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Top Five Tips to Achieve Success in Your Life

Now that we have at last escaped the clutches of the Covid-19 pandemic (at least, for the most part), many of us are looking ahead to find that prospects seem a bit bleak.  To say that a lot of the world is stuck in a rut right now is probably an understatement.  It makes a person wonder sometimes, “what should I be doing with my life?”

This conundrum is a common one.  It’s okay if you’re feeling this way.  Today, we’d like to cover some strategies that you can use if you’re looking to improve your path forward in life.  Success is hard won sometimes, so here are our top five pieces of advice to achieve it!

One: Don’t Try to Progress too Quickly or Skip Steps 

The first bit of advice that we’d like to offer is this: it’s okay to start at the beginning of a process.  At first glance, it probably sounds pretty obvious.  Why wouldn’t we do that to start with, right?

Well, you can find some explanations of that here,, in terms of the reasons why folks might stray from this path.  Essentially, it’s easy to fall into the temptation of trying to fast-track ourselves to get ahead.

This is especially relevant in the field of business and jobs.  No one is realistically going to start out as a manager, and that’s okay.  We have to remember that it’s perfectly normal and reasonable to start off at the bottom of the totem pole, and gradually move our way up!  So, don’t rush to the finish line – take your time instead.


Two: Don’t Procrastinate

Chances are, you’ve probably heard this specific piece of advice plenty of times before.  It’s pretty much the number one thing that most people suggest when it comes to achieving success in life, and yet, so many of us still procrastinate.  Often, we fall back on the excuse of “working better” under pressure.

Unfortunately, this just tends not to work out in practice. As business leaders like Dean Graziosi talk about a lot, procrastination is a surefire way of ending up with slapdash end results that just aren’t as good as they could have been if we’d taken our time on them.  Although it can be hard to shake the habit, it’s worth it to have less stressful projects and better results to boot.

Three: Work Towards Your Goal a Little Bit Every Day 

Obviously, this one requires that you have some goals established in the first place.  Be sure to do that, by the way – both big and small.  Ideally, you will have at least one thing to strive for that you can approach in small increments.  That way, as you go about your daily life, you can still be making progress.

The important part of this, though, is that you want to make sure that it’s a goal that is realistically achievable.  For example, if you want to become a homeowner, aim for a property that is within a feasible budget.  Aiming too high can result in a self-defeating attitude right out of the gate, so just be careful of that.

To illustrate this point, let’s go with an example.  If our goal is to get a promotion at our job, then we probably don’t want to put the end point of “success” as being promoted to the CEO right away.  Something like that just isn’t realistic, right?  Instead, we could aim to become an assistant manager or manager – those are much more achievable and actionable.


Four: Be Open-Minded with Your Perspectives

Each and every day, we will interact with people who don’t share our same exact worldview.  We all bring our own unique perspectives to the table – it’s part of being human!  Unfortunately, it’s also something that often leads to conflicts.

There have been interesting studies done on this topic, one of which you can find on this page. Inevitably, though, it seems to be a sort of gut instinct to write off any oppositional or different perspectives from our own.  In order to achieve success in whatever venture you’re pursuing, though, we would encourage you to take another approach.

Be willing to hear people out.  Try to understand where they’re coming from.  You don’t necessarily need to change your own worldview, but rather, just know that you can agree to disagree and still respect their point of view as well.

Five: Keep Your Own Well-Being in Mind Along the Way

Chasing success can be an exhausting task.  Honestly, it isn’t always easy to remember that we have our own needs as well, and we should attend to them.  Particularly, mental health often goes by the wayside.

Of course, this isn’t a good thing at all.  Our mental (and physical) wellness is an integral part of being successful because it’s exceedingly difficult to stay on track and on the ball when we aren’t feeling up to the task.  Depression and anxiety are just two of the potential issues that could arise from not taking time for yourself.


While you should absolutely still try to achieve something small towards your goal each day, it’s still okay to take a break sometimes.  If you’re feeling worn out, worn down, or just plain exhausted, don’t force yourself to make progress or to take on projects that you aren’t fully able to complete at that moment.

There’s an instinct to feel guilty about having a day off or about getting sick (or anything in that sphere).  If you feel that way, take a step back and remember this: forcing yourself to complete a task when you are feeling sick or drained will only hurt the results of the task in the end.  It won’t be helping anyone.

In a similar vein, don’t be afraid to set boundaries and tell people “No.”  That’s a surprisingly big element to self-care.  While it can be hard to break the habit of being accommodating, put yourself first (at least sometimes).

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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