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SEMRush Review 2023- How To Boost Your Website Traffic Step By Step

SEMRush Review: Do you want to boost up SEO rankings for your website by achieving organic traffic? If the answer to this question is yes, then we are here to help you. In this blog, we will discuss an important SEO tool SEMrush that plays a major role in uplifting and making your SEO process easy.

If you want to perform an effective SEO strategy, you need the best tool at your fingertips that enables you to find new opportunities, boost SEO rankings, save time, and optimize keywords. Whether you have a business website or a blog page, SEMrush can help you in achieving skyscraping rankings in search engines. It helps you when you want to reach the top of the search engines using digital marketing for your target keywords. In short, SEMrush is vital to informing and tracking your SEO strategy.

Now, definitely, you will have a question,


SEMrush is an SEO tool that can shed insights on:

  • Whether you are rising or falling in the rankings
  • How many people are searching for a topic
  • Which topics are the best to curate content
  • How much traffic your competitors are getting
  • Is there any technical issue on your website that is hurting your SEO
  • What websites are backlinking to similar sites

However, a real question here arises is that what tools do you need?

As per our recommendation, SEMrush should definitely be in your consideration set. It is a leader in the SEO industry and has become a staple in the world of digital marketing. There are various programs, tools, experts to consider, but how can you know if you should invest your hard-earned money into this particular tool or not?

As a search engine optimization, digital marketer, or business owner, you have specific issues to resolve and requirements to meet. For example, if your website is alive and thriving? Which keywords are you ranking for and what should you be targeting? How are you managing your workflow? What is your competitor doing well that you are lacking, and what they are doing poorly that could work to your advantage?

The answer to all these questions is simply one tool SEMrush. Of course, each business is unique and how they tackle common issues is also different. This blog speaks about how SEMrush can help you in tackling all these issues by highlighting this tool’s advantages and disadvantages.

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What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit that provides you with everything that you need to grow your online presence via SEO, PPC, and content marketing. You can also use SEMrush to analyze your competitor’s strategies. So, you can outrank them in SERP results. This tool has approximately 4 million users around the world. This tool is trusted by various big companies such as eBay, Quora, and HP. Therefore, when you choose this tool, you can be sure that you are in safe hands.


SEMrush offers 3 different plans.

  1. The pro plan – $199.95 per month
  2. The Guru plan – $229.95 per month
  3. The Business plan – $449.95 per month
Semrush Pricing

The Key Features of SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-in-one search tool that has all the basic features + excellent keyword research, rank tracking, and competitive analysis tools.

  • Social Media Poster
  • Brand monitoring
  • Organic Research
  • Display advertising tool
  • Backlink analysis tool and backlink research tool
  • Keyword research
  • Traffic analytics
  • Market explorer
  • Advertising Research
  • SEO Writing assistant
  • Product listing ads
  • Project tracking
  • Site audits
  • Social Media Tracker
  • On-page SEO checker

Things that We Liked About SEMrush

  • It lets you spy on your competitor’s SEO strategies so that you can compare them with your own and find new link building opportunities.
  • Its SEO writing assistant helps you to make sure that your content is fully optimized for search engines.
  • Using this tool, you can easily do organic and paid keyword research, find competitive keywords, long-tail keywords, and related keywords to improve your keyword strategy for your SEO campaigns.
  • This tool has advanced reporting and analytics features. Therefore, you can easily create professional reports with all the information you need with a single click.
  • It offers good value for money when you take into account all the tools and features it includes.

Things that we did not like about SEMrush

  • SEMrush is slow to update.
  • Its dashboard is quite confusing and not easy enough to customize.

To give you better insight on SEMrush and its offerings, we have jotted down in-depth pros and cons of SEMrush. So, let us dive deep into it.

SEMrush Pros

1. Monitor Rankings and the Competition

SEMrush overview

As per the SEO statistics, 91.5% of all website traffic is generated from websites on the first page of Google’s SERPs. When you use the SEMrush analytics tool, it will provide you with insight into your site’s movement on SERPs based on your targeted keywords. By keeping track of your SERP movement, you will get a crystal clear picture of what you are doing right and what improvements you can make to your SEO strategy.

This tool also gives you insights into your competitor’s pages you. Some of the data it gives are targeted keywords and SEO rankings. You can make use of the data to your benefit by finding ways to use it for your own site. This tool is more than enough to give users a general idea about their website’s performance. This is often enough to help you give a better keyword strategy.

2. Support For Your PPC Campaign

Featuring the next pros on the list is helping you with PPC management. When you have SEMrush at your disposal, you can appropriately plan, prepare, and launch PPC campaigns. SEMrush

SEMrush assists you with monitoring competitor advertisements, find target keywords for your PPC, and integrate everything with Google Ads- everything from a single dashboard.

This SEO tool also allows you to do an A/B test of your campaign. So, you can decide which advertisement consumers receive better before deciding on a final design.

3. Know Your Backlinks

Have you ever thought about what kind of websites are referring to your domain? A backlink analyzer is a tool that gives you complete control over the websites linking to your website. 

When you opt for SEMrush, its backlink checker tells you everything you need to know about the links you are referring to your website. It also gives you information about the geographical location based on the website’s IP, link type, whether a link is a dofollow or nofollow.


It also gives each backlink a rating on whether or not it is a trustworthy website or not. You can also use this tool on competitor websites to know about where their backlinks are coming from and even discover new websites for your link-building efforts.

4. Effective Keyword Research

Keyword plays an important role in each SEO campaign. The properly researched and targeted keywords can give you a much-needed boost. It provides every detail that you require to know about each keyword related to your niche including search volume, trends, and ad copies featuring the term.

This tool even shows keyword trends on mobile devices. The CPC Map tool also provides insight into what people are searching for in various locations. So, using it, you can discover the best ways to target the intended areas for your campaign.

5. Thorough Traffic Analysis

SEMrush’s traffic analytics feature does not only monitor who visits your website but it also tracks engagement, top pages, and referring sites. This tool also helps you get information regarding your visitor’s and customers’ online behavior and media consumption. So, it let you stay informed on how to proceed with your SEO and SEM campaign.

6. SEO Writing Assistant for Better Content

We all know that content is king and content creation can be tricky. To ensure that your content is well-optimized with the targeted keywords, SEMrush provides you with an SEO writing assistant. It recommends relevant keyword for your content and also let you know if a particular keyword is overused within the writing to prevent keyword-stuffing.

7. Ensure Your Website’s Health

A site audit is a lengthy process. However, SEMrush’s site audit tool makes it a little easier for webmasters. Using this tool, you can optimize links, both internal and external, improve titles, meta descriptions for search engines and users, and detect error pages.


This tool also helps you in scheduling a weekly technical SEO audit. By checking this report regularly, you can monitor if all issues are being addressed properly or not. When you perform all these tasks, it ensures a healthier site.

SEMrush Cons

  1. SEMrush does not have a User-friendly interface

When it comes to the user interface of SEMrush, it is not user-friendly and needs a certain degree of understanding and experience. In short, the user interface of SEMrush is quite technical for beginners. However, this issue can be resolved and easily get fixed with a quick course in SEO and digital marketing.

  • A Drawback When Subsequent Logging in Done

A single SEMrush login can be used only by one user. But, if you share it with someone else and that person subsequently logs in with the same id and password then the user who logged in earlier loses access. So, it is expected that it would help if SEMrush fixes this problem and makes sure that the subsequent user is warned of illegal access or something similar like this.

  • It is too Big to Handle

There are many tools available with this SEO tool, to assist your SEO and digital marketing strategies. And, in this, SEMrush is not that easy to get your head around. If you are a novice then this tool will take some time to get used to the tool which is actually quite complex to a first-timer.

  • It Sends too Many Warnings

There are many users that have complained that SEMrush sends out too many warnings in a bid. The tool does this to keep the subscribers hooked on to their services, which can sometimes do just the opposite.

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How to Use SEMrush for Keyword Research?

For keyword research, you can use SEMrush in the following two ways.

Find low competition keywords in SEMrush

First, create a list of seed words. Then, use your seed words to find long-tail keywords. And, in step three, compile a master list of long-tail keywords with low competition.

Use SEMrush to boost your page #2 keywords

Here in the first step, use the keyword overview, and then in step two optimize those pages.

How to Use SEMrush for Free?

If you want to use SEMrush to your heart’s content without having to worry about SEMrush pricing then you can take advantage of it by signing up for free 30 days trial program.

What is SEMrush Rank?

SEMrush rank is SEMrush’s proprietary ranking of the domains on the internet. This ranking is based on the highest organic visibility and how much estimated monthly traffic a particular website is getting from organic search

Where to Find Website Health in SEMrush?

You can find website health in SEMrush in the SEMrush Site Audit Tool. It is a new website health checker that helps you in detecting issues related to crawlability, accessibility, contents, semantics, links, and coding. This tool lists the website’s issues in 3 different groups as per the severity.
1. Errors
2. Warnings
3. Notifications

How Much Does SEMrush Cost?

Nowadays, SEMrush offers 3 standard monthly subscriptions starting at the following prices.
A) The pro plan – $119.95 per month
B) The Guru plan – $229.95 per month
C) The Business plan – $449.95 per month

How to do a Mobile Performance Test Using SEMrush?


If you want to check your website’s mobile friendliness then you can do using SEMrush’s mobile data analytics. For that you have to go to SEMrush overview -> enter the website’s name -> at the top of the report you will notice a selector. It will let you switch from desktop data to mobile data. Click on the appropriate icon to view mobile analytics data and display a website’s visibility on mobile devices.

Is SEMrush a Best Fit for Your Business?

Usually, most SEMrush users are satisfied with its features and performance. This SEO tool covers every aspect of online marketing that makes it a must-have tool for anyone who is searching to get a higher ranking on their target keywords.

The only downside that makes a lot of consumers cautious of SEMrush is its price. However, when you look at the services and the feature it is offering, you will be getting exactly what you pay for. You will surely feel like this one is the only tool that you need for all your online marketing needs.

We suggest that you go beyond reading this SEMrush pro and cons guide. You can even try its premium features at no cost when you sign up for SEMrush free trial.


What are your views on this blog post? What do you think are the major pros and cons of SEMrush? Share your views with us in the comment section below. We would highly appreciate your views, suggestions, and thoughts. Also, share your experience with us if you have used this tool earlier or currently using it. Therefore, we can add more to this discussion.

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