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9 Best Websites to Find Free College Textbooks in 2022

In this comprehensive article on legit work jobs, we present to you some of the top websites to download free college textbooks in pdf. These are top-rated websites that offer the cheapest college textbooks available online for your academic studies.

We earlier published an article about free eBook download sites that do not require registration. It is worth a look If you’re interested in knowing which sites you can download books and magazines, as well as novels, and articles in digital format, without having to go through any type of registration.

The free college textbooks you can download online eliminate the hassle of carrying heavy textbooks. In addition, you’ll save money on the price of textbooks purchased for college classes.

The majority of college students must pay a large amount of money for their textbooks. Why should you pay for books when you can effortlessly download free college textbooks on the internet?

The best part is that you can download these college textbooks pdf from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet, or any other device for reading anytime.


In this post, we’ll be listing sites that allow you to download college textbooks for free PDF. Let’s learn what a PDF textbook is.

First, a textbook could be described as a book that contains a lot of information about an area of study or program of studies that a student requires.

A textbook is a textbook that has been defined. the term “PDF textbook” is a reference to a book in PDF format is a textbook in digital format. It is composed of text, images, or both, which can be read by computers, or other electronic devices. You may have for downloading PDF Reader software in order to open certain PDF books.

Websites with information on free college textbooks PDF

These sites have books for free as well as college textbooks that are free to download in PDF as well as other formats of documents like EPUB or MOBI.

The college textbooks PDF that is free offered by these websites are legally licensed. This means that you aren’t downloading pirated or illegally downloaded books.


Many websites offer an option to search that allows you can search for titles author, ISBN, or. You can simply type in the ISBN number of the book you wish to download.

Furthermore, the majority of these sites are readily accessible. There is no need to sign up to download all of the websites mentioned in the article.

Top 10 sites for PDF college textbooks for free by 2022.

Here is a list of sites that provide their users with digital free books. Students are able to download free college textbooks online from these sites:

Where can I get college textbooks PDF on the internet

1. OpenStax

OpenStax is a different website on which college students have access to PDF college textbooks for free online, which are available in English as well as Spanish. It is an educational project that is part of Rice University, which is an un-profit charitable organization.

Its goal is to enhance the accessibility to education and learning for all by publishing books that are openly licensed as well as developing and improving research-based courseware, and establishing alliances with educational resource firms and many more.


OpenStax produces high-quality, openly licensed, peer-reviewed college textbooks accessible online for free and are low-cost printed.

PDF college textbooks for free are available in various subjects: sciences, math and humanities, social sciences, and business.

Textbooks supplied through OpenStax are written by professional authors. They also meet the standards for scope and sequence which makes them easily adaptable to any existing course.

In addition to being a site to download PDF college textbooks for free, OpenStax also has textbooks for high school courses.

2. Library Genesis

Library Genesis, also known as LibGen is an online platform that gives away gratis books, which includes college textbooks that can be downloaded online.


LibGen gives users access to hundreds of free college textbooks online, and download them in PDF format and other types of documents.

PDF free college textbooks are available in various languages and subjects like Technology art, Science, Business, Social Science Medicine, Computers and many more.

After you have logged onto the website, you’ll be able to see a search bar that lets you look up books. You can search using titles or author series year, publisher ISBN, language tags, MDS, or extensions.

Apart from being a platform to download free college textbooks, Library Genesis provides scientific articles, magazines, as well as fiction books.

LibGen is at the top of this list of the top 10 sites for free college textbooks pdf since it’s a user-friendly site. Library Genesis is user-friendly.


3. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is an easy-to-use site that allows students to download university textbooks for free pdf as well as college textbooks at no cost online. PDF college textbooks for free are accessible in every subject area.

Books written prior to 1926 are accessible to download. Hundreds of thousands of contemporary books are available for borrowing through the Open Library website.

Internet Archive is a non-profit library with millions of movies, books, free books music, software websites, and more. It collaborates with more than 75 libraries, including libraries at universities, as well as other partners.

4. Open Textbook Library

Open Textbook Library is a website that gives college students access to free textbooks, which are accessible to download, edit and distribute at no cost.

The Open Textbook Library is supported by the Open Education Network, to transform the higher education system as well as student education.


The following textbooks are offered in areas such as following subjects are available: Computer Science, Engineering Journalism, Humanities, Media Studies & Communications Mathematics, Law and Medicine Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.

A total of 1,000 textbooks are accessible in the Open Textbook Library. The textbooks are licensed by the authors and are published for free to be utilized and modified.

5. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is an internet-based library that offers digital books for free, founded by Michael Hart in 1971. It is among the first publishers of electronic books for free.

The world’s best writing in Project Gutenberg. Students who teach literature classes can check out Project Gutenberg to get free literature resources.

Beyond literary works, you can find free college textbooks PDF for other subjects, which are available to download.


But, the majority of the books available on Project Gutenberg are in EPUB and MOBI formats, but there are some books that are in PDF format.

The great thing of Project Gutenberg is that it does not require registration or fees. Additionally, the books downloaded from the site can be read using your phone or laptop, without the need for special applications.

6. ScholarWorks

ScholarWorks offers a broad selection of college textbooks for free online. This is a site you can go to for free college textbooks pdf.

You can search easily for textbooks that are open to complete your college course across all repositories based on title author, author, citation details keywords e.t.c.

ScholarWorks is a service provided by the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) Libraries.


7. PDF Grab

PDF Grab PDF Grab is a resource for textbooks that are free along with ebook PDFs.

Students can download free college textbooks in pdf format or university textbooks for free pdf on this site. These textbooks are free in various categories such as Computer, Business, Engineering, Humanities, Law, and Social Sciences.

There’s also a search bar available on the website, which people can look up books by title, or by ISBN.

8. The Book Spot is Free

The Free Book Spot is a no-cost ebook link library that lets you can download books for free from almost every genre and in various languages.

Students can check this website to download free college textbooks pdf that is available in a variety of genres and different languages. Also, there is an option search that allows users to search for books by author, title ISBN, author, and language.


Textbooks available on Free Book Spot are available in a variety of categories, including art, engineering, agriculture and computer science, biology education, archaeology, and education in Astronomy and Cosmology, architecture, economy, and many more.

In addition to books, Free Book Spot has audiobooks, children’s books, and even novels.

9. Digital Book Index

Digital Book Index is another site where students can access pdfs of university textbooks for free.

Textbooks available at Digital Book Index are available in History, Social Sciences, Medicine & Health, Math & Sciences, Philosophy & Religion, Law, and other areas of study. You can search for textbooks using the author/title, subject matter, or publishers.

Digital Book Index provides links to hundreds of thousands of digital full-text books published by publishers, universities as well as various private websites. More than 140,000 books, texts, as well as documents are free to download.


Alternative ways to cut down on the amount you spend on college textbooks

Many students wish to continue their education at colleges but aren’t financially able to afford the cost of tuition, textbooks, and other costs.

However, students who have financial needs are able to submit an application for FAFSA and utilize the financial aid offered by FAFSA to pay for the cost of tuition in colleges that accept FAFSA. There are online colleges with extremely affordable fees. Actually, some online colleges do not even need to pay the payment of an application in contrast to traditional colleges.

In addition to downloading books for college online, you could also reduce the amount you spend on textbooks through these ways:

1. Going to the library of your school

The library has textbooks you need to be used in college courses at the library. You can also use the textbooks available at the library to complete your work.


2. Purchase used textbooks

Students can also purchase used textbooks in order to reduce the cost on textbooks. They are offered at a lower cost when compared with new textbooks.

3. The borrower can take out textbooks

Students can also borrow books from the library and from their peers.

4. Purchase textbooks on the internet


You can purchase books through Amazon’s online stores, and they generally are less expensive. Amazon offers books at a low cost.


One of the biggest expenses in college is books and other reading materials. You will not have to buy textbooks that cost a lot once more If you follow this advice attentively.

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