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Best Money Secrets For Entrepreneurs Planning An Italian Startup

Money matters the most when you launch a startup because it never seems enough at this stage. You must spend wisely and save as much as possible, regardless of the size and scale of your business. You have to be extra conscious when launching a business overseas because the cost of immigration adds up to the conventional startup expenses. Knowing the vital money secrets gives you a good start, and so does choosing the right international destination.

Italy is an excellent one because it offers lucrative business opportunities and easy immigration with an investor visa. If you wish to seek guidance in this context, the team of Investor Visa for Italy LLC can assist you in the process and beyond. But the investment part can make you apprehensive. Let us share a few money secrets that can help you go ahead with your Italian startup without stress and inhibitions.

Secret #1- The investor visa need not burn a hole in your wallet

Although the investor visa process is mainly about contributing with a hefty investment, it need not burn a hole in your wallet. In fact, you can immigrate to Italy by investing thousands instead of millions. The minimum limit you can start with is an investment of €250,000 for an innovative startup business in Italy. There are other options too, but the minimum is always a better choice for new international companies running on tight budgets. Get your funds ready, and apply sooner than later without worrying about a massive expense on immigration. The best part is that you have to deposit them only after getting a residence permit.

Secret #2- You can bring your family without extra investment

When you launch a business overseas, you probably want to bring your family to start afresh. But the expense of family immigration may be too massive to bear, considering the pressure of launching an international startup. Surprisingly, it is the last thing you should stress about because you can bring your family to Italy without additional investment. You only need to validate that you have the financial means to support them throughout their stay in Italy.

Secret #3- You can obtain Italian citizenship by retaining the investment

Another incredible secret about the investor visa that global entrepreneurs should know is that it is possible to obtain Italian citizenship by retaining the investment. You have to stay in the country for a decade and hold the initial investment intact. It is a small price to buy one of the most powerful passports for yourself and your loved ones. Ensure readiness for long-term investment from the start so that you can establish and grow your business in Italy and stay here for good. Remember to collaborate with an expert to help you with visa and permit renewals to obtain citizenship by naturalization.


Knowing these money secrets gives you a head start with the investor visa process. You can complete it without financial worries and focus more on growing your international venture. Let an expert do the rest for you!

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