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Www Tellhappystar Com Survey: Hardee’s and Carl’s Customer Feedback

Tell Happy Star survey Feedback 2022: Today, we will focus on Tell Happy Star Feedback, an official customer survey that can be done at and is conducted by Hardee’s Carl’s Jr. The prime goal to conduct the survey is to figure out how the customer feels about the services offered to him. Upon getting the customer inputs, they try to implement all the findings in the customer’s dealing.

Www Tellhappystar Com Survey

It is an easy-to-complete survey that anyone can fulfil. In the survey, a user can be asked to answer elementary questions. Then, you are invited to rate the services and products based on several parameters like the quality of food, the taste of food, the restaurant’s ambience, how the restaurant staff behaved, etc.

Maybe you are already aware that is a survey conducting website; the company has a proper schedule for conducting the customer survey. Whenever a customer completes a survey which they conduct. The customers receive a gift for the precious time they have put in.

You can always visit their website to complete a survey where you can share an experience that, as a customer, you have lived.

The company reviews two restaurants: Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr only. Only those who visit these two restaurants can fill out the survey. The basic idea that the company follows is that only the company that keeps its customers happy can win in the market. Let’s move on to the details and get the Tell Happy Star Feedback.

Tellhappystar Com Survey Details

Survey Name: TellHappyStar Customer Survey
Reward: Hardee Validation Codes for a Free Drink (Small), Free Hash Rounds (Small).
Restricted to: US Residents
Method: Online
No of Entries: Unlimited
Age Requirements: 18+
Supported Language: English & Spanish

Why take these surveys?

Every company wants to get a genuine review of customers who share valuable feedback. So why are these surveys important? First, these surveys are vital for associate companies to get the inputs and, based on that, an opportunity to change their way of working and improve to walk with the customer mindset.

Once surveys are started, they can be completed step-by-step, asking for micro details about your experience. Once a survey is finished, the customer who completes the survey is entitled to get a gift with a total value of $1000.

So, if you want to take the survey, you can visit their official website at and furnish this qualification to enter the study.

You must be at least 18 years or old before taking the survey.
The receipt received from the restaurant can be used only once to complete one survey.
It would help if you were well-versed in English or Spanish.
Only those customers from either Canada, UK, or US can participate in these surveys.
No one employee or their loved ones can take part in surveys.

Basic Requirements to participate in surveys:

You have to have the latest receipt of your latest walk at Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr.
There must be a PC or laptop and a reliable internet connection to complete the survey.
You have seven days from the latest visit to these restaurants; after that, you cannot qualify with the same receipt.
You have to be able to submit the feedback survey application online.


The survey can be completed on

Once a new page is opened, you will be required to fill in the date, time, the receipt code from the receipt.

Choose the preferred answer to fill this survey from the available language.

On the survey page, you will be asked questions based on the quality of food, quality service, the restaurant’s atmosphere, etc on a scale of 1-5.

On the next page, you can fulfill your contact details like contact number, email address, home address, etc.

After filling in all the details, verify whether they are correct or not. Once you are sure, you can confirm by clicking on ‘Submit’.


The survey will end with a message “Thank you for completing the survey.”


The company would be able to improve according to survey findings.

Feedback connects customers and the company in the business relationship.

It keeps the customers engaged with the company.



The customer provided no genuine feedback.

A minimal period is offered to complete an extensive survey.

The feedback process is so monotonous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any reward offered by Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s for completing surveys?

Yes, these companies conduct online surveys for getting valuable client feedback for their products and services. Anyone who has recently visited these restaurants can provide feedback online about the two restaurants. In return, they receive discounted food items or even free meals sometimes for completing surveys because they have invested their precious time in this process.


What is the TellHappyStar survey?

It’s an online survey conducting website for Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s. In this survey, various questions are asked about the food quality, restaurant ambience, staff behaviour, etc., to get valuable customer feedback.

Are these (Hardee’s & Carl’s Jr) good brands?

These two are some of the most famous restaurants in the US, and they have their restaurant chain. They offer good quality food to make their customers happy about the services they offer.

Can I exchange my rewards as cash from these restaurants?

No, cash cannot be exchanged for these rewards since you can only enjoy discounted food or free food sometimes.

What is the average rating of Hardee’s?

The feedback is based on the survey conducted by various customers:

Food: 3.5


Atmosphere: 3.5

Service: 3.5

Value: 3.5

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