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How Does Discord Make Money? The Discord Business Model

How Does Discord Make Money?: Nothing could irritate a dedicated community of gamers more than being interrupted while talking and engaging with their peers. Although Skype and TeamSpeak are useful networking platforms, their low call quality, lack of group chat capabilities, security problems, and resource-intensive procedures are not suitable for gamers.

Nothing irritates a devoted gaming audience more than being distracted when conversing and interacting with their peers. Even if Skype and TeamSpeak are valuable networking tools, they are not ideal for gamers due to their poor call quality, the paucity of group chat functionality, security concerns, and resource-intensive procedures. What happened next was the birth of Discord! 

How Does Discord Make Money

Discord was created as an all-in-one voice and text chat app with high-quality and lag-free voice chat facilities by gamers for gamers. Here let us discuss the Discord Business Model and how it makes money from it. You Can also read about the Best Web Hosting Services Providers Companies.

What is Discord?

If you are a person who is wondering what is discord, how does discord work? Here is what you wanted to know.

Discord is a text, speech, and video chat program designed specifically for gamers all over the world. This free service aims at offering a simple text and voice communication interface during play, as well as community development from outside the game. When you use Discord, you can join themed servers that can be built by anybody who is logged in. 

Others with the meet or ability to participate connection will access the very same servers. Server managers can set up voice and text channels for participants to use to address various topics. Even though gamers are Discord’s target demographic, the forum is used by a wide range of other interest classes, including music, fashion, entrepreneurship, faith, and so on.


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Discord Business Model

Discord now has over 87 million subscribers with plans to dominate the $1.7 billion voice chat industry. The software is free to download, and there are no plans to charge money for its main functionality in the future.

The application’s key goal is to provide people with an easy-to-use collaboration tool. Besides, the business is working to incorporate the voice chat service into the gaming industry. It gives a flexible tool (game bridge) to assist players in integrating the software into their games. Other free functionalities include Rich Presence and Streamkit, which allow game creators to list their games on the app (which players can choose as the match they’re playing well right now) and incorporate other apps such as Twitch, GameWisp, and others with the app.

Operating between gamers provides the application with a significant benefit in terms of capitalizing on the network impact, which increases the appeal of the application as more people access it. With a new acquisition of $20 million, the firm is now estimated at $700 million.

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How Does Discord Make Money?

The revenue model for Discord is also a work in progress. The organization is opposed to advertising and the sale of consumer data and has relied on financing funds until recently. They have no plans to charge consumers to use the app in the future. Rather, the firm is moving to a semi-freemium pricing model, in which people who pay more and more for functionality get them. Discord also earns profits from the sale of business merchandise.

Fees charged by the game shop for sale

In August 2018, Discord opened a global game shop. Game creators will sell their games in the store. On the Discord shop, developers will self-publish their games. Developers receive 90% of sales after the game is sold, while Discord earns the remaining 10%. Discord charges 10% of sales for game distribution, which lets the company offset its running costs. This 90/10 sales split is a win-win scenario for both Discord and the developer network.

Cosmetic Items 

Sound sets, sticker packs, consumer emojis, and skins are among the cosmetic products available from Discord. While purchasing these things will not give you any special benefit as a player, it will improve the user experience and give you more vanity.


Nitro, Discord’s $4.99 paid subscription package, gives subscribers access to features like animated avatars, better-quality screen sharing, personalized and animated emojis, and a higher upload cap.

The marketing approach used to support Discord’s freemium business model sets it apart from others. The business does not bill for its core functions and only requests that consumers ‘support the program’ by purchasing a monthly payment package.


Discord Merchandise Shop

Discord has its retail shop, which sells customized T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and socks, among other items. It makes a small profit by selling these products. It should be remembered, though, that Discord makes the majority of its money through successful publicity and advertising campaigns. It allows consumers to support the company’s growth by buying its products and cosmetics.

Investments and funds

Discord has secured grants and donations from multinational businesses. Discord uses it to spread globally and strengthen its website. It has generated a total of $ 280 million in investment rounds and is currently valued at $2.05 billion.

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What are Discord’s potential revenue strategies in the future?

You must make money to remain afloat in the market, no matter how hard you want to cater to your customers by offering a free and ad-free experience.  

GameBridge– GameBridge was available for a few months before being taken down. Easy to add to games and ease coding pressure on game developers.


Stores and arenas for gamers – This website offers a range of games. It also provides Nitro customers with exclusive perks. It will use this network to supplement its offerings and boost sales.

Sharing Revenue– Discord’s potential sales may be boosted by partnerships with several gaming firms. It would be very helpful for the company to invite more gamers onto its website.  


Discord has made a significant contribution to the gaming industry’s growth. It provides a friendlier chat program for gamers to arrange and engage with other game lovers worldwide. Without it, gamers’ passionate hearts will not have as much convenience, which is why Discord will continue to dominate the industry for a long time. It should continue to enhance its features and revenue-generating capacity, as discussed.

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