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Picuki- An Ultimate Instagram Editor and Viewer App

Everyone wants to be on Instagram and live the Instagram life. Looking at those bloggers and wishing for the same is something that we all want. However, given the number of people who use Instagram on a daily basis and the constant ads that track your every move, step, and thing you do, it can be extremely dangerous.

Imagine on earth how many people are using Inst and not everyone has good intentions. We cannot live with the constant fear of your activities being traced. So, here the question arises: what is the best and safest way to surf, post, or look through Instagram? Well, the best answer to this question is the Picuki website.

Picuki is a free, hassle-free, and completely secure web portal, with the help of which you can edit, use, or view your material or others’ materials respectively. It is a completely safe portal as it does not track what you do, what you view, or what you post. On top of that, it does not let you steal or copy other people’s content either.

Whether it is the latest hashtags, news, trends, or contests, whatever it may be, Picuki is the best web portal right now. The Picuki website is infamous for protecting yours and your data’s safety and security. This website does not gather your data or track you or your browsing history like other apps. And this quality alone is what makes this website suitable for use. This app is ideal for posting photos and videos.

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What are the best features?

We read about how good the app is and why we should use Picuki instead of Instagram. Now let’s read below what the main and useful features that this app has to offer.

  • It is completely free!
  • You can use all of the app’s features without having to pay.
  • You can download new and different posts from Instagram without using or singing in your ID.
  • You have the privilege of viewing the other ID’s user history, which I believe would be very interesting and useful.
  • Sometimes it can be inaccessible, but don’t worry, you can download it on your phone.
  • Your history of activity will be all yours. No one can track it.
  • Downloading posts can be done in a safe way through Picuki.
  • The Instagram Charge Less App can be securely and safely used here.
  • You can edit your photos without logging into your actual Instagram account and posting them too.

Picuki is an amazing tool that is absolutely free to use for all Insta users. Insta users can browse all they want without the fear of being tracked!

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How can we view Instagram profiles using the app?

Picku is a very safe app with a lot of features and is very helpful for viewing images on people’s profiles. But the sad part is that not many people know about this website. For those who want to use this app, it is extremely necessary for them to have signed in to Picuki.

It is not possible to look at your Insta account without logging into Picuki. However, you can register yourself here without having to join any social network. This app can be used on laptops, smartphones, or tablets. This portal enables you to look at, edit, or save any type of Instagram content. This could include, among other things, profile material, news, hashtags, and followers.

To use this app, you just need to register here. It is not necessary or compulsory for you to have any social networking account to do so. A few things to keep in mind, i.e., this app can only be used in person and online. Editing in this app can only be done in image mode.


Is the Pucuki search engine just like Instagram?

The best highlight of this app is that it works on the Instagram search engine, so using it is very easy. Hence, you can search and it will give you the most accurate answers. In addition, you can:

  • See others’ profiles
  • Know what people post on Insta
  • Photos posted
  • Who liked your photo
  • Keep up with the latest trends, news, and stories.

You can do all of the above without Instagram stalking and recording your every move.

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Important Note:

It is really crucial for all Picuki users to understand that, while using Picuki, all you need to do is login into your Picuki account, and not into your Instagram account. You do not have to log into your Instagram account to do any of the activities. All the activities can be performed through just your Picuki account.


Picuki is free, safe, and a simple viewing tool for instaers. And the best thing that comes out of it is that it does not track your activities. I hope you liked the article and gained some useful knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Is Picuki website legal?

Answer Yes! Picuki website is absolutely legal and 100% safe to browse. The website is totally reliable and can be used to download or upload photos or videos or even suf through others’ profiles.

Is it possible for others to get to know you if you use Picuki?

Answer According to the website, surfing through Picuki is absolutely safe, and this server keeps you completely anonymous to any other party. As the website says, “view is not visible to the profile holder, your personal data and time of your visit are not shown or saved.”

Are Isntagram and Picuki same?

Picuki is a normal editor and viewer for Instagram, through which all the Instagram activities can be done, such as posting, downloading, tracking, hashtags, etc. Picuki is free of any charges, and there is no time limit on it.

How can you see Instagram on Picuki?

Answer It is actually simple. Just follow the steps given below.
Go to Picuki Page.
Now, enter your Picuki username and password.
Now, select the subjects you’re interested in and start searching.
Once the search is done, just select the appropriate ID.
Now, you can see all the photos and videos of the profiles.


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