends sign up for an account with Robinhood through your link.

You might be wondering how they earn money. It’s from the premium accounts in gold as well as discounts they earn from exchanges that help with the transactions. This is the top cash sign-up bonus app since you can transfer the money to your bank account at any time you’d like.

8. BlockFi

If you’re interested in getting involved in the crypto market and want to get into the game, BlockFi is an excellent choice. Users can gain interest from their crypto investments and they offer a $250 bonus for signing up. The best thing of this platform is that it’s transparent since there are no additional fees, and there is no minimum balance on its interest-earning account.

When you open an account with them, you’ll be able to earn interest that is compounded in your crypto assets. If you’re trading in crypto or intend to make investments in the cryptocurrency, this could be the perfect app because you can earn an interest rate that is compounding, as well as a sign-up bonus, and the ability to use crypto as collateral for security.


9. Swagbucks

It is among the most reputable businesses that provide you with a variety of methods to earn money fast through surveys, making purchases on the internet, watching videos, and performing other small tasks. They also give you an initial $5-$10 welcome bonus when you install the application.

You’ll be amazed to learn that they’ve earned more than $740 million in rewards. You can also earn money buying things you’d like to purchase regardless. This is a legitimate website as well as they’ve earned a great standing in the marketplace to make payments.

10. Public

It’s a broker app that allows users to purchase whole or fractional parts of companies that are publicly traded without having to pay any transaction fees. There is no fees for registration or sign-up and, in addition, you do not keep a minimum balance in your account.

The sign-up bonus they offer ranges between $3 and $300. For this, you must sign up with them and then get your account accepted. Once your account is cleared, you will have the option of choosing from nine stocks. you can pick any that you want and, based on that selection, you will be given an amount randomly chosen from that stock, ranging between $3 and $300.

Based on the reviews that were posted, the majority of customers received free stock of about $10. This is an excellent platform, as there are no fees for convenience or hidden charges in the transactions.


11. Ibotta

It’s a fantastic cashback application that could you save a significant amount of cash on purchases from many big stores like Walmart, Target etc. The app was initially launched as a coupon app for groceries and all you needed to do was snap photos of your bills and scan the barcode of the item and earn cash.

As they received some positive feedback and they grew their offerings to include cashback for online purchases and stores as well as coupons. When you upload your first receipt they’ll credit an $20 for signing up for the account of the user. The most appealing aspect of this application is that you don’t need to purchase any brand-name products in order to earn cashback.

On their website, they claim that the average Ibotta user could earn up to $150 per year, on average just by scanning receipts. They also offer an affiliate program where you earn $10 each time you refer a friend to the application through Your link, and they scan their initial receipt.

12. Cash App

The app gives users the cash for signing up a cash bonus worth $5 when they make a purchase of more than $5 in the initial 14 days after installing the application. The funds can be withdrawn to your checking account within the first day of receiving the bonus.

This app is a completely free digital wallet that is ideal for those who require frequent transactions or pay for goods. It’s a simple method to transfer money. The greatest benefit is that there is no fee for transactions. The app is extremely simple to use and the transaction for $5 isn’t a big issue; as a result, you will receive the amount of $5 in a bonus gift.


13. MyPoints

It’s an excellent cashback app that credits the account with points every time you shop at stores such as eBay, Groupon, etc. The app’s functions are like Swagbucks and InboxDollars in that you are paid to play games, complete surveys, view videos, etc.

When you sign up with them, you’ll receive the initial sign-up bonus of 10 dollars also they have partnered with several websites to offer you cashback on purchases made online. This site will help customers save cash on food bills, and also gives you an initial welcome bonus of $10.

The app is authentic and 100% reliable since it has over 1.8K favorable reviews in the App Store. If you’re trying to earn quickly, then this app is the one for you.

14. Dosh

If you’re looking to make cash quickly Look no further as this app will let you earn cash effortlessly from your home. It’s a no-cost cashback application that allows you to earn cashback when you book hotel rooms, eat out, and shop with more than 10,000 merchants and brands around the world.

It is also important to know that when you download the app and then link your credit card it will instantly apply cashback on purchases made in more than 10,000 retail shops. The greatest feature is that there is you don’t need to scan your receipt for cashback. They offer you an initial sign-up cashback of 1 when you connect your debit or credit card to the application.


15. Rakuten

It’s one of the most popular cashback websites that offer a Welcome bonus to employees. To get this offer, sign up to them with an email account. After that, you will need to purchase 30 dollars within 90 days in order to receive this welcome bonus on your credit card.

Rakuten can be described as a retail site that also provides discounts on purchases which means you can shop there and save money in addition to receiving a welcome reward. It is possible to save money in thousands of stores when you shop on Rakuten.

You’ll be shocked to learn that you could earn 10% to 11 percent cashback on purchases from major brands such as Amazon, Lowe’s, and Target as well as other. You are also able to earn money by recommending the app to your friends. For instance, should users download your app through your link and then make a $30 purchase, you’ll receive $30.

16. Drop

The app lets users monitor purchases when they connect their debit or credit account to the app. Following that, it gives you points in your Drop account when you shop at specific stores you choose out of their selection. You can use these points to purchase gift cards from a variety of brands like Amazon, JC Penny, Dunkin Donuts, etc.

Another benefit is that you will receive an additional 5 percent bonus after linking your first credit card to the app. Many users love this application due to the fact that, via this app, they are able to earn money and enjoy discounts with no effort. All you have to do is link your credit card, shop like usual, and you will get discounts.


It is also possible to earn money playing games and taking a look at videos through Drop. They also have a referral program, where you earn 5000 points when your friends download the app and connect their credit cards.

17. Verde Energy

It is a fantastic business that offers renewable energy to its customers. The most appealing aspect is that there’s no deposit charge as well as long-term contracts, or cancellation fees. They also offer an incredible incentive to sign up, in which they will pay $100 when customers sign up for their energy plan and $50 when they sign up for the Natural Gas plan.

It is not possible to receive this amount in a single day, instead, they will pay half of the amount in one month while the other portion is paid in six-month intervals. To receive the bonus, you’ll need to fill out a form accessible on their website and include the bills. You must repeat the process after six months to claim the remaining bonus for signing up.

18. BeFrugal

This app is awe-inspiring that offers an instant cash welcome bonus of $10 after you install it. The greatest thing is that this application works for Android as well as iOS and can be utilized on desktops. The app also offers users various payment options, including PayPal, Direct Deposit, gift cards, paper checks, and more.

It’s a cashback application that is joined forces with more than 4000 stores. You could earn as much as 40 percent cash back on a variety of products. Additionally, they have an affiliate program where you earn $15 when you refer your acquaintances to the application. The most striking thing is the minimum amount they allow for withdrawal is just one cent.


19. Webull

It’s a brand-new trading platform that’s available on Google Play and iOS. It’s a brokerage app that offers its customers no-cost trading and stocks when they sign-up. The greatest benefit is that users can trade all of their stocks at the same time. The process of signing up for them is completely free and you don’t need to keep a minimum balance.

As a welcome bonus, the company offers users 2 stocks free of charge which can be anywhere between 3 to $300. Once you’ve made your initial payment within 30 days, they will add 4 additional no-cost stocks into your account that range between $7 and $3000, and the stocks are picked randomly. This is the ideal trading platform since they do not charge commissions, and there’s no fee for the platform.

20. Shopkick

If you are looking to earn instant cash, this might be the ideal application for you. The app is free and gives its customer’s gift cards when they do their daily shopping. This means you could easily get $0.25 or even more simply by going to the store.

You’ll be shocked to find out that millions of people have joined the platform and have earned over $63.8 million in gift cards from major brands such as Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Lowe’s, etc. When you step into the shop the only thing you have just scan the barcodes of the item you purchased then submit receipts to earn cashback for each buy you’ve made.

In reality, they offer a referral system, where you can earn a commission for each time your friend downloads the application.



What’s a sign-up offer?

Like the name implies, these organizations offer an incentive to sign up after you sign-up through them, or install their application. The bonus for signing up can come in the form of gift or cash cards too.

What is the process for signing-up bonuses?

Each company has its own rules. Some pay out immediately, whereas others pay over a period of a month and within a few days of the first transaction is complete. Additionally, it is important to know that welcome bonuses typically require minimum spending and a time limit.

How much is possible to earn from an incentive to sign up?

While there’s no limit to earning money from a sign-up bonus but there is a limit on the amount of money you can make from any campaign or offer. The best part is that you can sign up with as many businesses as you wish to earn your sign-up reward.
Another benefit of earning money through this method is that you reduce your expenses on travel as you do not have to go anywhere to earn money.

Can I exchange the bonus sign-up offer in cash?

It’s all dependent on the regulations and rules of the business you sign up with. There are many businesses that will credit the amount directly to your account, and some use pay-through gift cards that are not able to exchange for cash.


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