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7 Best Free Video Webinar Conferencing Software 2023

It is a challenging task to narrow down the best webinar conferencing software and even harder to find the best one that is truly free.  All credit goes to the ever-growing digital landscape in that communication does not always take place in a physical encounter.

One of the greatest advantages of this digital revolution is the ability to chat with someone thousands of miles away. Of course, face-to-face communication has its own advantages but when such kinds of physical meetings are not possible to arrange this webinar conferencing software helps you.

Best Free Webinar Conferencing Software Review 2023

Webinar Conferencing Software

This webinar platform helps various professionals, from educators to brand managers. It let users connect to their audiences in a powerful way, whether it is students or clients. So, whether you are a student or an entrepreneur, here we have listed out the most popular best webinar software.

1. Zoom

Zoom Webinar Conferencing Software

If you want to have a successful and productive hybrid team then you must have the right webinar software. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that is completely cloud-based. This platform you can use it for video conferencing and audio conferencing meetings, webinars, live chat, and meeting recordings. As per the study, nowadays, Zoom is a widely popular video conferencing software for organizations having 500 or fewer employees.

Zoom is a better and cheaper tool to use for those teams that need frequent video conferences and chats. So, if you are searching for an app for daily communication we recommend you give a try to Zoom.

2. GoToMeeting

Gotomeeting Webinar Software

Featuring next on the list is GoToMeeting. Whether you use webinars for marketing purposes, training, or communications, this webinar software puts the fun back into webinars with reliable technology that is super simple to use. It has all the required features, integrations, and analytics that you need to engage your audience and make personal connections that drive your business.

 If you are a professional entrepreneur who is looking to host large webinars with plenty of tools then this software is the best. GoToMeeting provides you with 2 video solutions for your free webinar needs – 1) GoToMeeting – 14-day free trial period including screen sharing, recording, and hosting for up to 50 participants and 2) GoToWebinar – 7-day trial period incorporating automated emails and pre-recorded webinars.

3. Best Webinar Platforms

Coming up next on the list of top free webinar software is If you are an entrepreneur who hosts small webinars, then this software is a perfect pick for you. This software provides you with screen sharing for up to three attendees with their free plan. But, you can host up to 50 attendees with their Pro plan. This plan comes with a 14-day trial period. This webinar software is user-friendly and lets you enjoy a one-click meeting and expand the use case beyond simple interoffice communications.

4. Google Hangouts

Google Hangout Webinar Conferencing Software

Featuring next on the list is Google Hangouts. This software can do much more than just place Google voice phone calls for you. If you are a minimalist entrepreneur who is looking for a simple and easy-to-use free webinar service, then Google Hangout is an ideal pick for you. Google Hangout is a great, free option for smaller-sized teams that want to utilize a strong platform without any extra cost. When you use Google Hangouts for your webinar you can share a screen with participants. Of course, you have a few limits such as you can share only host a group video chat with up to 10 participants at a time.

5. YouTube Live

Youtube Live Easy Webinar

The next on the list is YouTube Live. If you are an entrepreneur with a massive audience then this webinar software is the best fit for you. This is a great platform for live streaming and great content creators. With YouTube’s event creation tool, you will be able to schedule your webinar. Therefore, only the audience you want to see your webinar will see it. Even, you will be able to embed the video on your website.

 The best part about YouTube Live is that you can have as many participants as you like with their massive servers. The participants are like view-only but you can have an infinity of them. YouTube does not offer any premium products outside of ads, which makes it is one of the most popular free webinar services on the list.


6. Facebook Live

Facebook Live Webinar Conferencing Software

Coming up next on the list is Facebook Live. Are you a social media-savvy entrepreneur with big Facebook followers? Then, Facebook Live is the best option for you. Participants of your webinar will really win out here because there is no additional software download requirement. Additionally, there is no sign-up required.

As an entrepreneur, you win out here because there is no limit to participants. Here, you have a comment section that doubles as a chatbox, and you can go live on your business’s Facebook group or page. The best part about this webinar service provider is it is one of the few 100% free webinar service providers.  Plus,  just like YouTube,  Facebook does not offer any premium products for its Facebook Live.

7. EzTalks

eztalks Free Webinar Software

Last but not least on the list is ezTalks. Are you an entrepreneur who wants to use visual elements? Then, video conferencing software provides you with a webinar service. With ezTalks, you can host up to 100 active participants and up to 10000 view-only participants. This webinar software comes with some cool features such as an interactive whiteboard, screen-sharing capabilities, and a chatbox so your participants can talk to you.

Their video conferencing software is free but if you want to take advantage of all the features incorporated in their webinar service then you will have to take part in a free trial. This free trial provides you with 100 minutes to use for your webinar. Once you have done with that, you have to purchase it to keep using its all features.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, the above-discussed best webinar platforms add a human touch to professional communication. So, if you are looking for easy webinar software for your next webinar then the above-listed software will be your best companion.

Do you feel we forgot to list out any best free webinar software? Then, share your views in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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