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LazyApply’s Job Automation Vs Conventional Approach: Which one is better?

Are you looking for a job? Are you tired of applying for jobs online?

Are you not getting any response? Pissed off by rejections?

Well, this is not totally your fault, it does depend on your approach whether you are stuck with a conventional approach or applying a new technological approach.

What does a conventional approach say?

The conventional approach was all about getting a job right after schooling and got stuck there only in one job until you get retired, but now there is a huge difference. Now youth generation switches to a new job every month. Not only because they want better but also due to increasing competition in every industry. Getting copies of your CV or Resume won’t get you a job in the present scenario. Moreover, no one has the time to apply for one job at one time but wants to apply for multiple jobs in a single click.


But you tell me, is it possible with conventional methods?

Of Course, not. It won’t increase your productivity but rather make it less efficient. You need some algorithms and the help of artificial intelligence.

Things that help you get a job are

  • Connections: It’s a very crucial factor in getting a job. Many high-profile jobs are never advertised but if you have connections, you can receive a reference. You will be proactive in recent jobs in your industry.
  • Referrals: Through referrals, it’s really very easy to get a job, your CV shortlisting process is all over cut and selection criteria would be skill-based only.
  • Job Fairs
  • Job Boards and company websites
  • Cold mailing
  • Cold Calling
  • Internships

But what if I’ll say that you just need a chrome extension and you’ll get in one combo, you even don’t need to worry a second.

Yes, there’s a chrome extension LazyApply, that helps you to automate your job application process, autofill your job application, complete your resume, get in touch with recruiters, make your profile visible to employers, build connections, connect your profile to all other platforms, optimize your profile, talks about your weaknesses, improves your profile by giving expert advice, etc.

LazyApply uses advanced algorithms and AI tools that automatically complete your resume, and apply for multiple jobs in a single click. You just need to add the extension and complete your profile and just chill because the rest LazyApply will take care of.


In conclusion, after reviewing all the points and facts LazyApply is far better than any conventional approach, it saves your time, and makes your way efficient.

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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