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6 Quick and Easy Certifications to Get Online That Pay Well

Quick Certifications That Pay Well: Certificates are important, just like our primary education. Even though we go to colleges or universities, graduate from there after a long time period of 3 to 4 years, and look for a job, having certificates always comes in handy.

Big companies are now accepting people without a degree, and they will hire you on the basis of your certificate or the tests they give you.

Certificates always come in handy; they become a reason for your resume to look neat, and polished, and add a few extra qualities to it. Even though you get a certificate in your field, it always helps.

As we know, recruiters do look for college degrees and proper knowledge of a field, but they also look to see if you have any certificates. And, if you do have a degree with you, having a certificate will guarantee you a good job, just like a graduate would.

These days, you can successfully register yourself in an online course and complete it from the comfort of your own home. If, for instance, you are a working professional and want to get a certificate that will help you in your field, then you can do it without quitting or leaving your work.


In fact, it will greatly assist you in obtaining a promotion or an increase. There are certificates for a variety of fields. Even if you are not a graduate and have a certificate in/a field, you will definitely get a job.

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Quick and Easy Certifications to Get Online That Pay Well

Currently, there are a variety of colleges or universities that offer online courses, and there are numerous certificates that pay well. Let’s talk about some of the certificates that will help you land a good job with just the help of a certificate.

1. Physical therapy assistant and aid

The best certificate in the certificate list is the Physical Therapy Assistant and Aid. This certificate always helps its students land a better job. Not only that, it also offered a good career ahead.

Students in this profession work with physical therapists and help patients recover from illness or injuries. And their main role is to put up with work such as administrative, moving patients or equipment.


If you want to start working as a physical therapy assistant and aid, you will require a license provided by the US Training Institute.

The length of this program is one month, and the students who register themselves for this program will have a salary of around 45,290 dollars per year.

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2. Web Development

Web development is one of the most common certificates that people go for. Many in the US and around the world attain a web development certificate. However, the positive part of this certificate is that the web development field guarantees job growth more than any other profession. In web development, professionals maintain websites by constantly checking their performance, speed, and capacity.

In this profession, there are a variety of job options available. Professionals holding this certificate could work with system design companies, marketing firms, or departments, or be self-employed. The average salary a web development professional gets is $69,430 per year.


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3. Phlebotomy Tech

Phlebotomy Tech is a certificate that will help you land a job in the healthcare sector. Getting a Phlebotomy Tech certificate will make you a healthcare worker where you will be drawing blood from people. Their role will include drawing blood, testing, researching, or possibly working for donations.

The duration of this course will be around one or two months. For anyone hoping to be a healthcare worker, this certificate offers the best opportunities.

The medium salary of a phlebotomist is around $32,710. However, the increase in this field is expected to be 32% higher than any normal profession.

Currently, there are a lot of work opportunities for phlebotomists. A phlebotomist can work in a lab, donor centres, doctor’s offices, hospitals, or any clinic.


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4. Surgical Technology

 This certificate is considered one of the quickest certificates that pay in Surgical Technology. Typically, when operating on patients, doctors will require the assistance of others, and here your job will be to help them.

Their major role consists of preparing OTs by using operating rooms and equipment, sterilizing patients for surgery, and actually helping doctors during surgery. The average minimum salary for this profession is $46,300 per year. The program length for this certificate is around one to two years.

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5. Industrial Engineering Technology.

This certificate is considered one of the quickest certificates that pay well in industrial engineering technology.


In this profession, the certificate holders will be assisting industrial engineers with their work.

Their work will be to revise the operations, equipment, and layout and will help with the smooth running of the factory. They help with revising at manufacturing plants or other industrial sites.

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6. Electrician

If you are looking to become something in the electrical line and are looking for a quick certificate, then this is for you. After attaining this certificate, you will be able to work in the power department.

The minimum program length for this certificate is four months. As an electrician whose job is to maintain, install and fix electrical wiring in houses and buildings, the job you will get will be monitoring electrical systems, smart gadgets, and many more. Basically, any job related to wiring.


However, this certificate is considered expensive. The job growth in this profession is more than 9% higher than it is in your normal job.

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Getting a certificate in any field has always proven helpful. Having a certificate in your resume will help you land a good job or get a promotion. Recruiters see certificates as a good sign.

Now, you can get a certificate in any field of your preference. Numerous certificates that hold value are provided by numerous institutes.

Apart from the certificates mentioned above, there are many other certificates that pay well and promise a good future with significant professional growth. Although their duration will vary, their pay will also vary.


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