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How To Start Your Career Afresh After An Accident-Related Disability

A road mishap often has dire implications, from injuries to damages and emotional trauma. Things can be even worse if you sustain a debilitating injury that leaves you disabled for the long haul. You will have to take extended time off work, which translates into wage losses. Things can be more daunting if your employer is unwilling to take you back due to your disability.

It happens all the time, and victims suffer even when they are not at fault, and the mishap was due to someone else’s negligence. Losing a job or capacity to work can disrupt your life and finances. But it is absolutely possible to make a career comeback, provided you are willing to invest effort. Here are a few tips to start your career afresh after a work-related injury.

Focus on recovery

Although complete recovery may not be possible after severe injuries, you must focus on getting back to the best possible levels. Timely medical treatment, physical therapy, and rehab sessions can get you on your feet again. Even if you have mobility issues, treatment can make you independent. Moreover, it is vital from a compensation claim perspective. You must get medical treatment to validate your claim, as the bills and diagnostic reports serve as key pieces of evidence. Feeling fit is crucial to regaining your confidence and getting your career on track after a mishap.

Prioritize mental wellness

A debilitating injury can cause severe emotional trauma, even more, if you find yourself bedridden or in a wheelchair. Problems like PTSD and depression can affect your life and ability to work. Nothing seems worse than losing your mobility and independence. You must prioritize mental wellness as a part of your recovery journey because it is essential to rebuild your career. Consider seeing a therapist for help to regain control over your emotions. A professional can help you face your fears and overcome them to rebuild your life and career.

Rework your finances

Once you are physically and mentally better, it is time to focus on your financial well-being. Start by assessing your current position and create a viable financial recovery plan. The good thing is that you can claim personal injury compensation for a mishap caused by someone else’s negligence. You must consult a seasoned car and motorcycle accident lawyer to calculate the fair claim value and secure it through settlement or court process. Although the claim may be enough to get your finances on track, you must start working again to regain control. Consider your condition, assess work opportunities, and determine your income potential to rework your finances.


Discuss your return-to-work options

Discussing your return-to-work options with your employer is the best place to start when it comes to rebuilding your career. Your employer may offer alternatives like working from home or taking different work duties according to your disabilities. They will probably have no qualms about taking you back if you have a good track record as an employee. It makes sense to settle for a different role but join the same organization as you have a comfort level with your employer and co-workers. Starting afresh becomes easy if you know the environment well.

Consider other alternatives

Not all employers are happy with the idea of taking a disabled employee back to work after a severe injury. But it does not mean the end of the road for you as you can explore other alternatives. You only have to be resourceful and confident enough to search for options, and you can find plenty of them. Consider looking for remote jobs as they are trending in post-pandemic times. You may start afresh as a freelancer or independent contractor in a work-from-home role. Starting a home-based business is another option you may explore.

Refresh your skills and resume

A fresh start for your career requires some effort to maximize your chances for a successful comeback. You can take up an online course or program to add more skills to your portfolio. For example, digital marketing, web designing, and content writing are some skills that open a broad range of work opportunities for home-based careers. Additional skills also add value to your resume if you plan to look for a new job during your career comeback spree.

Starting your career again after an accident-related disability is easier than you imagine. Focus on your physical and mental well-being in the first place. Look for WFH opportunities as they are easier to pursue when you have mobility issues. Ramp up your skills and confidence to make a successful comeback.


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