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16 Best Paying Jobs in Major Chemicals 2023

Best Paying Jobs in Major Chemicals: A degree in science is always lucrative among other available options and Chemistry in this stream leads the chart and opens a huge variety of opportunities for you in many fields such as teaching, research, healthcare, etc.

When you have a degree in Chemistry, you can get an opportunity to work in a field that interests you. Pursuing a degree in Chemistry is very useful because of its monetary benefits.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 16 jobs that are available when you have a degree in chemistry along with salaries and future prospects.

Top Paying Jobs for Chemistry Majors

  • Chemical Engineer
  • Doctor
  • Research scientist
  • Laboratory technician
  • Environmental consultant
  • Forensic scientist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Materials scientist

Here is the list of those chemistry prospects that are marketable

  • Nanotechnologist
  • Hazardous Material Management Chemist
  • Forensic scientist
  • Geochemist
  • Analytical chemist
  • Chemical engineering
  • Water chemist
  • Toxicology
  • Academic research chemist
  • Pharmacologist

Top 16 Highest Paying Chemistry Jobs in 2022

1)  Toxicologist – National Average Salary: $20.76 per hour

A toxicologist is responsible for investigating blood samples and tissues to find out whether there is any poison, alcohol, and other substances available in the body. They are very crucial in investigating crime.

2)  Chemistry Teacher- $26.18 per hour

There are many jobs available in teaching for those who have majored in Chemistry. A chemistry teacher is responsible to present Chemistry as per the curriculum of the students.

his/her job is to ensure that the students properly understand the concepts of Chemistry by doing many experiments, tests, lectures, and projects.


3)  Chemical technician- $17.29 per hour

There is a job related to research because a chemical technician is responsible to assist a research scientist and maintain a lab so that experiments can be done with ease.

They collect and arrange electronic equipment like monitors, and use techniques to support the particular research.

4)  Chemical engineer- $40.03 per hour

Chemical engineering is a great career in the field of chemistry and the experts are responsible for creating new designs and products from raw materials. Experts in this field use all the aspects of their subject like biology, physics, math, and chemistry and solve problems of fuels, drugs, etc.

Most of their work is at factories, refineries, and other plants where they are responsible for handling chemical-related issues.

5)  Analytical Chemist – $28.55 per hour

It is a prime career opportunity in chemistry that pays really well in the current market scenario. The professionals in this field handle dangerous chemicals and spend most of their time doing experiments.


6)  Academic Research Scientist – $28 per hour

Academic research scientists carry out real-time experiments that are crucial for the analysis of new concepts. These experiments are very important so that new understandings can be established.

These scientists use their skills and help people roll out new concepts.

7)  Pharmacologist – $56.87 per hour

A pharmacologist is a very important figure in the field of chemistry. He is responsible for handling various chemicals and their effects on humans, plants, and animals. Their main job is to find out how a chemical interacts with biological systems.

8)  Water chemist- $29.08 per hour

A water chemist has a major role in analyzing the role of various chemicals present in water. They collect water samples and test them to ensure that water is pure or impure by identifying various chemicals in it. The water that they take for samples is from different ecosystems to see the different compositions in a different atmosphere.

9)  Geochemist – $35 per hour

A geochemist plays an important role in understanding various aspects of the earth including its structure, composition, processes, and other factors of the earth.


A geochemist uses his knowledge in inorganic and physical chemistry to determine and establish the facts about the earth that he has explored and he also figures out the chemical composition of the rocks and minerals.

10) Nanotechnologist – $35.11 per hour

Nanotechnology is a remarkable career in chemistry as they work on the design, production, and application of structures, devices, and systems by changing them at a nanometer scale.

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11) Synthetic chemist- $33 per hour

A synthetic chemist has a very important job where they create new materials for specific purposes by developing chemical compounds. They work in their lab and create the demanded compounds for almost every industry. Including the healthcare, manufacturing, and food and beverage industry.

12) Quality control chemist – $27.08 per hour

The job of a quality control chemist is to test and audit the quality of production and can manipulate its quality to meet its quality standard. A quality control chemist generally works in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.


They can also create new products and even invent new testing methods that develop a whole new way of testing products.

13) Organic chemist- $31.92 per hour

An organic chemist is responsible for researching and studying the materials in which carbon is found. They carry out various experiments to find out the real composition of a material. There are many industries that need an organic chemist wherein many other professions might also upgrade themselves in organic chemistry.

14) Oceanographer – $39 per hour

Oceanographers are responsible for studying various structures found in oceans. They do their experiments on seafloor geology, ocean life, compounds of water, etc.

15) Material scientist- $35 per hour

A material scientist studies various materials either procured naturally or man-made to find out more about them. Once they find something about that material, they tend to create something unique from that, so that more of it can be used from that.

16) Research scientist – $39.35 per hour

A research scientist is one of the highest-paid chemistry majors throughout industries. This is not important just because they get to study in different spheres of science, but they are paid well and as per a report, they are paid $45000+ per annum which increases with their career development.


How to pursue a career in chemistry in 2022?

Obtain a bachelor’s degree- First thing first

First of all, you need to obtain a degree in chemistry so that you have the basics in your biodata. Then look for some additional courses to enhance your knowledge of chemistry.

Gain with experience

You need to gain some experience before you launch yourself in the job market and for that, you need to gain some experience so that you can demand more from them.

Earn a master’s degree

Once you get your bachelor’s degree and start working, try to get a master’s degree because when you are an expert in Chemistry and have a degree in the related field, then employers will start respecting your biodata.

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