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Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive: Let’s Get Out of Dilemma

Have you ever dreamed of somebody dying and still alive? Dreams like this can be very disturbing and might make you. However, if you deep dive into the actual reality of these dreams, you will figure out that they don’t do anything.

Although the dreams that show the death of someone in your circle might disturb you, they literally mean nothing as they physically do not harm you, in fact, they sometimes signal something positive coming in your life.

This is important to remember that if you are having nightmares very frequently then it is definitely a sign of something serious.

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So, you should instead work on your sleep pattern and for this, you can use any app that can create an atmosphere for you to sleep peacefully.


What do the dreams of somebody’s death mean?

1)   Dreaming own death

It might scare you when you dream about your own death, but actually, this is not true. You might be thinking what’s good about it?

Dream of your own death actually has a positive sign where it signifies that there was something in your life that you wanted to get rid of but you couldn’t, so, finally, you cut that part away.

This dream must have been a forced action where you kept on neglecting your own wishes for others.

2)   A friend’s death

Dreaming about your friend’s death shows that you are concerned about your friend whose death you have seen. It also indicates that the death of your friend is the end of a relationship with him/her which you didn’t want to do but ultimately should be done.

The interpretation of your dream about that particular friend is directly nothing to do, just try to understand what it wants to explain.


3)   Parents died in a dream

Again, the dream of your parents’ death signifies that you don’t want to lose and are afraid of losing them in the end. Remember that your subconscious mind has seen this dream which doesn’t know whether it’s real or not but is giving you a message about the important place of your parents in your life.

4)   Dreaming about someone who has already passed away

There are times when we dream about those of our friends and relatives who have already passed away. This is the signal of this important fact that you are still missing them and somehow stuck in your past.

Life is synonymous with moving forward so you need to move with it.

To answer why particularly that person in your dream has died is because you might be habitual of taking advice from that person whenever you are stuck in some problem and they have helped you in your challenges.

5)   Dream about a dead body

Most death-related dreams reflect a shift of life to a new phase, it also shows how you are dealing with those shifts in your life.


If in case, you dream about a dead body then it indicates that you are not letting your past go from your present and could impact your present. A dead body could also mean that some part of your life needs to be buried but since it wasn’t, it was reborn.

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What should we learn from the dream about someone who died?

1)   Take charge of the transition of your life stages

As we discussed earlier, a dream of someone’s death is a signal of the rebirth of your life, which means a new phase is about to be unveiled before you.

It means there are new opportunities waiting to be opened before you. It might be related to your career, business, love life, finances, health, etc.

A dream of this kind is a clear signal to anyone that they have to be ready for changes, rather they should go ahead and grab the opportunity, especially those who are a little bit lazy about grabbing opportunities.


2)   Come out of fear of losing someone

It is correctly said that wherever you put your mind throughout the day, it is seen again in dreams.

If you keep thinking about losing somebody who loves you the most, you will probably have a dream related to death.

Take yourself out of that fear because if you will make that fear a part of your life, you will be in trouble. Engage your mind somewhere else by thinking about something else.

Everyone has that one person whom they do not want to lose at any cost because they like their qualities or character. If you keep thinking about them then your mind will respond at night accordingly.

If you want to come out of this fear, make your relationship stronger. That’s how you can defeat that dream.


3)   Manage your stress and anxiety

After all, your dreams reflect the poor management of your stress and anxiety. We can talk about the other reasons for death-related dreams and take its positive aspects only, but stress and anxiety are major contributors to these nightmares.

Another aspect of your nightmares might be the pressure those people created in your life when they were alive. If it is true then it’s time to work on your emotions.

If you do not control them now, your stress will become severe with time, so, it’s better to manage your stress and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Final Verdict

So, we have talked about the kinds of death-related dreams and we have also understood what they mean to you. I think that this is clear enough for you that these dreams are not harmful to you or to that person whose death you have seen. In fact, there are some positive aspects of these dreams.

However, frequent dreams might signal a poor sleep pattern or poor stress management. For this, you should start working on your sleep pattern and there are many solutions available in the app store.


As far as stress levels are concerned, you can join healing classes or start Yoga in your daily routine.

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