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A Brief Review of, Scam, or Legit side hustle?

Is Playtestcloud Legit: Today we will explore the mobile game testing platform called Is Playtestcloud legit? Does it provide an alternative source of income? Can you be a part of it? What qualifications are required for the same? Let’s review Playtestcloud and see if we can get the answers.

Let’s look at it more objectively and get to know first things first. Playtestcloud serves you as a platform that connects mobile game developers to testers who can QA the games. On playtestcloud, testers can test the mobile games through various app development stages like prototyping, development, soft launch, and post-release.

How do I get on Playtestcloud and become a tester?

Becoming a Playtestcloud tester is actually rather easy. Yes, there is a qualifier, but it is only to guide testers on how to review the mobile game and provide better feedback.

The first step is to meet Playtestcloud requirements. Let’s look at what they are.

Here are the requirements for testers –

  • Be able to speak English.
  • Reside in Canada, the UK, or the United States
  • Have an android phone which is Lollipop 5, or a newer version. Same for IOS, iPhone 5 or higher running IOS 12 OR 13 or higher.
  • Be comfortable talking while testing games.

Sign Up to be a part of Playtestcloud

In order to sign up, the information that Playtestcloud collates is as below.

  • Email address
  • Full Name
  • Your favorite mobile games
  • Your phone model
  • Country, gender, and age

Post this; you need to agree to their terms of service and Privacy Policy and submit your Playtestcloud application.

Qualified candidates of Playtestcloud

If Playtestcloud finds your application worthwhile, they will send you a qualification test. The test is unpaid. The test is a 5minute survey that provides information on how to play a test game and provides feedback which playing. If you fail the test Playtestcloud provides feedback on how you could have done better. The test is free so that you can take the test multiple times.


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Get test invites from Playtestcloud.

Playtestcloud emails you opportunities for testing periodically. Playtestcloud pays a small bonus for talking a certain percentage of time during the testing and uploading your feedback as soon as possible.

What do you do on Playtestcloud?

From the Playtestcloud gigs, if any of them seems suitable to you, download the app through the invite email. Playtestcloud also installs screen recording software on your phone. In addition, they also record your voice and touch to get a better idea of how you played the game.

It helps to give as much feedback as possible. Each test session is about 15 minutes distributed between playing the game and providing feedback. Once you upload your session with the feedback, Playtestcloud approves the session, and you get paid.

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How much does Playtestcloud pay?

Playtestcloud pays about $9 for a 15-minute session. They send out over 100,000 test requirements per day, but there are also many testers, so you may not get a steady stream of tests, and hence this cannot be considered as your primary job. Playtestcloud income can range from $9 to about $100 if you are fortunate.

How do you get paid? 

The email invite you receive from playtestcloud is the same one that carries the payment amount details for every survey. You do not have to reach a threshold amount for your payment to be processed. All payments are made through Paypal. 

Playtestcloud pays you promptly once you complete a test. Playtestcloud does not have any member dashboard and hence does not and as such does not have any payment details set up. You have to ensure that the same email ID is used while setting up the PayPal account and the ID used for Playtestcloud. It is due to this that payments are processed automatically.

Is playtestcloud safe?

You might be very apprehensive about installing testing software on your phone that tracks and records what actions you take while playing the mobile game and how you use the app. Playtestcloud also makes you agree to NDA before you can start testing. 

You can always read the privacy policy to understand what information is being collected and what is used for making Playtestcloud safe. Playtestcloud has worked with gaming companies like Ubisoft, Wooga. These are popular mobile gaming companies, and Playtestcloud is one of the largest platforms which test their mobile games. 


Is playtestcloud legit?

Playtestcloud is a legitimate company that has been around since 2012 and has enough payment proofs, happy users, and positive reviews. The company really pays you to test unreleased games. But is it really worth your time? That is a whole other story. Yes, the company pays well, but as the number of gigs is not much and not regular, this cannot be a primary source of income and can only be a side hustle.

 It is also for the same reason that you will have to check your email inbox regularly for invites once you choose to become a tester. Once you receive an invite to start the test, you have to download the game that is being tested. The same invite will include information about the earning potential for the test. You will have to agree to their Non-Disclosure Agreement before you start testing.

Primarily, it is a bit confusing as to how to begin the test. Sites like these usually have an app or program that you need to install to record your screen. It comes packaged with the game that you need to install. Tests continue for 15minutes, and during the test, you have to record your voice stating likes, dislikes, and your feedback for the game. You need to speak out your thoughts, as I mentioned before.

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