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Can You Put a Visa Gift Card in Your Bank Account in the Safest and Easiest Ways

Can You Put a Visa Gift Card in Your Bank Account: Visa cards are a blessing for every individual in the modern era. The hassle and the constant tension of your money being robbed are now eradicated. Earlier, carrying cash around used to get a lot of attention from the locals, and this was considered bad. Now, no such stress exists.

Hence, the rise in the use of debit cards is significant evidence of that. Now, there is no limit to expenses like you had when you ran out of cash, as you can put a good amount of money on your cards and it will do the job.

Although visa cards are very handy and helpful, they come with their own set of setbacks. For example, many people find the idea of transferring Visa gift cards to banks somewhat implausible, while others find it to be a tedious and time-consuming task.

For instance, you happen to have adequate funds on your Visa card and, on top of that, you have good cash. At this time, the need to transfer a Visa gift card to a bank account is fitting and an appropriate thing to do. This process makes them able to spend cash as they see fit.

As we said before, the transferring of Visa gift cards is a very tedious and almost farfetched thing to do. There are different ways that can help you make this work or can help you transfer your visa gift card easily.


Visa Gift Transfer through Moneygram to a Bank Account?

MoneyGram is a fast, reliable, and safe money transfer company, holding the position of the 2nd largest money transfer company in the world. If you want to transfer a Visa gift card to your bank account using MoneyGram, you need to follow the steps given below.

First, create an account with Moneygram. The first step is to go to the MoneyGram website and sign up for an account there. To do so, you need to enter your email ID, select a strong password for four accounts, and then the sign-up process will start. Next, verify your account and, voila, you are signed up.

Second, go to the Moneygram website and send money. The next step is to navigate to the website’s top menu and select Send Money. Then you will see a form that you need to fill out to make the payment.

Important Note: Before following the second step, make sure your bank account (the one you need to send money to) is linked to the Visa gift card.

Third, enter the following bank information: After filling out the payment info form, you will be taken to a page to fill in your bank account details. After filling out the form, click on ‘nest” and then your money will be transferred to the right place.


In a few minutes, money would have been transferred from the Visa gift card to your bank account. And congratulations, you did it!

Visa Gift Transfer to a Bank Account via PayPal

Transferring money through PayPal is your next best, easy and safe option. PayPal is another well-known and trustworthy money transfer application. The transfer through PayPal is easier because it lets you add prepaid cards and Visa gift cards to your PayPal Wallet.

If you are looking to use PayPal to transfer money to your bank account from your Visa gift card, then follow the following steps and make sure you do not miss a step.

Important Note: There is a hefty fee charged for paying by any kind of monetary transfer, and there is a limit to the amount transferred. Keep track of it and keep it in mind when transferring the amount.

First – You need to create a PayPal account, and if you already have one, then just login into it.


Second – Now select the wallet option, which will be at the top of the page.

Third – Now, you will see a link to a card or bank option. After seeing the right option, click on it.

Fourth – After clicking the right option, you will be asked to put in your relevant information, i.e., you will be adding your Visa gift card details. After filling out the form, you need to click on the link card. And there, my friend, you will have successfully linked your visa card!

Note: You might make an error while doing so. If you get an error, what you need to do is to go back and double-check that your visa gift card is registered so that the right address is linked to your card.

Once, you have double-checked all the info and the cards, then PayPal won’t show any errors in terms of transferring money.



Currently, because of the flexibility and ease of use of visa cards, many people use visa gift cards, and the number of people using visa gift cards is increasing day by day. Nonetheless, there are many chances that the money deposited on the card will be exchanged for cold cash for the person’s usage.

Apart from the options mentioned above, other options that can be used for safe, secure, and easy transfer are Square and Venmo. Although the transferring of money is easy using these applications, they all charge a percentage or a fixed amount for every transaction you make using them. The charges are applicable on every transaction transferred from application to application and bank to bank.

Important Note: Before using any of the applications to transfer money, it is strongly advised for everyone to read all the terms and conditions before using any application. Also, usually, there is a limit to the amount of money you can transfer at a time.

Another thing is that before transferring any money to any bank account from your card, you need to carefully understand the type of card you are holding and how you can use it. Apart from fully understanding all the things about your card, you also need to understand what type of bank account you have, or what type of bank account it is that you are transferring money to.


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