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3 Side Hustles with No Experience To Make Up To US$900 A Month in 2024

Side Hustles with No Experience: We are living in very difficult economic times, and most people are broke or struggling to make ends meet. And if you have a 9 to 5 job, you’re likely strapped for time as well. So the big question that many people out there are facing is this, when will I find time  to make a little extra money on the side? Because you know what?

The average person out there is being squeezed for every single cent that they have. So more and more people as such are turning to alternative methods to make extra spending money.

And based on my observation, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  So today we’re going to talk about some ways that you can make money on your daily commute either to your job or to your school if you are a student, or for that matter, whenever you have a few minutes to spare and have access to a mobile phone and the internet. 

And with these three methods, you’ll be able to earn as much as $900 in a month to help offset those bills or even your tuition or save towards retirement, either on your way to school, on your way to and from work, or whenever you find some spare time throughout  the course of your day.

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1. Surveys (Earn More Then $12 per Hour)

Now, this first way to make money commuting to and from work or school or to make money  in your extra time, it’s very popular. However, I’m selectively choosing the platform that I share because it has the ability to pay you significantly more than most out there.

And this method is doing surveys. No, it’s not new. It’s not novel, but what I’m going to share and how you’re going to do it is what’s going  to add a few extra dollars in your pocket every single month.


Now, as you know, surveys have been around since the word side hustle was created and they sometimes get a really bad reputation, which in some instances is deserved when you hear that you need to do a survey that’s going to take 30 minutes and pay you 30 cents.  But regardless, it’s still a few extra dollars at the end of the day in your pocket.

We’re not going to talk about the surveys here today that pay sense because even though we are doing this in our spare time, we need to make the best of that time. For most people, surveys aren’t worth it because they’re paying pennies and asking  the world of you.

But the benefits of a survey is that they can be done from anywhere at any time, as long as you have a smartphone and internet connection.

So if you’re on the bus as an example on your way to work and I’m not going to encourage  that you do anything while you’re driving, but if you’re in bumper to bumper traffic and you’re stuck in your commute and you can put that vehicle in Park, just be conscious of what’s going on. You can take a few seconds to do a quick survey if you’re stuck in that kind of traffic.  If it’s moving, I don’t encourage it because your safety is paramount.

If you’re riding with your parents to school or you’re sharing a ride with friends, as long as you are not around the wheel, this is ideal for you. And the platform that I recommend you use to make this extra money and to maximize  on your time with high paying surveys is Prolific and Prolific is available in more than 30 countries across the globe.

When compared to all the survey apps that’s out there, this one is one of the highest paying apps and it actually rivals a minimum wage of 7.49 pounds or the equivalent of  about 9 US dollars for one hour of work. And of course, this is doing surveys and you know what the best news is that amount is a minimum because there are many surveys out there that pay significantly more.

I’ve seen surveys that pay the equivalent of 12 US dollars for a 45 minute test or even  a survey that pays eight dollars for a 25 minute test. And at this rate, it’s definitely going to be worth your time. And you can visit cleck on Prolific. it’s not an affiliate link. I’m not benefiting in any way. I’m just sharing this as an option in these difficult times for you to be able to monetize your downtime, your traffic time, your wasted time and overall in most instances your commute time whether you are on your way to work or on your way to school.

2. TikTok( Earn More then $900 per Month)

Now the second way that you can make money while  commuting to school or work or in your free time is getting creative with TikTok. Now with TikTok it’s a platform where you can make money with literally everything. I’ve seen things on TikTok that I never thought I would see in my lifetime on the internet and people are monetizing this so why not capitalize on  this opportunity but what I would recommend is do so with some dignity.


Make sure that when your children or your mother and father watch your videos they can still be proud of you because nothing is worth you scandalizing and degrading yourself for a few extra dollars.

That said, TikTok is an  incredible platform for earning extra money and the best part is you can create the content virtually with just your smartphone on the go with a little bit of internet access and you see this a lot where people are reviewing other people’s videos on YouTube or you can pop up the camera while you’re on your  daily commute, hit record and start talking and sharing something of value that people want to hear.

As long as you have something to say and you’re knowledgeable about the subject whether it’s makeup or how to get this fan listen it can be anything you’ll be able to monetize that using TikTok and you  know what TikTok has a non-judgmental algorithm because no matter what people do they seem to have a way of finding an audience.

I don’t think a lot of the content on TikTok would survive on a platform like YouTube but it’s getting a ton of views on TikTok and making money for those who have figured out how to  monetize it. Now there are TikTok accounts out there that have no personal videos where people have just posted tracks from their childhood or tracks that they have grown up with and there’s one particular one as an example that has 2,000 tracks that gets about a million views in a month and I saw this  reference on a blogging platforms where I sometimes get ideas for my articles.

Now recently TikTok introduced what’s referred to as the creativity program beta which replaces the creator fund that they have been using. This is where videos that qualify can earn in a similar way like YouTube. TikTok now  uses an RPM system which is revenue per mille or per mile however you pronounce it but basically it’s making a certain amount of money per 1,000 views and on TikTok this can be anywhere from 20 cents to as much as 2 plus dollars per 1,000 views.


The great thing is with sharing tracks you’re not having to  record videos you don’t have to get ready you don’t have to figure out how to speak and you will be able to publish these videos off the tracks that you grew up on or grew up listening to on TikTok and monetize it.

You can also as I shared in this article here create an automated video creation  process with this tool where you’ll be able to create one-minute videos in one minute that you can post on TikTok without showing your face without scripting editing without recording or even without researching a particular topic.

So I encourage you to watch that video as well. Guys I hope the dog  wasn’t disruptive just now and you could hear me. Anyway as an example with a million views coming in on TikTok you’ll be able to earn about $900 per month and of course this is contingent on your niche and what you’re sharing but that’s a good average to work by and remember you can do this faceless you  can do it with tracks you can do it just talking while you’re commuting and you can talk about whatever you are interested in or you have an opinion on just do it while the camera is on and oh sorry it’s this way this way is YouTube this way is TikTok so just do it while the camera is on and post it on  TikTok. Keep posting because you need to be consistent to build up an audience that has the potential to make this video.

kind of money. But TikTok’s algorithm, like I said, is excellent in showcasing your videos to a large audience. And it’s also good at showcasing crap. But like I said, do it with some dignity.

3. Record your Opinion

Now, the third method that you can employ to earn while you’re commuting either to work, to school or in your spare time is to record your opinion.

And you can  record your opinion and make some extra money with platforms like influence. And again, you can click and visit this App.. It’s not an affiliate link. I’m just sharing so you can benefit. And at this point, if you are getting any value from this article, I would  really appreciate you liking it. And remember, if you’re not yet a part of the Pinterest family here on Pinterest, go ahead and follow, so that I can welcome you. Now, influence advertises itself for the most part as a survey app.


It’s really a market research app where you’ll be required to record  a talking head video answering a question that you have been given by influence. And you know what, because this won’t be posted on a platform like YouTube or TikTok.

 A lot of people feel more comfortable recording a video where they’re talking just their head and sharing it to earn some extra money with influence. Now, typically, it will take anywhere from  15 to 60 seconds of footage that you will record in yourself answering the question about a given topic, and it’s then sent off for review by influence.

At a minimum, they pay about 28 cents per question with new questions that are popping up every single day, giving you an opportunity to repeat this and make money. Now, picture yourself either commuting to school  to work or when you get a break in the lunch room, or instead of talking forever on the time, just going to the platform, finding a question, popping up your camera, recording yourself, responding to that question, and then sending it for review when you have internet connectivity.

Again, making it ideal for you to do anywhere, anytime, with a smartphone.  Now, with these questions taking 15 seconds to a minute to respond to, if you were to hypothetically answer as an example, a question per minute, that would work out to be about $16.80 per hour.

Now, I must tell you that the questions aren’t available to make that possible, but I just wanted to share the effective rate so you can think about how your time is  valued in that context. And you know what? You will not need to be an expert in anything to be able to do this because it can be done by someone who is not articulate, but just speaks clearly, and someone who is not knowledgeable, because generally the kind of feedback that  you’re given will come from everyday experience.


Final Words

Now, with those methods, you need to stop complaining about traffic. You need to monetize your time in traffic, whether you are driving, being chauffeur driven, taking the bus, or if you’re stuck in gridlock traffic where you can put your vehicle in par, or you can pull over and do these surveys. And when the traffic clears up,  you can keep moving because now you’re not wasting time. Your traffic or your commute time is monetized. Any free time that you have, whether you’re sitting in a bank and waiting, or you’re waiting for someone to offer you a service, or you’re in the break room, or that gossiping time that you spend on the phone, stop it. Implement these methods,  and turn all your downtime into money time. Readers, thanks for reading, and until next time, walk good kind of money.

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