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How To Login To Mythdhr – Home Depot Self Service Portal

MythDHR Login: MythDHR is an online site that offers a wide collection of products. There are more than 2200 stores with employees about nearly 4,00,000. If you are new to Mythdhr or planning to use it, then it is necessary to know about the schedule. By logging into you can find the job schedules, see the orders, and can benefit in many other ways. Unlike many other sites, MythDHR is secure. To know about how to login to the site, scroll and continue your read.

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How To Check MythDHR Login?

Prior to login into the site, you need to have a MythDHR login web address and a valid user name with a password. Also, for accessibility, there is a requirement of a tablet or smartphone, or desktop with internet accessibility. As a MythDHR employee, you need to sign in to the site, for knowing the schedule for the next week and to monitor an eye on your employee section account. Here is the step to log into your MythDHR for checking schedules and other data.

  • Open the browser (Google, Yahoo, or any other) and surf for Now your screen will display the official site of MythDHR. From it click on your schedule option shown on the left-side top corner. 
How To Login To Mythdhr.
  • Once you made the click, the portal demands your username, store number, and password. Once the required information is given you will be directed to your work schedule. Suppose you are having an issue in signing in even after mentioning the right username and password, just check your Caps lock are off. If it isn’t, then switch off and mention the required information again. 
Mythdhr login

How To Retain Account In Case Of Forget Password?

Suppose you are unable to log in to Mythdhr Homedepot Com, due to forgetting of password, then ring up to their customer care. Dial 1-866-698-4347 to rise the complaint of forget password for MythDHR login. On weekdays the assistance will be provided from morning 8. a.m to 8. p.m. On Saturday and Sunday, the service is provided between 8. a.m in the morning and 5. p.m in the evening.

So, if you couldn’t sign in to the account due to the password issue reason, call the given number at the prescribed time and get a solution. Another way is to reset the password is by signing in to the MythDHR official account and mentioning the username in the required column. Click on submit icon and a temporary password will be sent to your mail. Use it to sign-in and follow the given guidelines for changing the password. 

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Benefits Of Using MythDHR Site

There are advantages of using the MythDHR site for both customers and employees. Some of them are as listed

  • Account details can be availed by signing in to the site.
  • Changes can be made to your deposits.
  • Can help in finding out the transaction history.
  • 15% discounts are given to employees who purchase the share of the company.
  • Provides dental and medical insurance to employees as well as their customers.

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Closing Lines

Hope the content helps you to find the easy steps for signing-in to the MythDHR portal. If you have any doubt then contact to the above-mentioned phone number and get it resolved. 

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