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Nerium International Review(Neora)- Is It A Scam or Legit?

Who is ready for an international brand product review? If yes, then you are at the right stop. In this article, you will find an honest review about a big MLM company that sells a huge amount of beauty products. As several budding businesses hook up with many international products and sell them in their places, there are frauds too.

In such a case, you have to be very careful about the products you use, because they might not be the original ones. Also, some can fake you by debiting money and never deliver your product.

Let’s investigate one such MLM company, yes this page is about Nerium International Review. Ready to find out either the Nerium is a scam or legit? Then, scroll down folks!

What is Nerium International?

Nerium International is a multi-level marketing firm that distributes a beauty product through independent distributors known as “Brand Partners.”

Jeff Olson leads the firm, which is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Since February 1st, 2019, what was formerly known as Nerium International has become renamed Neora.


The firm was founded in 2011 as Nerium International, after a major component in one of its initial products, Nerium oleandrin extract. Since expanding its product line with a broader selection of items, the firm rebranded to Neora to represent its new life and evolution.

Neora provides a business opportunity for anyone who enjoys their goods to earn additional money by selling them to others.

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Nerium Business Opportunity

Like most MLMs, Nerium goods are only sold and distributed by independent consultants known as “Brand Partners.” Nerium Representatives are free to use any techniques they choose to market Nerium products. You are not required to have house parties; you can sell face to face, online, or at events.

The Neora opportunity provides a flexible option for you to earn money in your leisure time. You might also opt to grow your business and become a full-time salesperson. Of course, like with any MLM, you’ll need a good network of individuals who sell on your team as well as consumers to sell to. Are you searching your contacts to find anyone making money with Nerium to find either it is true?


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What Will You Do?

Selling Neora items to individuals you know or meet is part of the Neora business opportunity. A Brand Partner is a Neora salesperson who helps Neora thrive by selling its products.

What Neora purports to provide, however, is a business opportunity, similar to those offered by other direct sales businesses and multi-level marketing companies.

You can allegedly create a business rather than merely sell items, which means that if you work your way up far enough in the tiers, you may earn, or even exceed, a full-time living.

As a Brand Partner, you are not required to work any set shifts or hours. Is Nerium International Scamstrue? Read on, let’s see!


How Much Do You Need To Pay To Join Nerium?

You have three starter kit options depending on your needs:

  • For $499.95, you may get a Success Pack that includes 5 bottles of Nerium AD.
  • The Premier Success Pack, which costs $999.95, comprises 12 bottles of Nerium AD.
  • For $99.95, you can get a Brand Partner Launch Kit that contains different marketing materials but no product.

What Will Be Your Commission?

Nerium brand partners can earn money by selling the product, attracting new customers, and receiving performance bonuses. You may earn 10% to 25% commission on Nerium beauty items. You can also get a weekly customer acquisition incentive for each new auto-delivery order you get. Depending on your current leadership level, you can also get incentives ranging from $16 for one bottle to $60 for two bottles.

You may earn a 5% “coaching” commission if you attract other individuals to become brand partners. As you sell more goods and hire more employees, you will advance in the firm and get more promotion incentives and recognition for your efforts.

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Is Nerium a Scam?

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about Neora and its business potential, you’re undoubtedly asking, “Does it work?” To be honest, it will largely rely on how much you want it to work, but it will also depend on the business opportunity and pay plan.

There are both pros and cons for this product like the products are excellent but they cost too high. There are several business opportunities, but monthly purchases are mandatory. Also, some people say that they have some sketchy business practices, but their startup kit is too low.


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Key Takeaways

Can You Make Money Selling Nerium?” this is the final question, right? You can, but only if you are interested to step out and talk to people door-to-door. If you really grab other people’s hearts soon, then this can either be your side hustle or even a full-time job. You sign your deal or not, never forget to use their products!

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