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Best Salary Negotiation Advice You Will Ever Get

Money is the motivation that pushes professionals forward on the career route. If you get enough, you tend to be more productive and efficient. Moreover, your career moves fast when you start with an optimal salary. Sadly, most professionals settle for less only because they find salary negotiation scary. But not asking for what you deserve can lead to immense frustration with your job down the line. So you must learn how to negotiate and do it without hesitation, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional. Let us share the best salary negotiation advice you will ever get.

Know your worth

Not knowing your worth is the worst mistake while appearing for a job interview. If you wish to receive the salary you deserve, you must dig deep to find the ongoing rate for your position in your geographic location and industry. Stepping into a negotiation without a number means your hiring manager can control the conversation. Websites like Payscale or Glassdoor give you a fair idea of the salary amount to expect. Alternatively, you can seek advice from professionals in your field.

Go for the top of the range

After digging deep, you will probably find a range representing your market value as a professional. You may settle for something in the mid, but experts advise going for the top of the range. Knowing a specific figure to negotiate is even better. Firstly, it makes you confident about your professional positioning. Secondly, the recruiter will surely negotiate down, so you must have wiggle room to get a salary you are happy with.

Be ready to walk away

Besides knowing your potential salary figures, you must also decide on a walk-away point. Essentially, it is a final offer low enough to turn down. You can seek advice from an expert salary negotiation coach in this context. They can help you assess several factors to pick an optimal value. For example, your market value, current financial need, or a psychological cut-off point can guide you about your walk-away point. Although walking away is challenging, you should have the courage to say no.

Negotiate for an existing role

Most professionals believe that joining a company is the best time to negotiate a salary. Some wait for the performance review season for a salary adjustment. But remember that timing is everything when it comes to negotiation, specifically when you are already in an organization. Set clear expectations and discuss them with your HR manager a few months before the review season. If you are good enough, they will budget for the raise to retain you.


Work on your body language

Your confidence levels decide the outcome of your negotiation conversation. Everything boils down to having the right body language during the meeting, so you must work on it. Power up with a straight back,  your chin and chest raised, and walk in confidently.  A cup of coffee can make you more resistant to persuasion, and you are less likely to settle for a lowball offer.

Most importantly, be willing to get into a money conversation with your recruiter or manager. You should get what you deserve, so do not shy away from asking for it.

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