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7 Best Social Emotional Learning Apps In 2022

Are you wondering what you could do in your classroom to aid your students in becoming responsible adults? Begin by teaching them social-emotional skills.

It may sound difficult It’s not, but it’s actually much easier than you believe. The concept of social-emotional learning also known as SEL isn’t just a way of teaching your students to be kind to one the other. SEL can teach your pupils how they can be aware of how they view themselves as well as their role in society.

The concept initially invented during the 60s was adopted by those who are part of the Collaboration of Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL)since 1994. CASEL defines the term “SEL” as a method of acquiring healthy identities emotions, empathy, and individual and collective goals.

This sounds like a wonderful idea however, how many teachers have the time to research SEL apps that can be used in the classroom? Don’t stress about it. We’ve done all the work for you. This is a list of the 11 most effective educational apps for children for purchase in the present.

10 Best French Learning Apps in 2022

Social-emotional learning apps are great for teaching social skills to kids. Apps that teach listening, friendship as well as eye contact are excellent choices.


If you make use of apps to teach social-emotional learning it makes the learning more enjoyable.

The process of learning through emotional and social interactions (SEL) can be a challenging element of learning for students to evaluate and assess.

These apps for social-emotional learning help you learn friendship, communication listening skills, as well as emotions. The top 10 SEL apps for 2022 include:

1. Breathe, Think, Do (Sesame Street)

Sesame Street’s Breathe, Think helps children to recognize and manage their emotions.

The SEL app is a fun (and pet) blue monster that interacts with children at their level. If the monster is angry then the child is able to choose an action that is positive for example, writing about their feelings. The monster will respond positively, congratulating them after they finish their work.


The app’s storybook helps children to be able to think with respect, empathy, and kindness. It shows how our emotions can be a hindrance and remind them of how kindness makes us feel more confident about ourselves, and it can also have a positive effect on those in our lives.

Breathe and Think are in the very top spot for teachers. It is a must for your kindergarten or preschool classrooms.

2. Class Dojo

Class Dojo is an application for SEL that allows teachers, parents, and students to monitor the progress of their student’s academic and behaviour.

The idea is straightforward to award your child/student points for achievements by tapping the button to award. The Class Dojo also provides a user-friendly platform that allows teachers to communicate with parents via messages and documents, or by posting to a newsfeed for the class.

Based on the Class Dojo website, “Teachers can encourage students for any skill or value — whether it’s working hard, being kind, helping others or something else.”


Class Dojo is third on our list of the top social-emotional apps designed for teachers since it addresses teaching, classroom management, and positive school culture.

3. Classcraft

Classcraft Classcraft is an application and computer program which is renowned for its improvement in the management of classrooms and engagement. Utilizing the same principles used in the popular video games, this app focuses on SEL/PBIS and helps kids improve their social skills and develop emotional intelligence, including cooperation through gamification methods and high-quality avatars.

Classcraftis an effective class management software that lets teachers:

  • examine the progress of students
  • Give points to various activities and projects.
  • add points for each assignment
  • track understanding.

It also provides instructors with the SEL Edition of Story Mode. With this approach students are able to take their own group of characters to a journey through the Classcraftuniverse…meet new characters, explore new realms and learn about the five CASEL core competencies:

  • self-awareness
  • self-management
  • social awareness
  • relationships abilities
  • responsible decision-making.

This app for teachers can positively impact the classroom culture and patterns of behaviour.

4. Calm Me Down

This iOS app helps children who are autistic learn how to manage their reactions to emotions stress and events. The children choose activities that can allow them to relax and allows them to control their emotions when faced with stressful situations.


  • The app is quite simple to use and has the content organized in three hubs.
  • A handful of free meditation classes (5-10 sessions per session) covering topics such as anxiety, sleep, stress and concentration can give you an idea of the kinds of meditations that are available.
  • The premium version offers the widest selection of music, ranging from natural and ambient sound to lo-fi jams that will help keep you on track all day long.
  • The content for children is entertaining and engaging, featuring well-known characters as well as stories for teenagers and toddlers.


  • The meditation classes that are free are extremely restricted and difficult to find and lead one to think that there isn’t any free content available.
  • The free version doesn’t contain any content that is geared towards kids, movement or music.
  • There are a lot of famous faces and names throughout this app. This could be distracting and can make some meditations seem superficial.
  • The app could be to be confusing initially because it doesn’t have a clear base point of reference, especially when the main hubs appear to be quite similar.

5. Emotional ABCs

Emotional ABCs is among the most effective social-emotional apps. It is designed to teach young children social-emotional abilities. Today, it is used by more than 20000 teachers and school counsellors all over the world.


  • The video-based curriculum that includes clips, group and independent games, as well as activities makes learning about social-emotional skills fun.
  • It is a way to model positive behaviours which can aid in overcoming problems. It assists with a range of behaviours from anger or anxiety to controlling impulses.
  • It’s a well-organized and well-structured platform that many social-emotional-learning apps don’t have.
  • It’s perfect for teaching the first emotional and social skills.
  • Certain activities appear to be unrelated to the content
  • It’s not always clear whether the course should be designed as instruction for the whole group or individual practice.

In the end, It’s a simple and child-friendly app for social interaction. It is suitable for children who have emotional and anxiety issues. It can also help with the automatic thoughts of negative emotions and unfounded beliefs.


  • This app for social-emotional learning assists children in understanding how their opinions about a specific situation impact their behaviour and feelings.
  • The app encourages the development of cooperation, communications, as well as other social-emotional competencies. It achieves this by rewarding players with games with elements.
  • This app is among the most effective social-emotional-learning apps for elementary school Psychologists, Mental Health Professionals & Caregivers as well as Parents & Kids.
  • It’s available for Android, iPhone, and iPad


  • It allows you to look over your text, thus removing the necessity of having to pay for your actions.

6. Kid in Story Book Maker

It is among the most effective social-emotional-learning applications. It is distinguished by the use of green screen technology. Teachers or therapists are able to take a child’s picture from a photo and then insert the image into a variety of story templates.

You can tell an original story with original images and words.


  • This app is ideal for children who have special needs. It’s also great for children in the early years who struggle with their social and communication skills.
  • Watching themselves in stories about different situations can help children to prepare for their new experiences.
  • It is a no-cost download reader that is free to download. This lets children read their stories to families and friends outside of the classroom.
  • It is available for iPhone and iPad
  • This app is available for trial time
  • Instructions and a layout for free are available.
  • A variety of additional features are included in the purchase, including access to the local bank as well as DropBox sharing.
  • It can be utilized for many different uses.


  • It is not equipped with advanced features, nor do they have numerous sharing options

7. Positive Penguins HD

This is among the apps that teach social-emotional skills to aid in building self-esteem and confidence. In a period when depression and bullying are rising This app can help. Positive Penguins is an exceptional experience.

The app for social skills is an easy, interactive educational tool. It assists children in understanding and feeling their emotions in a positive way.



  • It teaches children to be able to manage and understand their emotions.
  • This is among the apps for social-emotional learning that transform their thinking.
  • The app is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.
  • There aren’t any in-app purchases
  • There is no online account needed to access the app.
  • The app does not include any advertisements


  • It is a game-playing environment that could be a source of concern to parents of certain children.
  • There are a variety of male and female stereotypes, as well as sexual reference points
  • It also contains information about gambling

What are Social-Emotional Learning Apps?

Social-emotional Learning (SEL) can be described as a method which teaches children how to control their emotional states. It also helps young people how to establish goals, build compassion, as well as make sensible choices. SEL enhances the quality of the system of education by focusing on students.

SEL helps students overcome conflicts by guiding them through exercises. It promotes calm through recognizing the potential of empathy.

Imagine that you are learning all this via an application. While social-emotional learning apps are designed for use in schools, students are able to utilize them in any setting.

Why Should You Use Social Emotional Learning Apps?

1. Social-emotional-learning apps help in the control of emotions as well as the control of stress.

Research has shown that children who have higher levels of social-emotional competence are more likely to be successful in school, work as well as in other aspects of their lives.

Social-emotional apps enhance social skills, attitudes, goals and problem-solving skills. Students who utilize them have lower levels of behavioural problems and less emotional stress.


2. Apps for social-emotional learning enhance academic performance.

The application for SEL programming is highly effective. According to studies, SEL promotes safe learning environments and helps reduce violence.

It also helps reduce emotional stress as well as disruptive behaviour at school and also reduces drug use. The outcome? Higher academic performance.

3. Social-emotional learning apps boost grades

As per research from the SEL analysis, SEL improved performance on assessment at grade level with an average improvement of 11 percentiles! This study, which ran from 2011 until 2014, conducted a survey of 270,000 students.

4. Social-emotional learning apps help build resilience.

According to studies that children who are able to self-control are less likely to be angry or frustrated when confronted by challenges. SEL increases the confidence in the self-esteem of children which encourages children to set achievable goals.

5. Apps for social-emotional learning boost mental health

In the world, districts and schools concentrate on mental health issues through teaching students skills. They find that students with skills in SEL have a lower chance of suffering from depression, anxiety or any other mental health issues.


It is certain that a school that encourages the use of social-emotional learning apps will benefit the students of its school.

If students take part in activities that encourage emotional and social learning, they will find new ways to learn vital life lessons.

What can teachers gain from social Emotional Education Apps?

Social-emotional apps help teachers and students show empathy. This helps them cope with challenging situations better. Social-emotional apps help reduce anxiety among students and boost the chance of them returning to classes in the future.

Students can enhance their relationship abilities and their social interaction with their peers and adults in school. It is possible to do this by using these apps for social-emotional learning. They can teach you things like strategies for conflict resolution or solution-oriented communications practices.

According to studies the schools that use programs for social-emotional learning see an increase in participation levels. Social-emotional learning applications aid teachers in creating a positive atmosphere. This fosters creativity and allows students to tackle problems in a collaborative manner.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Use Social Emotional Learning Apps?

Academic performance. Students’ academic performance increases when they acquire stronger emotional and social abilities. Less behavioural problems, less emotional distress and more positive social behaviour.

What is SEL?

SEL is not well-defined, has no proof and is still tied with Common Core. The SEL standards require excessive introspection for children. The SEL process and psychological profiling.

What are the benefits students can get from the app Social Emotional Learning?


It improves motivation for students improves the classroom and school atmosphere and helps students develop the ability to solve problems. Social-emotional learning is also a way to reduce problems with behaviour.

Do apps for social-emotional learning significantly enhance children’s emotional and social capabilities?

Yes. Social-emotional learning apps greatly improve children’s skills in emotional and social interaction. They also help improve positive attitudes towards oneself and other people.

What can teachers gain From the Social Emotional Education Apps?

The early years of social and emotional development (SEL) is essential to assist preschoolers in being able to recognize and manage their emotions. They will also be able to show empathy and compassion for other people. This allows them to build relationships, set goals that are positive and make informed choices.



Children love screen time However, there’s some positive news for parents who want their child to play fewer games and focus more on learning. A lot of the apps for kids today blend education and technology. Learning is more exciting as well as interactive and would we say, more fun than ever before.

There is a myriad of social-emotional learning apps for children for all kinds of things. It’s just a matter of looking through the list below to locate the most useful ones.

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