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Is Stockx Legit and Safe? the Ultimate Stockx Review

If You wear shoes you’ve probably heard of Stockx before, but if you haven’t here is a quick intro to Stockx.

What is Stockx?

StockX was founded a few years ago by a guy names josh luber, who wanted to take to take advantage of the sneaker resale market.

the sneaker resells market
the sneaker resells market

 At the time the sneaker resells market was valued at a billion dollars a year, and it continues to grow josh luber wanted a place where buyers and sellers could meet and ultimately a place where buyers could trust that the sneakers they were buying weren’t fake.

see at the time the sneakers resale business was the largest unregulated legal market in the world.

Is Stockx Legit and Safe?

Think about what I just said the largest unregulated legal market in the world that presents a huge opportunity for there to be some sort of online marketplace for sneaker sellers, and sneaker buyers to meet each other out if this idea came Stockx.

The stock market of things as Stockx has grow in popularity over the past few years.


We have gotten a lot of inquiries about whether the site Stockx is legit or not? on wall street survivor well think about what I said earlier the sneaker resale market is the largest unregulated legal market in the world.

which makes it fascinating for people who study emerging market finance and economics, to see how it works a lot of time.

These exclusive companies will drop very limited editions of certain shoes,  and those shoes will retail at a certain price and sell out almost instantly,  and then a day or sometime even a few hours later,  those shoes will be worth way more than they were originally sold for this fascinates investors entrepreneurs and people are trying to make side hustle money.

Is Stockx Legit and Safe? the Ultimate Stockx Review

So I thought it might be interesting to look into Stockx. What purpose does it serve how does it’s brought this entire marketplace to one central location and ultimately answer the question for you guys is StockX legit?

One thing that’s super important to understand is that the sneaker resale market is full of fakes and frauds.

Originally Stockx’s main selling point was its authentication. they set up centres across the country that would allow them to serve as a middleman between the buyer and seller in order to make sure that the buyers were getting authentic real dead stock shoes. Deadstock meaning the shoes were brand new and had never been worn before.


Stockx is legitimacy wa backed from very early days by dan gilbert the billionair  behind the cleveland cavaliers and qucken loans.

So from day one things were looking good quickly after company was founded.

it was able to secure celebrity endorsements and investments from mark wahlberg, joe hayden and tim Armstrong.  Almost immidiatly after the site launched. It began getting massive press coverage .

Taday you can find articles about stockx on the daily shows, sportcenter, cnbc, the new York times, Bloomberg  and even fortune.

Now, secondly as a financial education company were very accustomed to qualifying legitimacy by a company’s business performance metrics. 


Some of those that we look at are sales, reviews and growth. Now stockx only has a few years of past performance in the books. 

But based on the past few years things are looking pretty good.

Stockx boasts 2 millions in daily sales, which adds up to over 700 millon doller in saled per year.

Stockx is available worldwide and has facilitated the sales of luxury goods in over 140 countries.

It has the number one sneaker reseller and it’s grown massively.


Now emplying over 700 people. As far as business performance metrics go this is pretty good and edpecially good considering the company id only a few years old.

If you looks at customer reviews and testimonials the story gets better,  and stockx had done a really good job of legitimizing themdelves as a trustworthy marketplace for the sneaker and luxury goods resale market.

Now, by the looking on their website reading their customer reviews and looking at their business performance metrcs.

You can tell stockx is legit but there is nothing berrer than a little bit of personel experience. I have bought and sold many pairs of shoes on stockx over the past few years. I was a little bit of a sneaker add myself at one point, and I can tell you first hand that the experience has been seamless and smooth every single time .

Final Words

 if you are looking to buy or sell expensive shoes or any other luxury goods my conclusion is that stockx is absolutely legit. That’s it for today’s article guys hopfully you liked the little bit of vatiation we took away from our normal contant. Please let me know by commenting down below if you want me to do mere article like this.


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