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Aka Ms Remoteconnect: Login Guide 2022

Aka Ms Remoteconnect: Here is some good news to the people who wish to play Minecraft on another device other than their own. Kudos to AKA MS Remoteconnect website for providing this option.

With the new facility provided by Microsoft, whether you are using a smartphone, be it an android or IOS, or using Windows or a Macbook, one can now play Minecraft, even on PS4.

All you need to do is log in from your Microsoft Live Account and sync it with your PS4 to play Minecraft across platforms, and you are ready to play with companions.

Aka Ms Remoteconnect

A Microsoft account is not a requirement or necessity to play Minecraft on PS4. Although, this is just an alternate one. Non PS4 devices can also be used for play using PS4 crossplay. All Minecraft stores or Marketplace buying properties can also be transferred to other devices.

1          To sign with Microsoft account, click on the below show icon:-


2          Populate the eight-digit Unique code

3          Login into Microsoft live account to sync your account

4.         After successful sign-on, to go to the Home Screen of Minecraft, click on Play

5. As this particular process can not be revised, populate the details of the Microsoft account very carefully to associate with PlayStation Network.

6.         Push the Play button to go to Minecraft Game Home Screen after successful login


7.         Right swipe the Friends to whom you wish to add as Friends.

8.         To find friends, enter your Microsoft Gamertag one at a time

How to setup Minecraft crossplay on your PS4 or Nintendo Switch?

1.         Open Nintendo shop or Sony PlayStation Store on your Nintendo Switch or PS4, respectively.

2.         Search for “Minecraft” and download the game

3.         Sign in using your Microsoft User account.


4.         Open Minecraft and sign in.

5.         Click the link, and you will be redirected to a remote connection.

6.         Note down the 8-digit activation code which will be required to activate your account on the AKA MS Remote connect official site.

7.         Visit the link using any browser

8.         Enter the code on your console.


9.         Click “Next”.

10.       Follow the instructions to complete the login.

Can we use a Microsoft account for Minecraft login?

You don’t need a Microsoft account to play Minecraft on PS4, but it is necessary to play Minecraft in 2021 to access the Java Version.

Minecraft players use Microsoft accounts to play with other players on consoles.

It allows you to transfer your Microsoft store purchases to other devices.


What is AKA MS Remote connect?

AKA MS allows users to play Minecraft on Nintendo Switch and PS4 online with their friends on other devices.

Is AKA MS Remote connect safe?

AKA MS Remote Connect is a completely safe website owned by Microsoft.

Why is AKA MS Remote connect asking for a Microsoft account?

Mojang will require Minecraft users to have a Microsoft account by early 2021 for security and safety reasons.

I hope this will eliminate most of your queries, and you will like my effort for this but in case of any query related to Minecraft Remote Connect, feel free to comment. Thank you very much!


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