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Website Review WebSite Auditor Reviews is a software development company that offers a suite of SEO tools, including WebSite Auditor. This tool helps businesses audit and optimize their websites for search engines. In this article, we will take a closer look at WebSite Auditor and explore the reviews and feedback from users.

WebSite Auditor Features

WebSite Auditor is a comprehensive tool that helps businesses optimize their website for search engines. It includes a range of features that can help improve website visibility, traffic, and rankings. Here are some of the key features of WebSite Auditor:

  1. Site Structure Analysis: WebSite Auditor analyzes the site structure and provides recommendations for improvement, including broken links, missing images, and duplicate content.
  2. Content Analysis: WebSite Auditor analyzes the content of the website and provides insights on keyword usage, meta descriptions, and other on-page factors that impact search engine rankings.
  3. Technical SEO Audit: WebSite Auditor checks for technical issues such as page load time, mobile-friendliness, and site speed.
  4. Competitor Analysis: WebSite Auditor analyzes the top competitors in the industry and provides insights on their SEO strategy, keywords, and link building tactics.
  5. Keyword Research: WebSite Auditor helps businesses identify the best keywords to target based on search volume, competition, and relevance.
  6. Custom Reports: WebSite Auditor generates customizable reports that help businesses track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

WebSite Auditor Reviews

WebSite Auditor has received positive reviews from users and industry experts for its comprehensive features and ease of use. Here are some of the highlights from user reviews:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Users appreciate the intuitive interface of WebSite Auditor, which makes it easy to navigate and use.
  2. Comprehensive SEO Audit: WebSite Auditor provides a comprehensive SEO audit that covers all aspects of website optimization, from technical issues to on-page factors.
  3. Customizable Reports: Users like the customizable reports that can be generated in WebSite Auditor, which helps businesses track their progress and identify areas for improvement.
  4. Keyword Research: WebSite Auditor’s keyword research tool helps businesses identify the best keywords to target, which is crucial for improving search engine rankings.
  5. Competitor Analysis: Users appreciate the competitor analysis feature of WebSite Auditor, which provides insights on the top competitors in the industry and their SEO strategies.


Overall, WebSite Auditor is a powerful tool that can help businesses improve their website’s visibility, traffic, and rankings. The positive reviews and feedback from users suggest that it is a reliable and effective tool for SEO optimization.


Is website auditor safe?

WebSite Auditor is safe to use as it is a product of, a well-established software development company with a good reputation in the industry. Additionally, WebSite Auditor does not require any sensitive information or access to a website’s backend, making it a secure tool for website auditing and optimization.

Is an SEO audit worth it?

Yes, an SEO audit is worth it as it helps businesses identify technical issues, on-page factors, and other areas of improvement that can impact website visibility and rankings on search engines. An SEO audit can provide valuable insights on how to optimize a website for better search engine performance and ultimately drive more traffic and leads.

Is website auditor free?

WebSite Auditor offers a free version, but it has limited features and capabilities. The free version allows users to audit up to 500 URLs, while the paid version offers unlimited audits and access to all features. Pricing for WebSite Auditor starts at $124.75 per year for the Professional plan.


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