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Wyandotte Chicken: Everything You Need To Know About This Breed.

The wyandotte chicken is a docile bird, with great maternal instinct. They are excellent caretakers of their chicks and good laying hens. Their qualities as a curved shape and a good character make them the favorites of many, especially farmers, experts, and amateurs. They are considered a decorative chicken because of their versatility of colors. They are friendly, and they stick to their owners. Furthermore, they are warriors against climatic conditions, and they support them very well.

Description About Wyandotte Chicken

The Wyandotte breed of hen is known for its abundant plumage. It is characterized by having a rounded shape, medium size, and average weight. It has the particularity of having the shape of its chest forward, and its neck slightly arched back. The wyandotte hen’s head is small, short, wide, round. Its crest is a bright red color; it is slightly raised and perfectly fits the skull mold. The eyes, the lobes, the ears that tend to be rectangular, the chin a bit long, and the face are bright red.

Its beak is a little short with curvature, and its color is yellow in almost all species. In some cases, they have a horny colored coat, and the eyes of this species are reddish-golden brown. The body is of a medium and wide length, the back rather short and wide that it rises towards the tail at an angle of 40 degrees if it is the male and 30 degrees if it is the female chicken. Her chest is round and deep.

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It is a hen that gained much fame for its qualities and a good laying chickens. It is good at incubating its eggs, as the Sussex and the leghorn hen are estimated to lay about 200 to 220 large and nutritious annual eggs as well as its meat that is also used because it is abundant despite accumulating fat.

The annual laying of eggs is good as long as the hen’s conditions are given, such as feeding, lodging, and care, it is a breed of fattening fast for its maturation. This breed of wyandotte hen is one of the popular in the standard area for medium weight. 


Types Of Wyandotte Chickens

There are different types of wyandotte chickens with different colors and specifications for the crosses made many years ago. Below we name the most outstanding and important variety.

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White Wyandotte Chicken

It is one of the species with greater relevance and preference. The color of the plumage throughout its body (cloth, down, feather shafts) of the rooster and the hen is pure white. The color of the quills and fingers yellow. On the crest, the face, on the chin and ears, we get a bright red color. Its eyes are round and reddish-brown, and its beak is strongly curved and yellow. 

Wyandotte Hen Columbia

In this species, the color of its plumage is white, and it has round reddish-brown eyes. The beak is yellow with the edge of dark color, specifically below the upper jaw, the crest, chin, ears, and face of bright red color. Neck and feather fabric are slightly greenish-black, with a fine silver-white border that mostly extends around the tip. The shaft is black feathers on the front of the neck, colored white.

Golden Wyandotte Chicken

In the golden wyandotte species, the plumage of its body and down is golden brown, with light lacerations of lustrous greenish-black. It is very well drawn and clear by the contour of the feather, the down, the slate is with a little chestnut golden. On the head, it has a nice plumage of golden brown color and with a lanceolate in black for each feather. Its beak is strong of dark horny color, slightly shaded at the tip, round eyes of reddish-brown color, the crest, face, chins, and ears of bright red color.


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Fawn Wyandotte Chicken

The color of the plumage of this species is on its total surface yellow before gold. It does not have a nuanced shaft or any mealy appearance. The head, neck, and back, the arch of the wing and the chair varnished in the lightest color. It has no strange color. It has different nuances of the fawn in one or more sections. The most consistent is a good and harmonious fusion of the fawn of all sections.

Black Wyandotte Hen

The plumage of this black wyandotte species is glossy, greenish-black in all parts of its body. They have a sub color in all sections of a slate color. The bill is strong, curved, and yellow. The eyes are rounded and reddish-brown. Its rest, face, chin, and ears of bright red color, and the quills and fingers without feathers and yellow color.

Hen Wyandotte Partridge

The wyandotte partridge species has a vivid red plumage. Its bill is strong with a dark horny color with a slight yellow shadow on the tip. The eyes are reddish-brown, and the crest, chin, face, and ears are bright red. The neck is, and the fabric of the feather is a lustrous greenish-black. On edge, you can see a bright colorado, the plumage of the shaft, and the front of the neck is black.

Silver Wyandotte Chicken

The head’s color for the rooster is silver white with a slight black lanceolate that reaches the tip. In the hen, it is silver-gray, the beak is strong, curved in a dark horny color with yellow at the tip. The eyes are reddish-brown, and the crest, stifle face, and ear are bright red. The neck is glossy greenish-black with a silver-white border; the shaft is white.



The rearing of the wyandotte breed hen largely depends on where they will be located for this purpose. People should take into account important aspects such as the terrain, the number of birds that will be in the same place, and all the accessories that are needed for their feeding and beware. The birds must have adequate feeders and drinkers to be well fed and have a clean water intake that guarantees the laying of eggs. Because the bird does not drink enough water, it makes it difficult to lay eggs.

They are susceptible to infections, so it is recommended to keep the place where they inhabit clean and disinfect. If there is any sick bird, isolate it to avoid collective contamination. The use of antibiotics is recommended in cases where it is required. 

Advantages Of The Wyandotte Hen

This type of bird can be bred with ease since they cannot fly, and they can be kept outdoors. These birds are docile, and they can tolerate the cold very well. Their meat is very rich, and they are excellent egg layers, large and rich in nutrients. It is a type of bird with various species, the most prominent being the white one, while the other breeds are no less important. They are dual-purpose and highly profitable birds.

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