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Top 14 Best College Radio Stations in the World [ 2022 Ranking]

Best College radio stations are among the few places where advertisers can’t dictate the playlist. This is where subversive speech is welcome.

Young people across the country are bringing back old recordings and presenting the next big thing to the millennial generation.

Since the 1960s, when the FCC started granting class D licenses for small radio stations of 10 watts or less, college radio has broadcast the voice of the next generation.

This voice is wonderful, and college radio has broadcast it since then. Many college radio stations are managed by students.

The institution provides a building and budget. Students are responsible for all other aspects.


Some stations can be used as classrooms or training grounds for future DJs and sound engineers.

All these stations share one thing in common: they all air cutting-edge content.

This article will give you the top college radio stations for 2022. This is a list listing the top college radio stations currently broadcasting.

Which are the Best College Radio Stations in The World?

Let’s get into the details about the top college radio stations currently making waves:

1. Seton Hall University

WSOU 89.5 University’s radio station began broadcasting on 89.5 FM in 1948.


The station’s first faculty director Monsignor Thomas J. Gilhooly was the force behind its conception and early success.

It was a small start-up, and he didn’t know it would grow into a major college radio station in New York. They would also devote their entire programming to “screamer” music.

For the past 30 years, WSOU has broadcast a variety of musical genres, including punk, heavy metal, emo and hardcore music.

They enjoy a loyal audience from the community but are also committed to keeping true to their academic roots.

You can find information on every school’s event, as well as scores and other happenings, on their website.


They also keep students updated on recent news events without making them seem boring or newsy.

This is possible only if the organization is entirely controlled by students. As has been the case for this station over the past 68 years.

It is one of the most prestigious college radio stations in the country.

2. Drexel University

Drexel University is on our first list of the top college radio stations.

WKDU, Drexel University, and 91.7 play an incredible range of tunes. They also keep up with Philadelphia’s entire music scene, which is no easy feat.


The website has a list of all the players and ages that are available. This is an important concern for average college students.

WKDU’s genre changes from hour to hour, so first-time listeners might have difficulty adapting to the station’s format.

You’ll soon discover that you don’t like punk at all or that you only like funk at certain times of the day.

For impressive recordings of interviews in-studio, you can also visit the station’s site.

Nearly every tour stops in Philadelphia. Many performers also appear at WKDU.


3. DePauw University

Another top college radio station is making an impact around the globe.

The website for WASU 90.5, Appalachian State University is the first to be noticed. It was designed for the digital age.

It wasn’t designed to be dialled with an antenna at 90.5FM in your Volkswagen Jetta in 1986 while you drove to Dairy Queen.

Listeners have easy access to podcasts, social networking links, an iPhone app, as well as a listen-to-live button that is larger than their call numbers.

They are also an alternative station that plays indie-rock music and will not try to attract people who are too young to hear them on the radio.


They are able to appeal to students by hosting shows like sports and food shows.

Despite its small size, the campus of WASU is easily visible. DePauw University.

4. Appalachian State University

The website for WASU 90.5, Appalachian State University is the first to be noticed. It was designed for the digital age.

It wasn’t designed to be dialled with an antenna at 90.5FM in your Volkswagen Jetta in 1986 while you drove to Dairy Queen.

They make podcasts easy to access, link to social media, and offer an iPhone application, and a listen-to-live button that is much larger than their call numbers.


They are also an alternative station that plays indie-rock music and will not make any effort to reach listeners younger than they are.

They do an amazing job of appealing to students by hosting sports and food shows.

WASU is a strong presence in the small town despite its size. This station is also ranked among the top college radio stations.

5. University of Tennessee, Knoxville

WUTK 90.3, also known as New Rock 90, is a radio station operated by the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

They transmit a strong signal that can be picked up over a distance of 30 miles. They are the fifth most visited station in the Greater Knoxville area.


They also play a wide variety of music, including new bands on the cutting-edge of rock and roll, as well as old-school rock and roller classics like techno, rap and electronica.

They are versatile and can be used to cover many musical styles and decades. This makes them very appealing to many.

In 2022, the University of Tennessee will be a top college radio station.

6. Texas State University

Texas State University students manage the radio station KTSW 89.9 and the signal can still be heard from San Marcos to Austin via Interstate 35.

They can be found playing a wide variety of music, including electronic, hip-hop, rock and independent.


They are also the official station of Rattler Football, Bobcat Athletics and syndicated shows.

They are loved by everyone, even those who don’t like it.

The My Radio Festival, also known as MR FEST is an annual live music festival. It takes place over two consecutive days and is open to the public.

They encourage music lovers to attend.

It has grown over the years to attract thousands of people from the surrounding community, which has brought the station a lot of positive attention.


It is also on the list of top college radio stations for 2022.

7. University of California Berkeley

KALX 90.7 broadcasts from the University of California.

Berkeley was originally conceived in the 1960s as a project that could be housed in a cigar case. It used wires to connect individual rooms.

However, the university was hesitant about students being able to communicate via radio waves.

A group of students worked hard to broadcast the news using an improvised wiring system. They eventually got their hands on a real radio station after nearly four years.


They have been an integral part of the Bay Area since then. They are now able to broadcast to the whole world via live streams and an iPhone application.

Many people tune in to hear about the latest great music and art happening in the Bay region.

They are a key part of a vibrant and exciting scene. It is also one of the most prestigious college radio stations in all of America.

8. University Of Washington

KEXP 90.3 is next on our list of top college radio stations.

When KEXP 90.3, a student radio station at the University of Washington, started broadcasting in 1972, rock records were the first programming.


It is not the radio station you used to listen to.

Instead of calling themselves a radio station they now call themselves a dynamic arts group.

They host street events, play music by alternative and independent rock bands, and live stream performances by famous artists.

There are forty DJs on the staff. They were also the first station in the world to offer playlists that could be updated instantly.

Because they are funded by the Experience Music Project, a billionaire investor Paul Allen funds, they can do innovative stuff like this.


9. WRHU 88.7, Hempstead New York. 

Hofstra University’s university-owned radio station 88.7 WRHU is student-run and offers a range of formats. It is managed by students.

The station broadcasts the New York Islanders games and is also home to some of America’s most innovative and forward-thinking programs.

For more than 50 years, they have assisted in the preparation of talent for success on the air. Their programming is a testament to both their care as well as the assistance they provide.

You can choose from many musical genres including country, hip hop, Latin and even Italian music, rock, alternative and independent music.

They can cover a broad range of music and will perform songs that you won’t find anywhere else.


#10. WSOU 89.5 FM Seton Hall University

WSOU is a college radio station that claims to be one of the best in New York City. It plays heavy metal, hardcore and post-hardcore music.

They push the next big thing in the music industry (or screamers)

This has been true for a while. WSOU was the station that introduced punk music to college radio in the 1970s.

They want you to know that although their music may scare some people the music on WSOU is more family-friendly than the sexually explicit lyrics you might hear on a popular radio station.

#11. WGRE 91.5, Greencastle Indiana 

WGRE 91.5, a student-run radio station, broadcasts from DePauw University. It is located in Greencastle (Indiana).


It is consistently ranked among the top college radio stations throughout the United States.

Its slogan is “Your Sound Alternative,” but to give you an idea about how high-quality the programming is, here are some names on November’s list of “Top 15”.

Additionally, some organizations have been honoured with national and regional honours such as the Associated Press or the Society of Professional Journalists.

If there is one thing we can say about radio is that stations that combine quality and taste produce outstanding radio. WGRE is a good example of this.

#12. WCRD 91.3, Ball State University

The second-largest student activity at Ball State, WCRD is responsible for keeping its members informed about local developments.


The station is well-known for its coverage of high school sports in the area.

Parents, alumni and students of Ball State University love the station’s coverage of varsity sports.

WCRD is in the same building as Public Radio Indiana and the College of Communication, Information and Media Studies.

David Letterman, the college’s founder and an alumnus, provides funding.

WCRD is known for its local news coverage, but also its rock and top-40 music programming.


#13. WEIU 88.9 Eastern Illinois University

Eastern Illinois University students have the chance to broadcast in real life thanks to a program nominated by MTVu for the Woodie Award.

WEIU is an educational association that offers opportunities to individuals to gain experience in announcing and operating production equipment. It also assists at station marketing events.

The station provides local coverage of high-quality sporting events and top music, despite this.

Participating in student competitions to win the best radio ads, newscasts, and public service announcements is one of the highlights of working at the station.


The influence of social media and the internet has made it difficult for people to listen to radio stations in recent years.


Perhaps, however, the best college radio stations have been more influential than social media.

We have highlighted the top college radio stations in this article. We hope that you have found all the information in this article useful.

Frequently Asked Question

Which college radio stations are the best?

These radio stations provide top-quality programs every day!

How do I access the best college radio stations around the globe?


Click on the link to go to each station.

How can I get these top college radio stations from PlayStore?

Yes. Yes. Most college radio stations have apps available on Playstore.

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