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How Much Do GoPuff Drivers Make? GoPuff Jobs, Career and more

In many American cities, on-demand delivery has become a way of life. People enjoy the ease of delivery through an app, whether it’s Postmates, Uber Eats, or other services. GoPuff is a rapidly expanding grocery store delivery service that offers a new kind of goods to your door. GoPuff drivers make deliveries, and it’s a flexible job that might be a fantastic way to supplement your income if you have a car. Do you have questions like “How Much Do Gopuff Drivers Make, Gopuff Salary, Gopuff Driver Requirements?“, then you are at the right place.  

How Much Do GoPuff Drivers Make
How Much Do GoPuff Drivers Make

What Is GoPuff?

GoPuff is a delivery app that allows users to order utility goods and have them delivered right to their front door. Customers shop for products on the app and pay for them, after which Gopuff drivers deliver the items to the client’s premises. All products are kept in stock by GoPuff at a nearby warehouse, so delivery drivers don’t have to pick them up from a third party before delivering them to the client.

How Does Gopuff Work For The Drivers?

In several places, Gopuff is hiring delivery drivers, so if you’re interested, here’s what Gopuff drivers do.

  • Every week, drivers plan their shifts
  • Begin your shift at the Gopuff warehouse in your neighborhood
  • Customers’ orders are delivered
  • Return to the warehouse to pick up further orders
  • Within a half-hour radius of the Gopuff warehouse, deliveries are made
  • Drivers are compensated per order, with an hourly minimum guaranteed
  • Direct deposit is used to pay drivers once a week

Eligibility Criteria To Become a Gopuff Driver

To become a Gopuff Driver, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • People who are 21 or above are eligible
  • You must have access to a car that is insured for your use
  • A valid driver’s license is required
  • A background check must be passed

Because the work criteria for Gopuff aren’t too stringent, you’ll most likely qualify if you’re over 21 and have a valid driver’s license. In comparison to other delivery applications, the Gopuff driver criteria are quite comparable.

What Are the Locations That You Can Drive for Gopuff?

Gopuff is currently available in many parts of the United States, namely in the East, South, and Midwest. Gopuff does not have a large presence on the West Coast, although they have recently expanded to Utah, Arizona, and Portland, Oregon.  

The Application Process To Become A Gopuff Driver

You’ll be able to click the listing for your market and confirm that you satisfy all of the basic requirements if Gopuff is actively looking for drivers. You should receive an invitation to set up a simple phone or in-person interview shortly after completing this bare minimum application, which will determine whether you get the job or not.

In some cases, Gopuff may already have a sufficient number of delivery drivers in your area. If your city does not have any Gopuff Jobs, you may use this application form to enter your full name, email, phone number, and state. A Gopuff employee may contact you if there is an opening for the job. 


How Much TheGopuff Drivers Make?

According to Gopuff, drivers may earn “up to $15 per hour.” Drivers are paid a commission for each order as well as 100% of tips. Even if the order volume is minimal, you will get compensated because of a guaranteed hourly minimum. Markets differ in terms of commission per order and guaranteed hourly income.

For example, Gopuff may charge a minimum of $12 per hour and a $4 commission on each order. You will be paid $16 if you deliver four orders in an hour. You’ll get paid the $12 hourly minimum if you only deliver two orders in an hour. 

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Merits Of Being AGopuff Driver

Items are delivered from a central place:

Unlike Uber, Lyft, and delivery apps such as GrubHub, GoDrive partners exclusively deliver local orders that are close to their warehouse site. This reduces your car’s mileage and wear and tear, and you’ll always know where you’re going to deliver.

Make your own schedule

GoDrive partners get to set their hours, but their schedules are still structured because shifts are chosen at least a week in advance. Gopuff delivery is available until 4:30 a.m. in certain regions, so this could work for you.


The minimum rate is guaranteed

The guaranteed minimum rate for Gopuff drivers is not awful, especially considering the lesser distance compared to rideshare driving. While you get to keep all of your gratuities and Gopuff doesn’t take a cut, you need also to include in your petrol, tax, and insurance costs.

Demerits Of Being AGopuff Driver

Dealing with tips and cash payments

Dealing with cash payments and gratuities, according to one Gopuff driver, maybe a chore. As a delivery driver, you may not want to carry a large sum of money or deal with the hassle of keeping track of it.

Taking orders from minors or verifying client identification

When dealing with orders from minors, you must ensure that an adult signs off on the order, which adds an extra step to the delivery procedure.

Winding Up

Once you’ve been authorized as a Gopuff driver, you’ll be able to work on your own time. You can start earning by partnering with the Gopuff Careers that allows users to access everything from candy bars to hookah on demand. With so many consumers demanding fast delivery for any products these days, you can start earning by partnering with the service that allows users to access everything on demand.


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